Lugo will complain to the FEF about arbitration before Extremadura

first_imgThe CD Lugo has announced that it will submit an official complaint to the Spanish Football Federation for the arbitration of the match of this Saturday with Extremadura, in which he lost by a revised goal by the VAR. The Galician team has explained that it is preparing this report and in the chronicle of the party that has published on its official website, the VAR is responsible for the defeat. “The locals were ahead on the scoreboard with a goal marked by the controversy, since first the referee at the request of his line canceled it out of play and it was the VAR who considered it valid”, points out the Lugo text. With the defeat against Extremadura, Lugo goes down to the penultimate position of the classification and the permanence in a category is complicated in which has been since 2012. The technician, Curro Torres, upset with the arbitration, he assured in wheel after the game they don’t want to be “helped” but neither they are going to “allow” to be “harmed”. “We are small but they will not be able to with us”, said the rojiblanco coach, who was expelled for the referee of the match, Ocón Arráiz, for double yellow, both for “make observations and gestures of disapproval” to the referee’s decisions.Further, the side Gerard Valentín complained after the game of a possible penalty: “There is a small touch, just to unbalance and twist the ankle, but the referee does not interpret it as a penalty “.last_img

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