the difference between heaven and hell for people to understand the environment of different and different attitudes, for successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is not difficult, as long as you have several key ways of thinking can break the bottleneck.

1, entrepreneurs have the desire to succeed. The beginning of success but is an idea, a strong idea of success, is the power struggle and hard work, not to leave the posterior consciousness, it is impossible to play their own potential. Do not be afraid of any difficulties, there is strong demand to ride the wind and waves, the belief and the subjective and objective. read more

– Beijing fun to take information technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou, where information technology Co., Ltd. unfair competition dispute case

the appellant (plaintiff): Beijing qunar Information Technology Co. Ltd.

the appellant (defendant): Guangzhou city where information technology Co. Ltd.

source: Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s Court (2013) Guangdong min three final civil judgment No. 565th

case profile

May 9, 2005, Beijing fun to take the company’s former legal representative Zhuang Chenchao registered domain name and created a website, after the transfer to the Beijing fun to take the company. In 2006, the company took the interest to obtain telecommunications and information services business license, the type of business information services for the Internet business, the name of the site to take tourism search engine, website October 7, 2011, Beijing fun to get the company in the thirty-eighth category (Communications) services, 39 categories (Tourism) services on the registration of Qunar.Com+ camel graphics, where to go +Qunar.Com+ camel graphics trademark. read more

November 12th, a courier company in Jiangsu province Nantong City Express warehouse explosion. Figure /CFP

12, a courier company in Jiangsu, Nantong, a busy. Just past November 11th "singles day" has become the first China shopping carnival. "Singles day" turned "Shopping Festival" to express surge. The courier company has taken to increase personnel, work overtime and other means, to ensure timely delivery of the shipment. Figure /CFP

‘s shop named "brush", Tmall said that if the investigation found that the problem will not be punished; the industry said the promotion of electricity supplier powerful read more