buy network too disappointing, is to deceive the consumer." A netizen in Mizuki community posting emotion. I set a hot pot package, the price of 35 yuan. The results of a ceremony known as the Philippines is up 8 pieces of beef, beef, pot washing can not find. Known as the two silver carp, the result is two inches long fish, into the pot will clip up."

from March this year, the domestic group buying network was explosive growth. Just a few months, there are reports that the number of Chinese buy network has soared to thousands of homes. The day before, Sohu, Tencent, Sina and other large portals also began to get involved in the field of group purchase. read more

business alliance consumer rebates chain breaks more than 1 billion principal suspended

June 5th rebate network business alliance

operating just over half of the suddenly open, on behalf of the consumer rebate chain has thus declared fracture. The morning of June 1st, is located in the Wenzhou River Road No. 188, Blue River Technology Park Wenzhou Ju Sen Technology Co. Ltd. (Business Alliance for its one-stop rebate platform) outside the crowded, more than and 70 agents and a large number of members together to inquire about the news. The company has been deserted, in addition to computer and other office supplies have nothing. read more

news December 20th, the second session of the 2009 Tianjin Internet webmaster General Assembly held in Tianjin on the afternoon of December 19th new cultural square clamatorial building, the conference hosted by Tianjin webmaster alliance, TopZone network media exclusive sponsorship, Congress got webmaster webmaster club, Luqiao magazine, China network, Admin5 5LA network, and other units and media support.

the theme of the conference is "cooperation and win-win", from tuoyu media, Tianjin Shen Chang cool light brother, Luqiao Wang Huijiang, Tianjin Chinese net webmaster union chairman Liu Hongwu, Tianjin webmaster alliance vice chairman Wu Peng, Liu Ming, the creators found play Li Di, easy network software Wang Lei, Pincheng home network Cheng Jingfeng, OPPLE network Andy, network marketing network, Xian Hao Yue long beautiful community, I want to get married to Kun, grassroots package Yundong read more

Internet banking continues to heat up.

in August 2nd, only 500 days of on-line website, financial vertical search platform "into 360" CE0 Ye Daqing confirmed to the "daily economic news" reporter, the company has completed the B round of financing of $30 million, China Fund led by sequoia. A round of the cast side of the speed of venture capital, KPCB also with the vote. This is 360 years from the melt A round of $7 million investment is only 1 years and 4 months.

analysts believe that with the pace of market-oriented interest rate, the Internet will become the focus of the field of financial investment in the field of investment. The 360 model of the melt and where to go is extremely similar, the two sites are concentrated around the flow and information to create a vertical search platform. Before the need to burn in the bigger size of the fight, the Internet, or its core competitiveness. read more

source: interface Author: Zhang Yi

P2P net loan platform the obvious trend of uneven in quality problems, the platform, the new platform proportion is increasing.

net home loan data show that in May there were 56 platform, which launched 1 months around the platform up to 18, accounting for more than 30%, and the problem is run away, on-line less than a week off station platform 5. Insiders believe that this kind of foot on the new platform malicious obvious, perhaps at the beginning of the establishment of the purpose is to get a ride. read more

      Wiki is still a very small thing, don’t know much about wiki, Wiki often write fewer people. Wiki only popular business model.

      let people realize the value of Wiki as soon as possible, and find the value of Wiki for the individual, the enterprise and the society. They only recognize the value of Wiki, will participate in. From the perspective of the development of blog, Wiki will gradually from the minority to the public. Blog began only a small number of people in use, and then slowly to the public. read more

June 30th morning news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released in Beijing today, the national domain name cloud analytical services, and promised to use.Cn and China and other countries of the domain name of the user for free. CNNIC said that with the help of this service to improve the current security situation in the domain name analysis.

from the Chinese domain name services and security status report, the content shows that 57% of China’s current domain name resolution service is in a state of risk, the domain name service is a weak part of the current network security. From May 2010 to the year of May 2011, the global impact of the larger domain name attacks reached sixteen, there are also related to the situation in the country. read more

              Web site was hung with yellow pictures, web content was tampered with, a computer rookie, you can do these. Yesterday, 16 year old Hu Jingxin in the cafe demonstrates a general brief: login name and password to enter the site background, can easily be led into their own photos, but also has the loophole part of government website


rookie can easily change the site home page

Hu Jingxin expertly knocked a few keyboard, entered a well-known university in Chongqing engineering master class website management system. read more

A5 webmaster network ( July 14th news, all the chips when I do not know when the mouth has become the object of our talk. The congregation raised crowdfunding word translation from abroad, that public financing or public financing, Hongkong translated as "crowdfunding", Taiwan translated as "raising the masses". Refers to the use of group purchase + pre order form, to raise funds for the project model to the users.

the rise of the public to raise from the KickStarter website, the website by building a network platform to face the public financing for creative people may get the money they need, in order to make their dream possible. The rise of this model breaks the traditional mode of financing, every ordinary people can get involved in an activity or creation of money by the public to raise mode, the financing source is no longer confined to institutions such as venture capital, which can be derived from the public. read more

net is WeChat

"I saw it in my circle of friends……" Such an opening, you must listen to the people around. WeChat circle of friends has become more and more people access to new sources of information.

as of December 2015, China has 620 million mobile phone users. Over the past 1 years, instant messaging continues to be the highest Internet usage. And WeChat’s own earlier published in 2015 WeChat life white paper revealed that every day there are 570 million people open WeChat, and a typical WeChat users open at least 11 times a day. read more