March 2017

October 23rd, reporters in Xining city housing security and the Housing Authority housing levy management office to understand, for the full implementation of the Xining municipal Party committee and municipal government of Xining City air pollution control requirements, to further strengthen the city’s demolition site dust pollution control work, Xining City real estate department formulated the "Xining City demolition site dust pollution control work plan" and "Xining city demolition site dust pollution" rules for the implementation of. Subsequently, the Xining Municipal Real Estate Bureau in the city to carry out the demolition of the site to carry out a dragnet inspection. read more

In accordance with the unified arrangements and arrangements of the Qinghai Provincial Department of finance, the provincial accounting title examination leading group, from October 24, 2011 to November 11th in Xining City, the title of the accounting examination in order to carry out the work in an orderly manner in 2011

in accordance with the unified arrangements and arrangements of the Qinghai Provincial Department of finance, the provincial accounting title examination leading group, from October 24, 2011 to November 11th in Xining City accounting title examination registration work in an orderly manner in 2011. Many candidates to sign up, the number of initial enrollment of 912 people, the number of intermediate enrollment of 684 people, with a total enrollment of 1596 people, representing an increase of 18.1%. read more

12 8, the province’s rural and pastoral areas left behind children’s care and protection work of the joint meeting of the second plenary session and joint monitoring, accompanied by the growth of special action video conference held in Xining. Vice governor Kuang Yong attended and spoke.

the meeting pointed out that the rural and pastoral care left-behind children protection work is a long-term and systematic project, the parties concerned, social expectations, all localities and departments must deeply understand the CPC Central Committee and the State Council the important instructions and the decision to deploy, and further strengthen left-behind children work sense of responsibility and mission, the correct analysis of the current province children face care the protection situation in rural and pastoral areas left behind, accurately grasp the problems, strengthen cooperation and coordination, and make concerted efforts to promote rural left-behind children care for the protection of the full implementation of work. read more

To implement the "China inspect the work of the Communist Party", the recent city actual, formulated the "Xining clean government inspections Interim Measures", set up 3 patrol group of agriculture and animal husbandry, health, housing and other 3 units to carry out inspections. Municipal Party Committee Organization Department with inspection work, set up inspection teams 3 units of more than the people with special inspection candidates, combining the special inspection and inspection work, and strive to build a joint supervision pattern, to achieve the two work to promote and complement each other, and achieved good results.Before read more

two days to attend the National People’s Congress of the twelve session of the National People’s Congress of the two meeting of the people’s Republic of China to perform their duties conscientiously, seriously consider the government work report, talk about feelings of development, said the intention to make recommendations.

during the meeting, the delegates speak freely, each one airs his own views. Delegates agreed that the report runs through the main line of reform, highlighting the concept of the people, to show pragmatic style, stirring up the rhythm. Demonstrated the new government policy ideas and innovative practice, reflecting the spirit of reform, pragmatic style and people’s livelihood. read more

excel activities in Xining, stomatology hospital focus on deepening medical and health system, and steadily push forward the reform of public hospitals, improve public hospital management quality and service level, convenient for people to see a doctor, the target for the masses to enjoy the benefits of public hospital reform, closely linked to the health of people set up the hospital service, fresh air "theme, and strive to practice the" take patients as the center "principle of service, the full implementation of public commitment to carry out a series of convenience Huimin measures to improve service quality, strengthen the construction of medical ethics of medical staff, promote chuangxianzhengyou activity effect.  
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11, 4, by the provincial health and Family Planning Commission and the United States and the United States and the Asian Liver Center of cooperation in Qinghai, hepatitis B mother and child blocking project officially launched in Xining.

in recent years, our province of hepatitis B prevention and control work has achieved initial results, but at present our province of hepatitis B prevention awareness rate is still low, coupled with the Qinghai service area, with much land and few people, especially the health education intervention of maternal hepatitis B is not fully in place, the difficulties and problems, has become a bottleneck and promote the effect of hepatitis B prevention and control work. In 2006 and 2007 the two province and liver research center of Stanford University Asian cooperation, in the province to carry out primary hepatitis B vaccination and health education project, the beneficiary population reached 500 thousand, the first in the country to complete the primary vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine and publicity and education coverage; the jurisdiction in 2013 to carry out health education intervention and medical staff of maternal hepatitis B project for two years the 5 counties in Xining City, East Sea and Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, to further improve the province of medical personnel and report the diagnosis level of hepatitis B prevention knowledge. read more

Provincial government attaches great importance to the problem of road traffic in Xining, the main leaders repeatedly made important instructions, the executive meeting of the provincial government conducted a special study. In November 11th, the Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xiaorong invited the Provincial Department of transportation party secretary and director of the Magee filial piety line to Xining City, to discuss the slow blocking Paul Chang three year action plan for tackling the city road "outer ring network" construction project related matters, the arrangements for the deployment of related work.

Magee filial piety line inspected the scene of Xining high-speed link connecting line project of West Street and Qinghai Normal University New Campus surrounding road construction. In the subsequent meeting of the forum, the Provincial Department of transportation and the Xining municipal government will slow blocking Paul Chang three years plan "outer ring road network city" construction project of their work of communication and consultation and relevant opinions and suggestions, meeting to study and identified a number of specific issues. read more

for further study and implementation of the party’s spirit of the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, according to the provincial unified deployment, the morning of December 3rd, the province’s study and implementation of party spirit of the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee first proclamation of the report will be held in the provincial Party school auditorium. Provincial Party committee members of the delegation, Professor of the provincial Party committee, Professor Wu Weisheng, executive vice president of the provincial Party school as a special report. read more

the afternoon of July 27th, the Party announced major leadership positions to adjust the United Front Work Department of Party committee, party secretary Wang Xiao attended the meeting and delivered an important speech, municipal committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning announced the appointment decision, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Comrade Su Rong served as Minister of Municipal United Front, Liu Fade was appointed Deputy Minister of Municipal Committee, comrade Su Rong chaired the Municipal United Front Work Department to assist the overall work.
Liu Fade in a position statement said, firmly support the organization’s decision support is good, with a good comrade Su Rong work, conscientiously perform their duties responsibly, the United Front Work better.
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to ensure that the atmosphere of Xining city and comprehensive water pollution control measures put in place, and effectively improve the environmental quality, Xining city issued a comprehensive water pollution control work atmosphere and accountability measures for pollution control, lack of organization and staff, if the circumstances are serious to resign or be dismissed or ordered to resign, demotion, dismissal or dismissal processing.

accountability regulations, institutions and staff as a 8 act, will be accountable: local, departments and units not in accordance with the requirements of the atmosphere and the completion of the comprehensive management of water pollution of the annual target task; not within the specified time in accordance with the relevant requirements to implement or complete the supervision matters not in accordance with the provisions; authority, procedures and atmosphere and comprehensive control of water pollution, the relevant requirements, the implementation of administrative licensing and non administrative licensing examination and approval; violation of the atmosphere and water pollution control regulations, to conceal the fact that without reducing the governance standard; not subject to management and work arrangements, adverse effects or consequences for governance; floating style, lack of discipline, buck passing, poor implementation, delaying the governance work; for the masses, media exposure problems without treatment, do not reply, No rectification or slow, do things carelessly, false facts, adverse effects or consequences; others do not actively perform atmospheric and comprehensive water pollution control responsibilities, should be accountability act. read more

In March 5th, Xining West Park Lane community, Professor of psychology, the Municipal Federation of trade unions are from "understanding and correct view of pressure" and "manage their emotions", with vivid examples, humorous language, incisive insights, to the women workers mental health counseling the city’s Union, which opened the prelude to celebrate the "38" International Women’s day activities.

103rd International Women’s Day approaching, the Xining Federation of trade unions to carry out the heart of female workers, service at the grassroots as the theme of all kinds of activities in. Trade unions at all levels to celebrate "38" activities linked up and down, the city and regional activities, colorful activities Haoxiliantai, enrich the cultural life of female workers. Union City to study and implement the spirit of eighteen, serve the grassroots, people’s livelihood, promote harmony for the purpose of Guan Ainv’s physical and mental health workers, the city issued a "women’s health care proposal", and in 5 days to 8 days into the community for female workers to carry out mental health knowledge lectures, counseling, interaction of female workers safeguarding the rights and interests of knowledge quiz, talent show and other activities, the event will also single condolences difficulties of female workers, granting women health education, health science knowledge propaganda. Municipal authorities working committee, held a speech contest; Dongchuan park visit Zhizhu Puning City Planning and construction exhibition; Nanchuan Park, forestry bureau held the lectures and interesting fitness activities; north to carry out broadcasting gymnastics competition; Datong County condolences single difficulties of female workers in Huangyuan County, legal advice, female worker etiquette seminars; Biological Park organization of women the Handicraft Exhibition etc.. (author: Ye Wenjuan) read more

  Xining city traffic police brigade Criminal Police Brigade, plainclothes brigade destroyed a robbery Gang, 3 suspects brought to justice.

on the evening of December 3rd, the police received a taxi driver said in the vicinity of the village near the ditch was three young men with a knife robbed cash of $300 and a mobile phone. At the police to the scene to carry out search, and received the development zone near the nine springs a taxi driver was robbed of the report, the police quickly grouped in incidence areas of card inventory. At 2 pm, the police in the Development Zone South Ring Expressway found two suspicious appearance and movements of personnel, identified by the victim, is really the two robbery crime, the other accomplices were also arrested. Currently, the case is under trial. read more

in order to further improve the quality of tax services, standardize administrative enforcement, recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of internal revenue enacted the twelve word code of administrative law.

policy transparency. The use of the national tax website, tax rate QQ group, tax brochures, etc., to the relevant departments of the local timely reporting of work, responsibilities and policy implementation. Publicity to the community and tax related policies and regulations, and regular visits to the taxpayer, held a forum for comments and suggestions, targeted to improve the work. read more

18:35 on July 2nd, with Xiamen Airlines flight MF8213 smooth landing at the airport in Xining, marking the Quanzhou to Changsha route to Xining, the first successful, in the development strategy of "The Belt and Road", starting point of Xining and China’s Maritime Silk Road in Quanzhou to build the air channel.

Quanzhou as the starting point, the maritime Silk Road of China’s economic development, rich cultural tourism resources. As an important node of Qinghai province The Belt and Road ", has a rich cultural and tourism resources, Quanzhou to Changsha opened to Xining route, set up the connection of the maritime Silk Road and Silk Road Economic Belt air bridge, greatlyfacilitates Qinghai, Hunan and Fujian provinces government business cooperation and tourism exchanges and the opening to the outside world, for the prosperity of local culture, to create a convenient channel for the western region and the southeast developed areas of exchanges and cooperation, and promote economic and social development in our province has a very important role.  
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July 3rd, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Qinghai Province in 2015 directory of talent requirements (hereinafter referred to as the catalog) officially released to the community. Catalog shows that this year, the province’s total demand for talent is growing, the demand for technical personnel up to the employing units of professional and technical titles and technical level requirements of the post has been reduced. At the same time, the reporter noted that the pay gap between the different positions in the province, a monthly salary of 2100 yuan also have $6000. read more

Reporters from the Xining municipal government executive meeting held yesterday learned that the "forest city construction planning of Xining (2012-2020)" through domestic forestry ecological famous experts, which marks the establishment of National Forest City in Xining has made substantial progress. According to the "planning", Xining will be the "plateau Huacheng, forest Xining, charm xiadou" concept, the construction of "forest city spatial layout of a nuclear two zone, three axis, city of Victoria, garden". read more