In what Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called a “historic and unprecedented resolution,” Council members unanimously backed the establishment of a force of nearly 20,000 military personnel and more than 6,000 police officers.The hybrid operation – to be known as UNAMID – has an initial mandate of 12 months and will incorporate the existing AU Mission in Sudan (AMIS), which has been deployed across Darfur since 2004. It will become the largest peacekeeping force in the world.By October UNAMID is scheduled to have its management, command and control structures in place, and then by the end of the year it is expected to be ready to take over operations from AMIS.Since fighting erupted between rebel groups, Government forces and allied Janjaweed militias in 2003, UN officials have repeatedly described Darfur as the scene of one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. More than 200,000 people have been killed and the conflict has spilled into neighbouring Chad and the Central African Republic (CAR).“You are sending a clear and powerful signal of your commitment to improve the lives of the people of the region, and close this tragic chapter in Sudan’s history,” Mr. Ban told the Council after it voted for the resolution authorizing the force.Stressing the need to move rapidly to ensure UNAMID can deploy on time, he called on Member States to contribute troops and police officers and urged the Sudanese Government and the rebel groups to immediately end hostilities and give their “unequivocal and continuous support” to the force.UNAMID is tasked with acting under Chapter VII of the UN Charter to support the “early and effective implementation” of last year’s Darfur Peace Agreement between the Government and the rebels, and it is also mandated to protect civilians, prevent armed attacks and ensure the security of aid workers and its own personnel and facilities.Command and control structures and backstopping for UNAMID will be provided by the UN, today’s resolution added, and the operation will also have a single chain of command.Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Marie Guéhenno told reporters that “enormous work” would be required between now and the end of the year to make sure that UNAMID can start operations on time.The resolution has been adopted just days before the UN and AU Special Envoys for Darfur, Jan Eliasson and Salim Ahmed Salim, host “pre-negotiation talks” in Arusha, Tanzania, with those rebel groups and militias that have not signed the Darfur Peace Agreement.Mr. Ban said it was critical that the three-day meeting starting on Friday “yield positive results so as to pave the way for negotiations and, ultimately, a peace agreement. Only in this way can we end the violence and destruction that have afflicted Darfur for more than three years.” 31 July 2007The Security Council today approved the creation of a hybrid United Nations-African Union peacekeeping force to quell the violence and instability plaguing the Darfur region of Sudan, where hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and two million others forced to flee their homes. read more

An Iranian national was arrested at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) today with 2kg of heroin.The Customs Department said the heroin is worth Rs. 20 million.

A decision has been taken to convene Parliament tomorrow, the Speaker’s office said in a special statement.Parliament was earlier set to convene again on November 21st but the Speaker and party leaders have now decided that Parliament must meet tomorrow at 1.30PM.

US agency files civil charges against Corzine over 2011 failure of brokerage MF Global WASHINGTON – Jon Corzine once saw a boutique brokerage called MF Global as his best hope to rescale the heights of Wall Street he’d once occupied as head of Goldman Sachs.Now, MF Global is bankrupt. And Corzine faces a lifetime ban from the futures industry.On Thursday, federal regulators sued Corzine, a onetime U.S. senator and governor of New Jersey. They allege that he was responsible for the misuse of customer money while CEO of MF Global, which collapsed in 2011.A civil lawsuit filed in Manhattan by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission seeks to restrict Corzine’s ability to trade investments and demands he pay unspecified penalties.The suit charges that MF Global violated U.S. laws in the weeks before it collapsed by using customer funds to support its own trading operations. About $1.2 billion in customer money vanished when the firm collapsed.Corzine bore responsibility for the unlawful acts by MF Global because he controlled the firm and its holdings and “either did not act in good faith or knowingly induced these violations,” the lawsuit says.In a conference call with reporters, CFTC Enforcement Director David Meister said Corzine failed to do enough to “prevent the firm from dipping into customers’ funds to stay afloat.”MF Global has agreed to pay a $100 million penalty as part of a settlement announced Thursday. The money will come from bankruptcy proceedings.Corzine has disputed the allegations by the CFTC, which regulated New York-based MF Global. He did so again Thursday through his lawyers.“Mr. Corzine did nothing wrong, and we look forward to vindicating him in court,” attorney Andy Levander said in a statement.James Giddens, the court-appointed trustee overseeing MF Global’s bankruptcy, called the settlement with the CFTC “appropriate.” He said the $100 million penalty will be paid only after the firm’s customers and creditors have received all their claims.The CFTC also filed civil charges against Edith O’Brien, the firm’s former assistant treasurer. Last year, O’Brien was summoned to a congressional hearing into what happened in MF Global’s final days. She declined to answer questions, invoking her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.Attorneys for O’Brien didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment Thursday.The lawsuit seeks to bar Corzine and O’Brien from working for any firms that trade commodities or other investments regulated by the CFTC. Corzine and O’Brien would also be barred from trading any such investments on their own. They could still trade stocks and bonds.Thursday’s lawsuit is striking in that regulators have seldom charged individuals with financial crisis-era misdeeds. They have instead imposed fines and penalties against companies, often with no one having to admit blame.Nearly 90 per cent of the money belonging to the firm’s U.S. customers has been recovered. Many farmers, ranchers and business owners used futures contracts through MF Global to hedge their risks against fluctuating crop prices. A futures contract allows someone to agree with someone else to buy or sell something — corn, say, or gold — at a set price at some point in the future.The CFTC need not show in court that Corzine personally authorized the use of customer money, said Anthony Sabino of the New York law firm Sabino & Sabino, which specializes in white-collar crime. Top executives can be liable for “failure to maintain internal controls” or “failure to supervise,” Sabino said.Under a 2002 anti-corporate fraud law — which Corzine co-wrote as a U.S. senator — CEOs of public companies must personally certify the accuracy of their company’s financial statements.“When the Titanic went down, you didn’t blame the cook; you didn’t blame the guy in the engine room,” Sabino said. “You blamed the captain. And Corzine is the captain of the ship called MF Global.”The CFTC has “a very substantial case” against Corzine and MF Global, Sabino said.Robert Mintz, a former federal prosecutor, predicted that Corzine and the CFTC would eventually settle but not before a drawn-out battle.That the CFTC filed suit against such a major defendant signals confidence that they have a strong case, he suggested.“A defeat in a case like this, in such a high-profile setting, would come at some cost to the reputation of the agency,” said Mintz, now at McCarter & English in New Jersey.It isn’t clear how much money Corzine is worth. He spent roughly $100 million of his fortune to win a U.S. Senate seat and the New Jersey governorship. In 2005, the last full year that he was a U.S. senator, he was estimated to be worth between $125 million and $175 million.MF Global sought bankruptcy protection in 2011 after a disastrous bet on European countries’ debt. Under Corzine’s leadership, the firm bet $6.3 billion on bonds issued by Italy, Spain and other nations with deeply troubled financial systems. Those bonds plummeted in value in the weeks before MF Global’s failure as fears intensified that some European countries might default.The firm’s $41 billion bankruptcy was the eighth-largest in U.S. history. It was also the first collapse of a Wall Street firm since the 2008 financial crisis ended. Critics have long complained that regulators have failed to aggressively pursue much bigger financial firms, whose high-risk bets nearly toppled the financial system.Corzine, 66, had been a CEO of Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs before entering politics in 2000. He served as a Democratic U.S. senator from New Jersey and later governor of the state. He took the top job at MF Global in March 2010 after losing his 2009 bid for re-election as governor to Chris Christie.MF Global was a small commodities broker when Corzine arrived. His vision was to transform the firm into a full-scale investment bank, similar to Goldman. The CFTC’s lawsuit says he sought to do so by generating revenue from aggressive trading strategies.The plan worked for a while even as the firm’s investments grew increasingly risky, the lawsuit said. In the second half of 2011, its investments put heavy strains on its cash flow and capital. By October 2011, the lawsuit says, sources of cash were drying up.Corzine and other employees communicated with one another, by email and sometimes on recorded phone lines, about the firm’s “dire situation,” the lawsuit says.It says a treasurer of the firm’s parent company, MF Global Holdings Ltd., told a chief financial officer and another employee in a recorded conversation on Oct. 6, 2011, that “we have to tell Jon that enough is enough. We need to take the keys away from him.”Corzine “disparagingly nicknamed the Global treasurer ‘the Gravedigger,’” the lawsuit saysCorzine stepped down as MF Global chief in November 2011, a few days after the firm filed for bankruptcy protection.Three reports on MF Global’s collapse, by a House panel and two court-appointed trustees, placed most of the blame on Corzine. It said his risky strategies caused the failure.Shareholders of MF Global have sued Corzine and other top managers. The investors say they lost about $585 million in just a week as the firm foundered. They accuse MF Global and the executives of making false and misleading statements about the firm’s financial strength.Giddens, the trustee, also joined a lawsuit filed by MF Global customers against Corzine and the other top executives.Corzine testified at three hearings of House and Senate committees in December 2011 after lawmakers subpoenaed him. It was a rare sight in Washington: A former member of Congress being called by former colleagues to testify publicly about potential violations of law.Corzine’s testimony offered little to satisfy lawmakers or MF Global customers who lost money. Yet his explanations would be hard to disprove, legal experts said.He said he never intended to “misuse” client money or to order anyone else to do so. Corzine also rebuffed an assertion that he knew about customer money that might have been transferred to a European affiliate just before MF Global collapsed.O’Brien, the former assistant treasurer, was subpoenaed to testify at a hearing last year about an email she sent that appeared to contradict testimony from Corzine. The email said Corzine ordered a transfer of customer money to cover an overdraft in the firm’s bank account in London.“On the advice of counsel,” she told Congress, “I respectfully decline to answer based on my constitutional right.”___Neumeister and Rexrode contributed from New York. by Marcy Gordon, Larry Neumeister And Christina Rexrode, The Associated Press Posted Jun 27, 2013 3:02 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

According to a statement, these and other initiatives announced at Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Climate Summit, strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a host of measures, from increasing the number of new bus and metro lines to increasing the number of electric vehicles and introducing car and bike sharing.According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a shift to sustainable, low-carbon transport by the middle of the century could save governments, companies and individuals up to $70 trillion. And the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says a shift could prevent greenhouse gas emissions by transport from doubling by the middle of the century and to achieve the internationally agreed goal of a maximum 2 degrees Celsius rise in global average temperature. Transport contributes about one quarter of energy-related global greenhouse gas emissions and about one fifth of energy use. Under a “business as usual” model, energy use and green gas emissions are projected to rise by nearly 50 percent by 2030 and even more after.The Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI), launched today, wants to increase the number of electric vehicles in cities to least 30 percent of all new vehicles sold on annual basis by 2030 and make cities friendly to their use. The plan is supported by private companies including Michelin, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, as well as UN-Habitat. “Mobilizing support from the private sector is vital to enable us to implement technological breakthroughs in urban mobility” said Joan Clos, UN-Habitat Executive Director, in a statement. On the train side, the International Union of Railways (UIC) – with 240 members worldwide including in Europe, China, Russia, India and the United States – launched the Low-Carbon Sustainable Rail Transport Challenge to promote the use of rails for freight and transport. “We expect this initiative to result in 75 per cent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from rail transport by 2050. In total, we aim to save over one gigatonne of carbon emissions globally through improved energy efficiency and through building partnerships,” said Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of the International Railway Association.Another initiative titled the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) Declaration on Climate Leadership brings together 1,300 member organizations from 92 countries to provide access to climate-savvy public transportation for those living in cities. Governments under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) also promised to step up commitment to reach the industry’s long-term existing global goal to halve net CO2 emissions by 2050 compared to 2005 levels. To that end, ICAO is supporting the development of sustainable alternative fuels for aviation by working with partners to develop a global CO2 standard for new aircraft and to design and implement a global measure for international aviation from 2020 onward. So far, over 100 industry leaders – including Virgin Atlantic and Thai Airways – have taken action toward that goal.Sustainable transport is one of eight action areas identified as critical during the Abu Dhabi Ascent, a two-day meeting held in the United Arab Emirates in May 2014. Other topics include agriculture and renewable energy. read more

Participants were briefed by Mr. León, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), who provided an overview of the progress and the challenges facing the Libyan political dialogue process. Mr. Leon noted the wide support among the different Libyan stakeholders and the public, together with neighbouring States and the international community at large.According to a document released by UNSMIL, participants in the talks affirmed the pledge to protect the national and territorial unity, sovereignty and independence of Libya, as well as its full control over its international borders, and the rejection of all forms of foreign interference, and confirmed the need to commit to the principles of the 17 February Revolution, elaborated in the Constitutional Declaration. They also underlined their commitment to the political process.UNSMIL’s press release said participants in the meeting were greatly concerned about the deteriorating security situation in the country and the increase in terrorist acts, because of the serious danger they pose to Libya’s security and stability, as well as to its national unity and social cohesion, and to its neighbouring States. Concerted efforts were needed to combat terrorism, they agreed, with a political solution that tackles persisting “division and chaos” cited as a major contributor to efforts to tackle terrorism.Participants also condemned all attacks against civilians and civilian installations, as well as any other actions contradicting international law, UNSMIL’s summary said, detailing several other areas of agreement. Within the meeting, positive suggestions and ideas were shared on the dialogue path and outcomes, and participants expressed their full conviction that a political solution can be reached. Participants remain fully committed to the dialogue as the only solution for the crisis in Libya and called for an immediate end to all violence to create an atmosphere conducive to the talks. read more

Brock’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences recently recognized Niagara Region Public Health for its ongoing commitment to the University.Each year, the Faculty highlights one long-standing community and research partner for their outstanding contributions, exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to experiential education and faculty and student research at Brock.As this year’s recipient, Niagara Region Public Health was honoured at the 2018 Community Partners Appreciation Reception held April 16 at the Ball’s Falls Centre for Conservation.“We are extremely proud of our partnership and mutual accomplishments,” said Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Dean Peter Tiidus. “Niagara Region Public Health and Emergency Services has been instrumental in facilitating educational and research opportunities in many areas of health promotion, education and awareness.”Receiving the award on behalf of the Region’s many collaborators was Dr. Mustafa Hirji, Medical Officer of Health and Commissioner (Acting).“In the last few years, our collaboration with Brock has gone from helping each other out where we can by hosting students and participating on research projects, to one where we are starting to integrate our work,” Hirji said. “We are now working jointly on core priorities, such as quality improvement and the life course, and I’m excited to see what we can accomplish as we work to become more integrated.”Examples of recent collaborations include:Niagara Region Public Health and Emergency Services welcomes many Brock University students for experiential education opportunities around project work, job shadowing, practicum placements, knowledge exchange and precepting with nurses in many different departments throughout the Region.As part of a data sharing agreement between Brock University and Niagara Region Public Health and Emergency Services, work is being undertaken to develop and enhance the link regarding data analysis and research between the two organizations.Department of Health Sciences Associate Professor Madelyn Law, along with a team of staff from 30 public health units, is currently working on a locally driven collaborative project around continuous quality improvement in Ontario’s public health units. This research project is co-led by Northwestern Health Unit and Niagara Region Public Health and Emergency Services, with Law helping to develop and oversee it.Niagara Region Public Health and Emergency Services is also partnered with Department of Health Sciences Associate Professor Madelyn Law for research to help inform the Niagara EMS Transformation Project.Sinead McElhone from Niagara Region Public Health and Emergency Services is an adjunct professor in the Department of Health Sciences and teaches in Brock’s online Master of Public Health program.Department of Kinesiology Professor Diane Mack worked with the Niagara Region Public Health and Emergency Services Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention team in 2015 on an aging research study titled “Place and Health: Perceptions of Healthy Aging in Niagara-Area Residents.”Brock students have also benefited from experiential education and research working in areas of population health, child health and maternal care, healthy babies programming, mental health, vaccines, tobacco cessation and drug addiction awareness. read more

first_imgHolidaymakers are being warned they face lengthy delays at European airports this summer after border checks were tightened.Passengers have been forced to wait in queues for up to four hours – longer than some of their flights – after arriving at airports popular with British tourists.The delays are reportedly being caused by the introduction of newly-toughened and more time consuming immigration checks.The problem – at what is traditionally already the busiest time of the year for flights – is being made worse by a lack of border officials on the continent, it is claimed.An association representing airlines said queues stretching for “hundreds of metres” are in some cases causing passengers to miss their flights.It warned that “shameful” queues can be expected at airports including Madrid, Palma, Lisbon, Lyons, Paris Orly, Milan and Brussels. Some flight delays have increased by 300 per cent in a year, it claimed. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Airlines for Europe (A4E), the association that represents carriers such as British Airways, Ryanair and easyJet, said lengthy delays had been caused by many countries failing to provide enough staff for passport checks.Thomas Reynaert, A4E’s managing director, said: “Travellers face long lines and can’t get on their flights. Queuing for up to four hours has been the top record these days. Queues Queues form at Barcelona airport ahead of security checksCredit:Manu Fernandez/AP Amsterdam airport @Schiphol is a disaster again today. Schengen-passport control queue extends beyond E-gates 4hrs waiting time #noholiday— Joepie (@joep19711) June 27, 2017 The problem is being blamed on the introduction of tighter European Union-introduced border controls in Schengen, the border-free area that incorporates most EU member states.Previously, British travellers have been given only visual passport checks by European border officials.But new rules, which were introduced after a series of terror attacks in Europe, mean checks against a series of databases are now carried out on each passenger from non-Schengen countries.The new tests, on both entry and exit, are said to take around two minutes per passenger. @SimonCalder queues for passport control at Palma airport this morning – what a farce!— Catherine Little (@calittle1967) July 29, 2017 “Airports like Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Lisbon, Lyon, Paris-Orly, Milan or Brussels are producing shameful pictures of devastated passengers in front of immigration booths, in lines stretching hundreds of metres.”At some airports, flight delays have increased by 300 per cent compared to last year.”A4E warned that the situation could worsen in the coming weeks as the new regulations have not yet been fully implemented. The six-month period to put the enhanced checks in place ends on October 7. EU member states have until the autumn to implement enhanced border checks, but many have already introduced them.A spokeswoman for the Association of British Travel Agents said: “New, stricter passport checks are resulting in longer queues at some airports, including Palma, which is already busy due to a significant increase in passenger numbers.”Tour operators will ensure that customers get to the airport in plenty of time so that they are not in danger of missing their flights.”However, independent travellers will need to check the situation with their airlines and, where necessary, ensure they factor these longer queuing times into their travel plans when flying in and out of the airport.”It is also extremely important that border control check points are sufficiently resourced so that queuing times are kept to a minimum.” The Government has been urged to use “whatever influence it can” to pressure EU states to adequately staff their airports.Airlines UK, an industry body representing UK-registered carriers, said it had warned the Department for Transport (DfT) about the problem in May, although they were told by ministers the issue had eased. Have you been hit by long airport delays in Europe? Let us know your experience by leaving a comment below. Tim Alderslade, the body’s chief executive, said: “Clearly the situation has changed markedly as we enter peak holiday season, and it is now up to the UK Government to work with industry to use whatever influence it can within the EU to persuade Schengen Member States to resource their border operations properly.”Pictures on social media in recent days have shown long lines of passengers in crowded terminals.last_img read more

first_imgOne of those men, a self-confessed IRA bomb maker called Michael Christopher Hayes, gave a television interview earlier this year to say he was sorry that innocent people died in the blasts. Michael Christopher Hayes apologised to the families in a July 2017 BBC interview The 69-year-old who lives in south Dublin refused to say if he had planted any of the bombs, but told the BBC last month he was speaking out to give “the point of view of a participant”.He said he had been “accused of a lot of things, without one shred of forensic evidence, without one statement made, without one witness coming out against me.”Hayes has not been charged with any offences and no one has been convicted of the Birmingham bombings.The coroner’s decision that suspects would not be identified prompted some relatives to announce they would boycott the new hearings, scheduled for later this year.The families’ campaign said it was launching an appeal for public donations because applying for formal legal funding would take too long.Ms Hambleton said: “We fight for our loved ones, who aren’t here to fight for it themselves.”She added: “If they were alive and we were dead they too would be standing where we are standing.”We are now in a position to have to beg for the good people of this country to help us to raise money to fight this challenge in the High Court.”It is pivotal for us to have a judicial review, and appeal and challenge the coroner’s decision to exclude the perpetrators from this inquest. The Mulberry Bush pub in Birmingham was one of two attacked on November 21, 1974.Credit:PA Julie Hambleton, whose elder sister Maxine was killed in the Tavern in the Town, said that without the prospect of naming the bombers, “we may as well not bother having an inquest at all”.A statement from the Justice4the21 campaign group said: “We do not believe justice can be served through an inquest that does not consider the core issues relating to the bomb-makers, bomb-planters and their associates and their actions.”Six Irishmen, known as the Birmingham Six, were wrongly convicted of the bombings and spent 16 years in prison before being freed in 1991.A ITV World in Action Documentary the previous year had named four of five men it said were responsible for the bombings. Michael Christopher Hayes apologised to the families in a July 2017 BBC interview File photo dated 22/11/74 of the outside of the Mulberry Bush pub in Birmingham after a bomb exploded, as fresh inquests into the victims of the Birmingham pub bombings are to get under way amid a war of words between lawyers and the Government about legal funding Families of those killed in the IRA’s Birmingham pub bombings are crowdfunding a High Court challenge to try to overturn a coroner’s ban on naming the suspect bombers.Peter Thornton QC, one of the country’s most senior coroners, ruled out identifying the suspects at fresh inquests into the deaths of 21 people killed in the 1974 bombings.But families of the victims killed when blasts tore through two city centre pubs are now seeking a judicial review to widen the scope of the hearings. “Please, please, please, help us to raise the money.”She added: “We have four weeks to raise £10,000.”last_img read more

Temperatures are set to soar this weekend with the hottest day of the year predicated for parts of the UK.According to the Met Office, the south-east of England could see the mercury rise to 29C on Saturday.The joint warmest days of 2019 so far were April 19 and May 15, recording highs of 25.8C.However, a mixed weekend is forecast due to the high pressure dominating much of Saturday being replaced by low pressure on Sunday.A Met Office spokesman said: “The heat on Saturday is going to be limited to the south and east really, some parts of England and Wales, but with the main emphasis on the south-east corner and East Anglia.”There will be some medium and high-level cloud around. It will make the sunshine a bit hazy at times so not necessarily wall-to-wall blue skies, it’ll be feeling quite humid as well.”A similar figure again on Sunday in the south-east. Although the heat will be much more limited, we could still reach those sorts of temperatures.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “We’ve got that rain pushing in from the west on Sunday, so Scotland will see some quite persistent rain on Sunday.”Northern Ireland will see some rain and other western parts of England and Wales too.”The average temperature for June is 17C (62.6F).The bookmaker, Coral, has cut the odds on this summer being the hottest on record from 2-2 to 4-6 following a flurry of bets. “All the early forecasts point to a glorious summer this year and that has prompted punters to rush in to back it being a record-breaker,” said Coral’s John Hill.”After a scorching start to the month, the odds have also been slashed on this being the hottest June ever.” Northern England will be significantly cooler than the south on Saturday, with the average at around 18C.”The dividing line really is northern England for Saturday,” the spokesman continued.”Scotland, Northern Ireland and perhaps parts of northern England will not be necessarily particularly wet, but certainly a good deal cooler. Temperatures could soar in the south of EnglandCredit:David Rose Temperatures could soar in the south of England read more

first_imgThe GM or “Golden Master” build of OS X Lion is in the hands of developers today, meaning Apple’s newest version of their prized operating system is basically finished and ready to ship. If no major bugs are found in the new build, Lion could be released any time in the next couple of weeks leading up to an earnings report on July 19th.Earlier speculation had Apple releasing the update on the 19th, along with a refreshed line of Macbook Air notebooks. Since the folks at Apple tend to spice up those earnings reports with news of recent product releases, it’s a good bet that Lion will be launching at least a few days beforehand, if not a full week. The refreshed Airs, on the other hand, are still living in the land of rumors and hearsay.OS X Lion will be available only through the Mac App Store as an update for OS X Snow Leopard. The update will cost $29, and you can sign up at Apple’s site to get an email notification when the release is live.Whichever day Apple chooses to release Lion, one thing’s for certain at this point — it’s coming this month, and soon. When a GM build is seeded to developers, it means that, for all intents and purposes, the project is wrapping up and getting ready for a full public launch. On top of that, Apple’s official Lion page now has a note slapped on top of it that says “Coming in July.” You can’t get much more concrete than that without circling a date on a calendar.Update: 9to5Mac is reporting that they’ve been told by sources that the date could be the 14th.via Apple Insiderlast_img read more

first_imgMark Zuckerberg is a billionaire on paper, and it’s all thanks to Facebook. But while his social network doesn’t like anything of yours to be private, Zuckerberg is willing to spend millions protecting his own privacy in the real world.Last week Zuckerberg spent over $30 million purchasing not one, but four houses which he has no intention of living in. The reason for the purchase? His privacy when at home.The four houses are located next to Zuckerberg’s current home in Palo Alto, California. Apparently one of the houses was set to be purchased by a developer who was going to make it larger and resell it as the house next door to Zuckerberg. That makes sense as it’s sure to add a premium to the price, but Zuckerberg clearly didn’t like the idea of someone willing to pay a premium to live next door being that close.His solution was to buy all the surrounding houses and with that stop any developer marketing such a house in the future. It also means Zuckerberg is free to choose who lives there, and in the process protects his own privacy while collecting rent every month. Alternatively, he may decide to turn the other buildings into his own little complex. I guess I’d have one as a gym and another as a movie theater.$30 million is a lot of money to the average person, but not to Zuckerberg. It’s also going to be seen as an investment by his accountant as the value of the houses is probably set to grow in the coming years even if he decides to do nothing with them.[Image credit: jdlasica on Flickr]last_img read more

first_img Dec 8th 2016, 6:10 AM Thursday 8 Dec 2016, 6:10 AM Short URL Dr Rice’s experience and knowledge around alcohol is invaluable, so it is hugely important that we acknowledge his work and learn from the steps that have been taken in Scotland to address this issue.Last night’s event was held as part of the Irish Cancer Society’s ‘Decoding Cancer’ series of public talks, which aims to dispel some of the myths around cancer and explore the many advances being made through research in prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivors’ quality of life.Read: Fad diets harming Irish cancer patientsRead: ‘It really changed everything for me’: How magic mushrooms helped treat anxiety in cancer patients By Gráinne Ní Aodha 13,925 Views ALCOHOL IS THE cause of around 900 incidences of cancer in Ireland each year, and 500 of these patients will die of their disease.Alcohol is a known cause of seven types of cancer – mouth, throat, voice box, gullet, breast, bowel and liver. Overall, 10% of all cancers in men and 3% in women are caused by alcohol.While there are no ‘safe’ alcohol limits, the more you drink, the greater the risk of cancer.According to the National Cancer Control Programme, over half of alcohol related cancers in Ireland are preventable by adhering to low-risk weekly guidelines for alcohol consumption – 11 standard drinks for women and 17 for men.At an event hosted by the Irish Cancer Society last night, addiction psychiatrist Dr Peter Rice addressed the implications of what we drink on how likely we are to develop cancer. Image: Shutterstock/KucherAVcenter_img Source: Shutterstock/stockcreationsDr Rice, who is Chair of the Executive Committee of Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems said:“My home country of Scotland is similar to Ireland when it comes to the amount of alcohol we drink. But the level of awareness of the cancer risks associated with alcohol is comparatively low – according to EU research, just under 7/10 Irish people know that alcohol causes cancer, while 97% knew of its links to liver disease. This is despite widespread global research which places alcohol in the same group as smoking, obesity, physical inactivity and UV radiation when it comes to dominant lifestyle risks for cancer.“The good news is that even a small decrease in alcohol consumption can reduce your risk of developing cancer.”Head of Research at the Irish Cancer Society, Dr Robert O’Connor, added:“One in five of all alcohol-related deaths are due to cancer. But our consumption of alcohol is increasing – in 2010 it was 145% higher than the average amount drank in 1960. Irish people drink more than the European average, which stands at 11 litres of pure alcohol per person per year. Image: Shutterstock/KucherAV Share54 Tweet Email1 29 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 500 people die of alcohol-related cancer in Ireland every year 10% of all cancers in men and 3% in women are caused by alcohol.last_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Army captain Nicos Metaxas, 35, who confessed to the killing of five foreign women and two girls, appeared in court yesterday.The Cyprus court has extended his detention for another eight days, granting the police request to keep the suspect in custody as investigations continue.The suspect will be charged following the police probe that is still ongoing. It is probable, that he will face charges of premeditated murder and kidnapping.The victims are three Filipino women and the daughter of one of these, a Romanian mother and daughter and a woman that is believed to be from Nepal or India.READ MORE: Sexist, nationalistic and militaristic; The environment that led to Cyprus’ first serial killerThe suspect appeared in court wearing a bulletproof vest and said he did not object to his detention. He has already confessed to the killings in a 10-page handwritten confession that led police to where he dumped the bodies. Until now, five bodies have been recovered.last_img read more

Triple H talks about NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 4, Matt Riddle signing, Velveteen Dream

first_imgTriple H says there was more before the finish of the Gargano-Ciampa main event before the knee injury to Gargano at the end.— (@wrestleview) August 19, 2018 Pinterest Triple H puts over the signing of Matt Riddle of #NXT, taking a dig at Riddle wearing flip-flops, while mentioning how they were watching him during his time in EVOLVE.— (@wrestleview) August 19, 2018 Google+ Paul “Triple H” Levesque took part in a conference call with media following last night’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 special that aired live on the WWE was part of the call. Here are some highlights.Triple H hugely puts over tonight’s show and says he would put the #NXT brand against any other’s worldwide.— (@wrestleview) August 19, 2018 WhatsApp Twitter Facebook When asked about the upcoming all-Women’s #Evolution PPV, Triple H says that women from all brands will be featured and it will be a “cool night.”— (@wrestleview) August 19, 2018center_img Triple H puts over the Ricochet-Cole match, noting that the now-famous “jump out of the ring” moment Ricochet did a couple months back was suggested by Triple H at first as a joke, but was greatly impressed when Ricochet actually did it.— (@wrestleview) August 19, 2018 Triple H doesn’t really say much when asked about Velveteen Dream’s “Call Me Up Vince” tights, but does admire Dream’s willingness to go out on a limb and see if something will work or not.— (@wrestleview) August 19, 2018 Video: Triple H speaks about the condition of Cole and Gargano following TakeOver: Toronto Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE NXT Results – 8/21/19 (Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain, Jordan Myles makes his decision) Triple H puts over the Gargano-Ciampa feud and what they have accomplished, touting how each match has been different.— (@wrestleview) August 19, 2018 Video: Triple H on preparing talent for TakeOver shows, NXT to FOX Sports, if he is next in linelast_img read more

Triple H, WWE gift 2018 WNBA Champions Seattle Storm with Custom RAW Women’s Title

first_img Live Podcast: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte Twitter Google+ Pinterest Facebook Jerome Wilen RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORcenter_img WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton) WhatsApp WWE and Triple H recently gifted the Seattle Storm with a Custom RAW Women’s Championship to congratulate the team on their recent 2018 WNBA Championship victory.The Storm defeated the Washington Mystics earlier this month, 98-82 to capture their third WNBA Championship. The Storm previously won championships in 2004 and 2010.Triple H posted on his Twitter a picture of the custom belt containing side plates with the Seattle Storm logo, which can be seen below:Congrats to the @SeattleStorm, @S10Bird and the City of Seattle on your third @WNBA Championship! Your destiny is what you make, your DYNASTY starts now!Now it’s time to celebrate like a @WWE Champion! #WeRepS3ATTLE— Triple H (@TripleH) September 26, 2018 Wrestleview Live #65: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte last_img read more

first_imgThe Safeway grocery store on Mill Plain Boulevard might not be closing after all, according to a corporate spokeswoman. The company is currently negotiating with the store building’s owner to try to reach a new deal to allow the store to stay open.“We are currently working in good faith with the landlord, and are excited at a potential opportunity to extend our business at this location,” Safeway spokeswoman Jill McGinnis said in an emailed statement on Thursday.News of the ongoing negotiations is a change from last week, when it was announced that the store would close by Dec. 1. At the time, McGinnis said that the company had been unable to reach a lease renewal agreement and would be working to relocate the store’s employees to nearby locations.The potential closure of the store was first reported in May when John Beardsley, whose company Beardsley Building Management owns the building, said that the grocery chain had opted to not renew its lease. The store opened at the Mill Plain location in 1993, and Beardsley said he bought the building in 2015, taking over as the landlord in Safeway’s existing lease agreement.Beardsley said this week that Safeway had resumed negotiations after previously walking away when Beardsley did not accept the company’s request that its rent be lowered by a third. He said a store representative had argued that Beardsley had previously raised the rent substantially — an assertion which Beardsley denied. The last rent increase was in 2013, he said.last_img read more

first_imgDMG World Media, an international trade show producer and magazine publisher, announced Monday the sale of one of its events, and the intention to sell more.DMG, a division of U.K.-based Daily Mail and General Trust, sold the California Gift Show to Merchandise Mart Properties Inc. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.The CGS sale is the first in a series of strategic moves to reduce its North American gift show operations, the company said.“It makes sense to transfer ownership to regionally based platforms for these shows,” DMG EVP Alan Steel said in a statement. “In the future, our focus will be on national events, national audiences and national trends.  That’s where we can make the most valuable contribution to the industry.” Talks are underway with prospective buyers for the West Coast and Canadian gift shows, which are expected to be sold in two separate transactions.The Jordan, Edmiston Group is representing DMG in the deals.DMG’s remaining shows in North America include ad:tech, iMedia, and Evanta, the GlobalPetroleum Show and the New York International Gift Fair, National Stationery Show, International Contemporary Furniture Fair and Surf Expo.last_img read more

Clashes between TDP and YSRCP in Prakasam district

first_imgOngole: The tension prevails as a clash broke out between TDP and YSRCP activists where the two groups attacked each other with stones and sickles in Prakasam district. This incident happened at Lakshmakkapalem village in Tangutur Mandal of the district on Friday. In the attack, two TDP workers have sustained severe injuries. The victims rushed to Ongole RIMS hospital. Over the information, the police reached the village and took control over the situation by dispersing the activists of the two groups and also arranged the police bandobast in the village.last_img read more

first_imgReutersReturning to his home turf, Infosys after eight long years to take over as non-executive chairman, Nandan Nilekani attended an investor call — his first task — on Friday morning.”I like to believe that I am here as more than just a founder. After resigning from Infosys eight years back, I have done fairly significant work. I was invited to the board by all parties and I assume people see me as a unifying and holistic person and I believe I am. This is about consensus building,” Nilekani said.Soon after Nilekani took charge on Friday morning, a rejig in the company board started with co-chairman R Seshasayee and former CEO Vishal Sikka stepping down from the Infosys board along with independent board members Jeffrey Lehman and John Etchemendy. Another co-founder Ravi Venkatesan also stepped down from the company board but will continue as an independent director.Here are the some of the key highlights from Nandan Nilekani’s investor call:On Infosys hereafter”Nothing will make me happier than putting things in a super stable, high growth path.” – Nandan Nilekani, Non-Executive Chairman, Infosys On support from promoters and board “I have the full support of the board, of Mr Murthy, of all the promoters.” – Nandan Nilekani, Non-Executive Chairman, InfosysOn machine learning “Machine learning is becoming fundamentally transformative in every industry. The board will discuss on how best to integrate the artificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives taken by Vishal Sikka.” – Nandan Nilekani, Non-Executive Chairman, InfosysOn Panaya investigations”I need to figure out what has happened, what the lapses were, if any. This is a parallel process that we will do, because these are concerns raised by an important stakeholder. So absolutely in the next few months we will look into all these issues and we will bring them to closure to the satisfaction of all stakeholders and without violating corporate governance.” – Nandan Nilekani, Non-Executive Chairman, InfosysOn his comeback”I plan to be here as long as necessary and I will not be here as soon as I’m not necessary,” – Nandan Nilekani, Non-Executive Chairman, InfosysOn CEO search”Will look for new CEO from within and outside the company; will also consider Infosys alumni. Very confident that we have a large pool of internal and external candidates for the CEO post.” – Nandan Nilekani, Non-Executive Chairman, Infosyslast_img read more