The autumn of Yushu is full of the joy of harvest. For the reconstruction of the city of Xining, more than the county, the joy comes earlier. August 17th, the reporter learned from the Yushu headquarters of Xining learned that the construction of 60 projects in Xining is progressing smoothly, many projects nearing completion. Starting next month, the residents of the multi County residents can live in a new house, the children can also be in the new classroom. This year, Xining will be fully completed all the projects.

it is reported that the reconstruction of Xining Zaduo reconstruction work was officially launched on September 2010, headquarters three years by the Xining Municipal Construction Committee, housing bureau, development and Reform Commission and other ten bureau committee consisting of a total of more than and 40 people have been stationed in Zaduo county to carry out reconstruction work. Xining city undertakes Zaduo SA Hu Teng Zhen earthquake reconstruction project total construction area of more than 310 thousand square meters, a total investment of 1 billion 120 million yuan, the project involves farmers and herdsmen housing, urban housing, health education public buildings, the new city government administrative center, comprehensive social services, municipal infrastructure, rural road hardening urban water supply, landfill, etc.. After more than two years of construction, as of now, Xining has completed a total investment of 929 million yuan, accounting for the total planned investment of $82%. Among them: the farmers and herdsmen housing, urban housing residents, farmers and herdsmen housing maintenance and reinforcement, urban residents housing maintenance and reinforcement, the town of the town of the town of bridge across the bridge reinforcement and maintenance of 5 projects have been fully completed and delivered. Zaduo first boarding school, zadoi County, second kindergartens, social welfare, child welfare, zadoi County Middle School (site), zadoi County People’s Hospital, CDC, service center for the disabled, nursing homes, community service centers and other 19 projects fully completed. Zaduo, second elementary school, the first small orphan schools, National Middle School (location), health education project Tibetan Hospital, entered the final work. 15 construction projects completed the main cap and masonry wall insulation, start and indoor plastering, 12 new projects were the main cap. During the year, the project will be basically completed in Xining, and more than 70% of the counties will be handed over to the county. read more

recently, the provincial development and Reform Commission issued 7 million 100 thousand financial support for the development of circular economy projects in our city.

in recent years, the city relies on the unique advantages in resources, and gradually expand the field of development of circular economy projects, with resources, reduction, re-use principle, to extend the industrial chain, improve production and competitiveness, and further promote the optimization of industrial city. Separately from the application of circular economy projects subsidy funds, upfront costs, loan interest subsidies and other aspects of the report to the provincial development and Reform Commission for the enterprise to fight the special funds for recycling economy. Recently, the provincial development and Reform Commission issued in 2008 the first batch of circular economy provincial budget special funds, the our city to grant funds and the upfront costs 7 million 100 thousand yuan, these funds will be used mainly for 17 circular economy projects ferrosilicon smelting dust recycling projects, waste recycling and processing of metal nickel chromium brick project, kitchen garbage treatment etc.. These funds issued will greatly promote the development of circular economy enterprises enthusiasm, but also to a certain extent, compensate for the shortage of capital chain difficulties, but also for the development of circular economy in our city has laid a good foundation. read more

Reporters learned from the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, this year, Xining city community health service organizations in the community to increase the 30 basic drugs. Up to now, the city of Xining in the city’s social forces organized by the community health service agencies to implement 100 basic drugs zero rate sales.

to speed up the construction of information management system of township hospitals, to enhance the level of information management of township hospital, the City Health Bureau in accordance with the relevant requirements of the provincial health department, the information management system of township hospital as a key task, regular or irregular supervision and inspection. At present, the county (District) has basically completed the township hospital information platform for personnel training, system installation and information maintenance. Many hospitals in Chengdong district hospital, Roca Bay City District Shen Zhai hospital, Chengbei District twenty shop and Baoziwan town hospitals have the normal operation of the information management system of township hospitals, realize the informatization management of township hospitals.
through information management system in our city, township hospitals start using, greatly enhance the township hospital outpatient management, charge management, pharmacy management, hospital management, financial management, medical management, Dean of the standardization of the management level and quality and efficiency. Not only provide accurate and complete the detailed list of expenses for the patient, do and through service as clear as noonday consumption, efficiency and level, also reduces the waiting time in the masses, so that the majority of farmers to enjoy fast and convenient services.
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23 in the morning, the lowest temperature in Xining is only 5.2 degrees, although the temperature began to rise sharply in the afternoon, as of 17, the maximum temperature reached a temperature of 26 degrees, but many people still feel a little low temperature this year. The reporter then learned from the provincial meteorological station, according to the twenty shop data of meteorological stations show that this year the highest temperature monitoring did not exceed 29 degrees, at the same time, the province in addition to Xunhua people, and, most areas are not high temperature days (meteorological sense, temperature for 3 days over 30 degrees called Gao Wentian). read more

recently, the Provincial Federation of trade unions issued "on the further strengthening of the union labor protection supervision and inspection notice" to promote enterprise production safety, carry out mass production safety supervision and inspection activities, supervise and urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility for production safety, strengthen labor safety four aspects of health education, give full play to the functions of all levels the trade union, to strengthen security work to deploy, resolutely curb the occurrence of various types of production safety accidents. read more

October 23rd, reporters in Xining city housing security and the Housing Authority housing levy management office to understand, for the full implementation of the Xining municipal Party committee and municipal government of Xining City air pollution control requirements, to further strengthen the city’s demolition site dust pollution control work, Xining City real estate department formulated the "Xining City demolition site dust pollution control work plan" and "Xining city demolition site dust pollution" rules for the implementation of. Subsequently, the Xining Municipal Real Estate Bureau in the city to carry out the demolition of the site to carry out a dragnet inspection. read more

In accordance with the unified arrangements and arrangements of the Qinghai Provincial Department of finance, the provincial accounting title examination leading group, from October 24, 2011 to November 11th in Xining City, the title of the accounting examination in order to carry out the work in an orderly manner in 2011

in accordance with the unified arrangements and arrangements of the Qinghai Provincial Department of finance, the provincial accounting title examination leading group, from October 24, 2011 to November 11th in Xining City accounting title examination registration work in an orderly manner in 2011. Many candidates to sign up, the number of initial enrollment of 912 people, the number of intermediate enrollment of 684 people, with a total enrollment of 1596 people, representing an increase of 18.1%. read more