July 2017

first of all, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m a recent graduate. I have zero social experience and zero experience. Just before I had nothing, I went back to my hometown, Tengzhou.

              when we first came back, a lot of people were against, family, friends, people who care most about themselves. But I just want to own, want to know their society, no one’s help, not to anyone’s sympathy, girls should also be self tothrive female compatriots to breathe, is this kind of mood, I embarked on a Tengzhou job way. I was really blessed and lucky, my first resume issued a response, is to inform the interview I Xiangyu mall, with confidence to become a member of Xiangyu Xiangyu,, my job is responsible for the maintenance of Xiangyu website. I think the site is very good, after the website obsessed with things began to busy, Xiangyu online shopping mall www.ccm61.cn is a newborn, has many functions to modify, optimize, promotion. The first site I do not understand a lot of places, it is very difficult to do, and sometimes in order to change a function, to check a lot of information. Since they have chosen this job, it is necessary to strive to do well, even if not quite understand, but also hard to do it, anyway, there is no retreat. read more

The development of

video website and the more and more high-quality service, let netizens gradually depend on the video website. It is convenient for netizens to find the video they need from time to time, so as to avoid the annoyance of waiting for TV programs. Although there are many original songs and dances show, but the content of such works is relatively small, it is difficult to attract the eyes of the majority of users. Today, most of the users who visit video sites are watching more excellent programs such as movies, TV shows and variety shows. The video website has the advantages that TV media can not reach: the content is wide, the classification is clear, and the search function in the video station is more convenient for users to find what they like. Basically, the mask comes up and you can search as long as you want to see it. read more

[core tip] the world is full of snooping, big to the state, this violent machine using drones, prism programs and other naked peering, small to the surrounding individuals holding a mobile phone to view the people nearby.

three years ago, the geeks park has a series of Internet use of human weakness observed in turn from the article, "greedy" and "lust" and "vanity", "peep", "lazy" in terms of clearance of a variety of Internet products how to make use of the weakness of human nature to promote and advance. read more

Ma Yun once said: "the era of Internet users has passed, the era of network operators has arrived; · · · · · ·


is a blend of more than 5 years in the forum arena, is to admit this sentence distressed. On the one hand, I hope things like the forum can maintain the initial simplicity and tranquility; on the other hand, I change the forum as a professional consultant myself and use the forum as an Internet product and network tool.

we go into the forum and know that the forum is essentially a social, interactive, two-way media. We understand that the steady flow of the forum does not depend on non thematic relationships – can be summed up in ideas or values, and that the most stable flow depends on the business we once hated. BBS is also a way of e-commerce, though BBS is not the ultimate solution. The upsurge of SNS can be regarded as the retro and new understanding of social network. read more

network promotion, also known as website promotion, the following is a personal promotion in the network when a few taboos.

, don’t make the front page falsh

true search engine recognition ability on the picture is very poor, home made of flash, not only conducive to search engine rankings, but also slows down the speed to enter the home page, to a certain extent for your customers as soon as possible to find you and set up a small obstacle.

don’t make navigation as picture connection, read more

many webmaster in the early stage of the idea is very good, but with the development, perhaps not smooth, perhaps too smooth, and then deviate from the original set of track.

or else it’s better to die than die, or die instantly

sometimes is not because the opportunity is always their own bias, then lose confidence, no fighting, they blindly complain, go to complain, complain about friends in the heap, also complained on the net, when one day complaining has become his habit, not only get the sympathy of others, others will be completely give up, lose the trust of others, so the vicious spiral. read more

believes that every webmaster does the ultimate goal of making money. No webmaster can do it just for fun, for interest. We see from the network above, large and small, all kinds of sites, are to make money site. The author of the network above the website profit model understanding: sell products to make money, sell services, earn money, sell advertising, make money, etc..

makes money by selling products and selling services. It’s more intuitive, and it doesn’t matter much. I want to talk to you today is to sell the site ad position, making money, this to your site has a certain amount of traffic, you can put on advertising, otherwise there is no value. For example: before I have a website, every day IP in several dozen or so, then sell advertising, people feel disdain, flow is too small. Even if someone gave me the bid, the maximum can not afford 100 yuan a month advertising fees. read more

Mao Zedong is a great man, he left to the world is not only our Chinese can be masters of the country, and his great strategic thinking and flexible operational policy, remember when I was in high school, my math teacher is a great person, at least I think so, he can the Mao Zedong thought and mathematics together. I have been inspired by it since then. Mao Zedong began to pay attention to, time flies, 10 years later, I am now a optimization director, speaking from the wage level should be regarded as a small white-collar city, and the influence of Mao Zedong thought on me is still indelible, his philosophy has influenced almost every corner of my learning life. Now let’s talk about how Mao Zedong thought combines with website optimization. read more

When the owners of

when a few years, a touch of money and went straight to the station as soon diverted, the real station is sitting, can sit in to a computer before dawn, owners are a little bit crazy, why? In a word: interest. Real webmaster must have a strong desire to express, he is through this media to express some kind of voice.

but if the interest into silver, it is natural that a piece of music in the suffering of plum. Have a feeling: now the personal website even to thousands of tens of thousands of traffic, advertising price estimation and whether, is such a low price, hey, no one is willing to, it reminds me of the stall, put off stall I used to have a profound comprehension, it is a good thing to get on the street don’t want to sell a good price. read more

November 18th, Guangzhou Pazhou poly World Trade fair. At the summit of the Forum on 2015 "the first national" community + Forum ", OpenCom founder Li Jingqiu, VChello micro cast network founder Yu Wenhui, VChello micro cast network co-founder Deng Hongsheng, Wu Yong A5, founder of cube fans stationmaster net founder Chen Guoqiang, the Guangdong toochange factory business development director Yang Weiwei and OpenCom senior product operations consultant Xu Yingying agglomeration a talk about the present and future development of" Internet plus ", multi view confrontation, fierce, full of dry cargo. read more

doing a year’s experience, all the lines, sentences are sharp, the words are not cruel, the reality is more cruel. The ten few, is not much introspection. There are self-examination, there are complaints. From Henan elite online line up to now, 08/10/8 ~ 09/8/10, no more, many, nearly a year. The first time to do e-commerce projects, mistakes made a lot of detours, walked a lot, tuition paid a lot. Mr. Ma said: "thousands of reasons for success, the reasons for failure are so few.". Send ten senses today and make a half anniversary summary: read more

a good website and a taste of the people, have inside and outside it, our side may have a lot of beauty, from the shape it is nothing to say, however, whether they have the quality? Is not standing on the bus or walk casually still garbage in the street? Not so light is the person’s self-cultivation is very important, a good website will also constantly improve their own self-cultivation.

after a website construction, needless to say, the later work is the website optimization question. And website optimization is divided into external optimization and internal optimization, the site is only internal optimization and external optimization are done at the same time, your station can have a stable ranking. Therefore, we must pay attention to the internal cultivation of the website while doing a good job of external optimization. read more

is now Sina blog traffic is more and more big, Xu’s blog traffic all the billions of dollars a day is recommended on the home page, Sina basically is the celebrity blog. Sina blog has a list of famous people, we can see on it, Chinese stars, basically have their own blog. When we look at the star’s blog, we like to see the comments below. If we can get the first place, then we can use the popularity of the star to get the traffic.

can we see the star blog messages are then tens of thousands, grab a sofa is very difficult, so the above example is the first time to grab the sofa? Then we will observe the stars out of the article and article replies the time difference, basically have 10 minutes at a time, that is to say that most people are free to visit when suddenly saw a new article, then read, read and reply. Therefore, in order to grab the sofa, we must do two things, one is in the star post time, the first time to get news, the second is to read the article after the first return, this way save time. read more

first tell a story, some of you may have heard it.

in the American countryside, there lived an old man who had a son, a son who depended on him. Suddenly one day a man from the city found an old man and said to him, "dear old man, I want to take your son to work in the city."." The old man said angrily: "no, absolutely not, you get out!" the man said, "if I can give you a son in the city to find an object,?" the old man shook his head: "no, get out!" the man said: "if I give your son to find the object. That is your future daughter-in-law is the daughter of Rockefeller?" the old man thought and thought, finally let his son as "Rockefeller’s son" this thing talk. read more

may be a friend of A5 is the webmaster, as by its business and product sales station mostly! Each station has its own hype, have their own unique things, but we usually the most commonly used method is soft wen. The soft can play a great role in the promotion, but your hair soft, no one, no attractive places that does not become a waste paper? So the soft speculation is very important, in order to increase readability, soft visibility and exposure is also speculation can not work more ah, here tell you how successful speculation. read more

recently in the Admin5 see a lot of online user experience some articles, every station has its own unique views and opinions, Shanshan see some colleagues recommended books in micro-blog and watercress, some of which also involves the user experience design. According to their own operating experience, but also share their views, and every webmaster grow together. In English relates to the user experience with UE, UCD, UI and so on, do the person of this industry for the user experience design, the famous white crow, McDull and so on, the majority of Alibaba or some other big companies. The user experience that we often talk about, in most cases, is mainly visual experience, while user experience design contains 5 major elements. read more

Website Trust has 2 meanings, on the one hand it refers to the degree of trust of visitors to the site, on the other hand, it refers to the trust value of the search engine to the website (TrustRank). Site trust is more important for enterprise sites. Here are some of my ideas for the user experience, and assume that I’m a user, and I’d like to see the following.

The construction of

trust is embodied in the following aspects:

1. on our page: detailed, true description of the company’s background, history, business scope and so on. read more

recently made a small web site that was expected to release relevant resources in some forums, and finally with links to harvest some users. In fact, this kind of resource changes to the user’s way, meets the realistic challenge. Imagination is always different from reality, even if it is reasonable. In fact, many websites build strong barriers to protect their websites from outbound links. The world is so strange. When webmasters to promote your website, hope to all the websites outside the station ", and when the owners of building their own websites, and to K off all the chain as a criterion for minimum standards, rather than keeping the chain enough. The reality is that the retention of the chain can give more information freedom to Internet users, give more choices to Internet users, and give them enough and extra reference information. However, many owners prefer to keep the Internet training like prisoners, imprisoned in their own third of an acre, let alone for the Internet service, Internet service. In fact, it is a kind of bad behavior of restricting information sharing, blocking the line of sight of Internet users and pulling the back of Internet users. Compared to conservative, narrow, and exclusive websites, the search engines, web sites, and bookmarking aggregation sites that specialize in providing links are great. Greatness is not mysterious, as long as there is more, have differences, there is a small, high and low, strong or weak, there is great and small. read more

every day to see your web site, are looking at it, benefit a lot, take some time today, but also to write their own site experience. I currently want to do a local home record network project, has done a few, and his hometown that do better, called Takeoka Hito net, domain name is www.xingchenbian33.cn

declare what I have to tell you the truth, starting from their own personal point of view, if the offending people, forgive me.

I don’t like forums and I don’t like any CMS management software. I build websites that I like to write on my own. Do not write school, write your own website, their own management, very comfortable in mind, modify and adjust are very convenient, how to change how you want to change. read more

first: make a place to make money. These are the

              a few days ago in stationmaster net published an article "how to be a profitable place to stand", from the two day of the click rate, attention is still quite high, seems to want to earn a little money where there are so many webmaster actually; that light will be able to earn the money, I said that the recipe is not enough, there are external factors, your peers see also know; do local website, people can make money, you can make money, I will help you analyze the decisive factors of the internal factors, see clearly, is in say you meet do local station conditions. Note that what I am talking about is long-term operation, making money, not short-term benefits. read more