Home Furnishing market in recent years as the most lucrative industry has been one of the entrepreneurs to focus on the industry, but want to gain a foothold in the Home Furnishing industry is not an easy thing, brand sales yearly hot Home Furnishing join. In the choice of investment and entrepreneurship and a good home to join the headquarters of the brand to open a shop in the local shop is easier to get the success of the shop business. So investors in the actual operation of brand furniture stores, the use of what kind of business methods in order to get a good profit, which is a problem many investors are very concerned about.

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Lele is the first person to sing on


reporter Bu Xiang photography Wang Xin

Lele back to the office, just removed from the industrial and Commercial Bank of 1760 yuan of "bang" sound, pat on the desk, and colleagues said: "we looked at the flowers, Zhengzhou Hotel pick."

it was a day in June 2011. "You don’t know how happy you were." Lele still remember that unexpected surprise.

Lele is a female teacher at a music school in Zhengzhou. In her spare time, she spoke to the microphone, singing in front of the computer at home, singing through a free voice tool called YY to the Internet, the other also has YY voice software listeners can listen in real time. YY is the development of more than 1760 yuan to the company signed singer Le Lefa’s first month of wages. read more

June 30th morning news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released in Beijing today, the national domain name cloud analytical services, and promised to use.Cn and China and other countries of the domain name of the user for free. CNNIC said that with the help of this service to improve the current security situation in the domain name analysis.

from the Chinese domain name services and security status report, the content shows that 57% of China’s current domain name resolution service is in a state of risk, the domain name service is a weak part of the current network security. From May 2010 to the year of May 2011, the global impact of the larger domain name attacks reached sixteen, there are also related to the situation in the country. read more