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to further promote a new round of "grassroots organizations" activities, the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department to deliver early commitment to do things for the project as an important task of the construction of grass-roots organizations, raising nearly 140 yuan, completed 10 projects do early commitment over, so that the majority of grassroots party members and the masses benefit.

has been the Party Organization Department to strengthen a party friendly, raised 59 thousand yuan, conducted a free medical examination for the city’s 273 villages, community party deputy secretary; raised 120 thousand yuan, spent 600 yuan subsidy party work as Deputy Secretary of the city’s community Secretary of the party organization, to raise funds 225 thousand yuan; condolences, condolences to the difficulties of life the old party members, Party members and outstanding Party members 2177 people, so that party members and cadres to fully feel the warmth of the party. read more

Recently, in order to cope with the cold winter climate, the winter especially during the two life without begging rescue personnel nearby, 20 communities in the city set up a temporary relief for Vagrants and beggars community, to provide services for the nearby vagrants and beggars, in addition to the 8 temporary relief point is located in the four District three county also set up temporary signs, and equipped with the necessary food and relief supplies to keep out the cold winter. It is understood, is located in the East District 71 Road extension of Xining city rescue station to stop rescue and persuasion rescue combination is the main relief for Vagrants and beggars, South Gate Street East District of the East District of the temporary rescue center point, the south side of the square (Plaza Management Office) temporary relief, Bridge Street area in the city (convenience post) Garden Road Bridge in the town of Datong County Chengbei District temporary relief point, temporary relief, Datong County lushaer town Jinta road Huangzhong County temporary relief, Chengguan Town, 196 avenue of the Huangyuan County temporary relief point, new Ning square west area of temporary assistance as supplementary assistance, to ensure that no winter relief work. In addition, 20 communities will be temporary relief West District community to play a role in relief of the 20 temporary relief points are north and West Lane community commercial traffic lane community, East Traffic Lane community, Park Lane community, South Lane, North Lane Community meteorological meteorological community, Jia small community, Nishikawa Minami Road, the new West community, community the medical community, property relations in medicine West community, Cold Lake Road community, Haiyan Road community, the community and the community, Xiang Xing Sheng Xiang GA Si Xiang community, Kunlun Road East Kunlun Road West community, community, community, community college youth Xiang xiang. As of now, the city has set up a temporary love rescue site 28, begging rescue personnel 332 people, 231 people in the province, the province issued 101 passengers; 119 sets of winter warm cotton bedding, 42 bed, 32 pairs of shoes.   read more

to do the heavy earthquake rescue cross regional preparatory work, to enhance the capability of emergency rescue, fire brigade on December 19th afternoon, Xining city police fire brigade held a rescue team pulling exercises.

On the afternoon of 19

, according to "the deployment of public security fire detachment earthquake rescue team pulling exercise plan" in Xining City, from Xining, Huangzhong and Datong District Four 11 earthquake rescue team of the fire officers and soldiers, carrying equipment, back with 72 hours of self security supplies marching backpack, rushed to the Xining City South Hill unitary assembly. As the commander of the order, the rescue team to carry, rescue and detection equipment, along the route towards Wenfeng monument. In the 6 km long distance training, fire officers and soldiers carrying a heavy load, less than an hour will all arrive at the end point. read more

Parking on both sides, side by side parking, parking spaces, parking and other phenomena has been a long-standing traffic management". Reporters from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment was informed that from now on, the Xining police will comprehensively regulate parking order rectification, improve the efficient utilization of the roadway, not delimit parking or supermarkets and other shops since parking spaces affect traffic violations to strictly control, once discovered, will face heavy fines.Even

the regulation will be to stop illegal road parking ban law in strict penalties, the traffic police department will strengthen patrols frontline police on duty by riding a motorcycle, hiking and other ways of uninterrupted patrol, found illegal parking behavior of the driver in the car to drive away, not in the car all evidence entry, for a long time illegal parked vehicles towed, the maximum punishment to delimit the yellow line in a no parking sign, the section of the illegal parking of vehicles, once discovered, will be based on "road traffic safety law" and fined 200 yuan, recorded 3 points, a long time will stay on the vehicle drag. read more

Xining city recently held 2012 annual awards for outstanding research achievements, "Xining historical chromium slag comprehensive management situation investigation report", "Xining city county economic development research" and other 29 outstanding research achievements to be informed of recognition.

in recent years, in order to further strengthen the investigation and research work, the Xining municipal Party committee and government to develop the introduction of the Xining investigation and research results incentives, held last year, the city’s first survey work. The municipal Party and government organs at all levels around the municipal government center work and economic and social development of the key, difficult, hot issues, solid research. The district and municipal departments to set up the system, clarify the functions of positioning, and actively cultivate research staff, to further rationalize the working relationship, actively and consciously carry out investigation and research continues to improve, and improve the level of research, the research results enrich the research results, many entered the Xining municipal government and various departments at all levels of work the effectiveness of decision-making, promote the work of the research results is more obvious. (author: Yuan Yuhong)
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August 21st, reporters from the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission learned that a high degree of concern about the world bank loan project on Xining city traffic before successfully passed the expert assessment, years will enter the pre construction phase of the project.

Since August 2011, the world bank loan Xining urban transportation project has been officially included in the world bank loan program, the world bank expert group and the provincial and municipal departments have carried out a large number of effective work. In this assessment, the world bank group of experts on the project feasibility study, environmental impact assessment report, immigration action plans and institutional capacity building aspects of a comprehensive review. It is reported that the city of Xining city traffic project total investment 1 billion 430 million yuan, in 2011 by the national development and Reform Commission to change foreign capital 2011 No. 1915 included in the 2012 fiscal year 2014 by the World Bank – alternative project planning, including the world bank loan size of $120 million. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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final business contract about 7000000000 yuan, venue sales of goods of $6 million 620 thousand, nearly 110 thousand people (Times) visited the exhibition hall…… During the three days of the 2015 Qinghai brand promotion conference in Wuhan yesterday ended, this promotion will successfully to domestic and foreign merchants to Qinghai to display the characteristic of brand promotion of Qinghai brand image, promote Qinghai brand resources, promote exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign business enterprises in our province, enhance my the brand building and operation ability. read more

recently, the office of the provincial government issued the "notice" on further improving the work of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship in the province in 2014, from the eight aspects of 2014 to 2019, the employment of college graduates entrepreneurial work launched 16 policy measures, urged the province’s colleges and universities graduate employment and entrepreneurship work made new achievements.

: widening the employment channel. Encourage enterprises to absorb the employment of College graduates. Conscientiously implement the provincial government to promote the employment of college graduates and support the development of small and micro enterprises policy measures, timely cash reward policy. read more

April 28th, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau held a press conference to inform the 51 small holiday during the weather around our province. According to reports, the "51" during the southern part of the province more precipitation weather, the northern region to cloudy weather, Xining, Haidong and other places have scattered showers. According to meteorological experts, May 1st, Yushu, Guoluo, Qilian mountain rain (snow) or rain (snow), the rest of the province cloudy; 2 May to 3 August, Yushu, Guoluo, southern Hainan, southern Huangnan, northern light rain (snow) or rain (snow), Xining and Haidong have dispersed showers, the rest of the province cloudy.
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2016 in December 22nd to 23, the Ministry of agriculture commissioned the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences expert group on the province’s Huang Zhongxian rural collective property rights shares of the pilot reform of the right to conduct an interim assessment. The expert group has been that the county in accordance with the reform plan of time to complete the task, the reform results show, a solid foundation for the future management of collective assets play.

assessment expert group said after 5 to 41 content evaluation, Huangzhong County in the Western non operating assets in the underdeveloped minority areas and regions, the development of power reform work is good, the effect is significant, has achieved results, significant. The main characteristics of the county and township village three attaches great importance to promote the formation of the atmosphere; in the county 393 villages to carry out right of contracted land, the village collective economic organization members to define the identity of rural collective assets, assets, the positive development of farmer cooperative shares, to form a timely summary of the results of the reform has achieved results. Especially the basic work is extremely solid, novel and practical application platform, to ensure the member definition and capital verification and other work in an orderly way. read more

Chinese catering industry since ancient times has been a very popular industry, because Chinese since ancient times is a diet country, especially in today’s society, a variety of food and beverage enterprises such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like there, then how to operate a restaurant?

A, dry pot in the winter sales is really old, because of the cold weather in winter, dry pot is out soon cold. Many dishes are cold is not good, and it’s really cold winter, guests are very like some warm things, so, it is very warm in the body, so the pot products sell very well in the winter. read more

is now in the social life, more and more people pay more attention to their appearance, and now the cosmetics shop business is also quite popular, there are many people in the business focus on cosmetics shop, want to need to pay attention to methods for successful operation.

with female friends pay more and more attention to their appearance, and has become the first choice of cosmetics female friends, which makes a lot of entrepreneurs seized this opportunity, but the cosmetics store is very important, also has a certain business strategy for business friends to find some good information we work together to understand. read more

the same shop, even if the operation of the product is exactly the same, but because of the different people in different places of consumption ability, the store will have a great deal of difference. Therefore, if you want to know whether the operation of a store is feasible, it is necessary to do a specific analysis. So, in the County opened a car wash beauty shop feasible?

now living standards continue to improve, the car into the tens of thousands of households, car ownership continues to rise steadily, in 2014 China’s car ownership reached 157 million. According to the authoritative statistics, car sales accounted for only 20% of the profits of the automotive industry, the automobile market profits to the automotive industry accounted for 80%, more optimistic about the car market after the entrepreneurs have entered this industry auto beauty and maintenance. Now the county’s rapid economic development, car ownership continues to increase, the county with the increasing of cars, the automobile market has become more and more, many entrepreneurs are thinking of opening the car beauty stores in the county. read more

shop location is directly related to your career development in the future, we know that there are many reasons for the failure, although the reason is not necessarily lead to the failure of the location, but to choose a good store location, is conducive to enhance the store store turnover. So how to choose? Here on the basis of specific analysis of different business district!

for the old commercial street shops, consumers have developed a fixed consumer habits, people flow, investment will receive a return immediately. However, with the expansion of the city after the accelerated pace of smaller shops appreciation. For the new commercial street shops, which requires time accumulation of it, but the new district once formed, its potential value can be reflected, corresponding to the new commercial street people’s consumption habits yet to develop, after the investment cost recovery period is slightly longer. read more

2016 Mid Autumn Festival has ended, in this small holiday, retail households have made what kind of performance, have been identified, and if you want to earn more profits, it should be ready for the national day. However, many retail households do not know how to summarize, leading to measures will also be national day opportunity. So, how do retailers prepare for the national day after the Mid Autumn Festival?

"national day, Mid Autumn Festival two for a short interval of time, sometimes even may overlap, so called" double". Since the beginning of 2000, to celebrate the National Day holiday for National Day set seven, which effectively stimulating tourism consumption, active economic culture, enrich people’s life; and the Mid Autumn Festival is the member of Chinese traditional festival, is also full of festivity. Therefore, the "double" consumption is unusually active, commonly known as "retail gold period", general merchants are very important segment of the golden period of operation, the same for the retail business households are very rare opportunity, will find ways to try to improve the operation. read more

live at home, in a variety of appliances, washing machines can not be a natural. After all, the washing machine is to be used in each family, how to choose the washing machine but is still a hard question every housewife. Washing machine brand on the market so much, how to choose the right price, the quality of the washing machine is not easy, what brand of washing machine is the best? If you want to know what brand washing machine is best to first understand the washing machine brand list, to enter the list of brands are better in all aspects, their products are worth buying. read more

with the gradual improvement of our living standards, our life pressure is also increased. For entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial choice to join the healthy market, no doubt, is the best market. Jian Fu? Not only has the very high popularity, and joined the health live, best choice or business free.

now the catering industry diversification, more and more people health lit up red light, not only young people with hypertension, age, diabetes is very common, in fact, health is a very important thing for modern people, some people will eat some health care products to health, some people will to health through fitness, agent a health product does make a lot of money, so the health live is such a product, so you can eat healthy live healthy? read more

this is a pursuit of speed of the times, so it is a lot of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team are exploring a problem, that is how to enhance the efficiency of team entrepreneurial team CEO is a manifestation of a core value, so the ability of CEO to directly reflects the entrepreneurial team competence.


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for food chain to join the project entrepreneurs, choose a good brand is very important to join. A good brand can provide you with strong operational support, but also for you to have a certain market competitiveness. If you want to join the porridge shop catering project, Xiao Bian here three congee shop do you recommend. This is a part of a food catering group under the brand ".

Sambo catering group was founded in 1992, has been twenty-four years of history, is a collection of food culture research, nutrition development, catering for the integration of modern catering enterprises. At present, a total of 9 stores, more than 1000 employees. Sambo adhering to the "scientific, healthy, honest, efficient" business philosophy, adhere to the "guidelines for nutrition flag, brand warfare, chain road, make the quality of meal". A new operating mode, the western dining concept into the local food culture, play a "healthy and fast" advantage, to form the "scientific, integrity" as the core value of the brand, success and steady development of food chain. read more

baby supplies are now very popular in an industry, because with the increasing population in our country, many friends want to engage in investment in the area of baby. If you open a baby supplies store, then how to better display it? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

now sales of baby supplies industry fiery, and the opening of a baby supplies store, a lot of people to make money to invest in the new election. Baby supplies store to pay attention to how to display? Investment in baby care products industry want to get the success of the business, then in the daily business should be aware of some of the theoretical knowledge. Under normal circumstances, should be displayed in the store on the next effort, if you can store the store display of baby supplies store to do a good job, then you can effectively increase store sales. read more