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For deepwater divers who decompress too quickly

first_imgFor deep-water divers who decompress too quickly, doctors may advise that they lie inside a pressurized glass tube and inhale pure oxygen to treat painful symptoms known as “the bends.” The oxygen boost is thought to reduce swelling and prevent infection.The treatment, known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT, is approved for a few other conditions, like carbon monoxide poisoning and a form of gangrene. But some clinics around the country offer it for numerous other health problems, including migraine headaches, depression, strokes and even brain injuries. And HBOT hasn’t been proved to work for most of these, according to the FDA. That hasn’t stopped many people from fundraising for the treatment — and many other unproven or alternative treatments — on crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and YouCaring (GoFundMe bought YouCaring in April 2018).In two studies published recently, researchers ran systematic searches through crowdfunding sites to see just how pervasive this issue is. They identified thousands of campaigns raising millions of dollars for medical treatments that are not backed by science.”It’s wasteful both for the patient and the donor, and potentially dangerous,” says Dr. Ford Vox, a brain injury specialist in Atlanta and the author of one of the studies.Crowdfunding for medical bills, treatments and related expenses has become common, often filling in the gaps when people don’t have insurance or their insurance doesn’t cover all their expenses. In 2017, one-third of the money raised on GoFundMe globally was directed toward self-categorized medical campaigns, according to the company. The platform hosts about a quarter million medical campaigns each year that raise more than $650 million.But some portion of those funds are for treatments of questionable value. Vox’s study, published in JAMA in October 2018, looked at five alternative treatments to serious medical issues: Homeopathic treatments for cancer, hyperbaric oxygen treatments for brain injuries, stem cell treatments for brain and spinal cord injuries, and long-term antibiotic treatments for chronic Lyme disease. And Vox says they could potentially lead to harm, either from side effects of the treatment or from the lost opportunity to receive treatments known to be effective.Vox and a team of researchers identified more than a thousand active campaigns for the five treatments posted from 2015 to 2017. The campaigns asked for more than $27 million and had raised nearly $7 million. Because it looked at only the five treatments during a narrow time frame, Vox says this research is merely a snapshot of what could be a much larger issue.”The biggest issue I’m concerned about is potentially feeding this whole dubious area of medicine, quote unquote, that has always existed,” Vox says. He says that as the crowdfunding market expands, and the sheer dollar amount raised by campaigns increases, “so does the money going to this alternative medicine marketplace.”Another study published in JAMA in May 2018 focused specifically on stem cell treatments. The authors searched crowdfunding platforms for people seeking treatment at more than 300 direct-to-consumer stem cell clinics and found 100 campaigns seeking $7 million total.”It doesn’t take much time rummaging around crowdfunding sites to realize that there are a lot of campaigns for people seeking stem cell therapies,” says Leigh Turner, a bioethicist at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Bioethics, and one of the study’s authors.Stem cell therapies use stem cells in injections or tissue transplants to try to treat or prevent diseases. The FDA has approved stem cell treatments that use cells from cord blood to treat a limited group of disorders affecting the body system that produces blood. It warns most other types of stem cell therapy are unproven, and can be unsafe.”A shining moment”Michelle and John Witkowski had reached a point of desperation when their niece started a GoFundMe fundraiser so Michelle could get a stem cell treatment for her multiple sclerosis.”It was a shining moment,” John says, when they learned about StemGenex, one of the direct-to-consumer stem cell treatment facilities Turner identified in his paper. A friend’s wife who had the same particularly aggressive form of MS had gotten stem cell treatment there and said she regained feeling in her left arm, which she hadn’t been able to use for a while. The Witkowskis just had to figure out how they were going to pay for the nearly $15,000 treatment.John says they were not the asking type of people. That is, even after liquidating their 401(k) plans and spending roughly half a million dollars on treatments throughout Michelle’s 10-year battle with MS, they were hesitant to ask people for money.Yet they felt they had to try. “The idea of something that may be able to help gives me hope, something I haven’t had in a long time,” Michelle explained on her GoFundMe campaign page.That hope may have been misplaced. Dr. Rhonda Voskuhl, the director of UCLA’s Multiple Sclerosis Program, says that while there is legitimate research on stem cell therapies for MS and other illnesses, there are no definitive results yet.”There are people at well-vetted institutions doing this work, and when it is safe, it will be approved,” she says. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to do things that are not FDA-approved.”Turner understands why people fundraise for alternative treatments when they’re in desperate situations. But he thinks both the clinics that offer these treatments and the crowdfunding sites bear responsibility for promoting unproven treatments — and false hopes.Right now, Turner says, clinics can basically advertise how they please, which allows them to market to vulnerable individuals.”Should you be allowed to just kind of put up a website and claim that you have a stem cell treatment, you know, and then start charging people thousands or tens of thousands of dollars?” he asks.In their GoFundMe campaign, the Witkowskis asked for $20,000 for Michelle’s treatment and the accompanying expenses. While their fundraiser shows they made $2,500, John says they raised much more than that. Friends and family members donated directly to them or wrote checks to the treatment center, StemGenex. And when a hat was passed around at John’s office, he remembers he collected a couple of thousand dollars.But after the stem cell therapy, Michelle didn’t seem to get any better.”Nothing helped. There were no victories. It’s such a bummer,” John says. Michelle died just a few months later.In late October the FDA issued a warning letter against StemGenex, the clinic where Michelle Witkowski got her procedure. The letter says that the agency considers StemGenex’s product to be a drug, and that the company’s manufacturing and quality control procedures are not in compliance with federal regulations regarding drug manufacturing. It also warns that their marketing violates federal law. In addition, a pending lawsuit alleges the company’s marketing practices are deceptive. StemGenex denies the allegations.StemGenex did not reply to numerous requests for comment on this story. Turner and Vox both say that because crowdfunding sites are involved in a transaction that directs funds to unscientific treatments, they should be involved in mitigating the issue, by educating people about the risk of unproven treatments or by putting systems in place to identify problematic campaigns.”As an organization, GoFundMe needs to think much more carefully and critically about the extent to which they’re creating a website that can lead to the spread of misinformation, and what they can do to promote health literacy,” Turner says.GoFundMe uses algorithms to detect campaigns that violate its terms of service, including ones that raise funds for “illegal drugs, narcotics, steroids, controlled substances, pharmaceuticals or other products that make health claims that have not been approved or verified by the applicable local and/or national regulatory body.”But Turner says he thinks they aren’t applying these standards rigorously enough. He wonders if GoFundMe will alert crowdfunders trying to raise money for treatments at StemGenex about the FDA’s warning letter.GoFundMe addressed Turner’s comment in an emailed statement to NPR: “With these new concerns being raised surrounding certain stem cell clinics, we are taking a thoughtful approach to addressing stem cell campaigns while continuing to provide a safe and secure place for people to fundraise for their needs and causes.””This is my body”Zubin Master, an associate consultant at Mayo Clinic’s Biomedical Ethics Research Program, questions the extent to which crowdfunding sites bear responsibility to monitor medical campaigns like Witkowski’s. “They’re not in the business of scientific oversight,” he says. And according to Master, FDA approval alone may not be enough to go on when determining whether people should be allowed to fundraise for a particular treatment on the platform. Master says there is a gray area in what is considered a legitimate treatment. Physicians are allowed to innovate, to try off-label uses of medications for instance, and the FDA does not scrutinize each step of the care they provide, he says. In fact, if certain regulatory requirements are met, the FDA permits patients with life-threatening conditions to access non-FDA-approved treatments with physician oversight under the Expanded Access program. Master says direct-to-consumer stem cell clinics do not typically meet the requirements for this program.Overall, Master says, some unproven treatments may be more legitimate than others (for instance, they may be the subject of rigorous research). So, for crowdfunding companies, trying to judge among a spectrum of treatments is “like drawing a line in the sand.”Master wonders how GoFundMe, with 50 million users, would logistically weed out campaigns for nonscientific treatments on a case-by-case basis. “I’m not sure where you would draw the line,” Master says.The emailed statement from GoFundMe said it has policies, tools, and experts to “ensure the safety and protection of our community.”The statement went on to say: “Our role is to provide people with social fundraising tools to raise money for their cause or need. While we hope to be a helpful resource for personal fundraising, we believe it is not our place to tell them what decision to make.”Pete Canfield ran a GoFundMe campaign seeking stem cell treatment for his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2016. Doctors had told him the disease, which had reduced his breathing capacity, was terminal. He says he made the decision to try the stem cell treatment with his “eyes open, understanding that it was not a verified procedure.”He says he feels it was his right to try an experimental treatment. “This is my body and I get to make the choices about what I’m going to do with this body, for the most part,” says Canfield.Canfield sought $10,000 to pay for a $6,000 stem cell therapy at another one of the direct-to-consumer clinics Turner identified in his paper. Additional funds were for his travel to the clinic.He didn’t have much luck, just raising over $1,000, but he paid for the rest out of pocket. In the end, the stem cell therapy did not work for Canfield. Still, he says he doesn’t regret trying.”Going to experimental procedures is quite often an act of desperation,” he explains. “It’s what we see as the only option: ‘I have to do this because if I don’t do this, there’s a good chance I’m going to die.’ “Rachel D. Cohen is a freelance journalist and a former intern on NPR’s Science desk. Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit read more

Feel like youre living under a rain cloud Life n

first_imgFeel like you’re living under a rain cloud? Life not going your way? Lots of us have a bit of Eeyore’s angst and gloom.But here’s the good news (sorry to be so cheery): You can be taught to have a more positive attitude. And — if you work at it — a positive outlook can lead to less anxiety and depression.The latest evidence comes from a new study of caregivers — all of whom had the stressful job of taking care of a loved one with dementia. The study found that following a five-week course, participants’ depression scores decreased by 16 percent and their anxiety scores decreased by 14 percent. The findings were published in the current issue of Health Psychology.The course teaches eight skills to help people cope with stress. Techniques include mindfulness and deep breathing, setting an attainable daily goal, keeping a gratitude journal and — yes, it works — performing small acts of kindness.Skeptical? Melissa Meltzer Warehall was too. She’s caring for her husband, Paul, who is 64 and was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in his 50s.”It’s very, very frustrating,” Warehall says, “to know the man he used to be and the shell of the person he is now.”When she agreed to be a participant in the study, it was a way to reach out for help. She knew she couldn’t change her circumstances, but she wanted to learn to cope better.”When you’re experiencing a lot of stress, it’s easy to head into a downward spiral,” says Judith Moskowitz of Northwestern University. She is trained as a psychologist and studies the ways positive emotions can influence people’s health and stress. She developed the program taught to the caregivers.As part of her research, hundreds of stressed-out people have taken the five-week skills class, including women with breast cancer, people newly diagnosed with HIV, people managing Type 2 diabetes and people with depression. She has documented benefits in each of those studies.”These skills can definitely help people, no matter what type of stress they are experiencing, even if it is ‘minor’ everyday stress,” Moskowitz says.Warehall says she began to feel a shift to a sunnier outlook just a few weeks into the program. One skill she learned: how to reframe the daily hassles of life into something positive.For instance, she says it can be challenging to take her husband on outings; she has to be on guard against him wandering off. Also, he has begun to have trouble navigating in and out of the car, and that can be frustrating for them both. But instead of focusing on the downside, she has taught herself to spend those long moments being consciously grateful for what they’re still able to do together.Though her husband can’t work or take trips anymore, she has helped him rediscover music. “I signed him up for harmonica lessons every Saturday,” she says. And that’s great for both of them. “Just being with him when he makes music — he plays a mean blues harmonica — it’s wonderful for me too.”She’s learning to cling to the positive moments that come alongside the stress. And this makes it easier. “Everything that we do that’s challenging, I look for that silver lining,” Warehall says.But this doesn’t come naturally, she says; she has tried to build a habit of gratitude. Writing down one thing each day is a good reminder that there are still lots of joyful moments — despite their stressful situation.”[Paul] picks up on my energy, and if my energy is positive, it’s easier to care for him,” Warehall says.She has learned to focus on what is, instead of what’s lost. “I remind myself I still have him. I can still hug him and hold him and tell him I love him.””In the context of stress, it can be hard to see the positive things,” says Moskowitz. “So taking a moment to notice things you’re grateful for is really beneficial.”Moskowitz says she knows the hesitation or resentment people sometimes feel when they’re told, “Chin up! It’ll all be OK.” That’s a hard message to handle if you’re reeling from the news of a serious diagnosis or other traumatic experience.”We’re not saying don’t be sad or upset about what’s going on,” Moskowitz emphasizes. “But we know people can experience positive emotion alongside that negative emotion, and that positive emotion can help them cope better.”She says these strategies and skills are widely applicable. “Anyone can be taught to be a little more positive.”Moskowitz and her colleagues are about to launch another study of dementia caregivers (anyone interested in participating can contact her lab, she says). And though that particular program is not available to the general public outside the research project, Moskowitz points to an online program called It’s All Good Here that teaches similar skills. (Moskowitz has consulted with the creator of the program to share some content, but she has no financial ties to the company.)She says the strength of the eight-technique approach is that there’s no single skill that helps everyone. “It’s a buffet of skills,” Moskowitz says, so it gives people lots of options.Here’s a quick summary of the eight techniques used in Moskowitz’ study:Take a moment to identify one positive event each day.Tell someone about the positive event or share it on social media. This can help you savor the moment a little longer.Start a daily gratitude journal. Aim to find little things you’re grateful for, such as a good cup of coffee, a pretty sunrise or nice weather.Identify a personal strength and reflect on how you’ve used this strength today or in recent weeks.Set a daily goal and track your progress. “This is based on research that shows when we feel progress towards a goal, we have more positive emotions,” Moskowitz says. The goal should not be too lofty. You want to be able to perceive progress.Try to practice “positive reappraisal”: Identify an event or daily activity that is a hassle. Then, try to reframe the event in a more positive light. Example: If you’re stuck in traffic, try to savor the quiet time. If you practice this enough, it can start to become a habit.Do something nice for someone else each day. These daily acts of kindness can be as simple as giving someone a smile or giving up your seat on a crowded train. Research shows we feel better when we’re kind to others.Practice mindfulness by paying attention to the present moment. You can also try a 10-minute breathing exercise that uses a focus on breathing to help calm the mind.Janice Kiecolt-Glaser of Ohio State University was not involved in this study but has researched the effects of caregiving on the aging process, and she says Moskowitz’s work dovetails with many of her own findings.”There’s certainly ample evidence from our research and others’ that the stresses of dementia family caregiving can take a toll on mental and physical health,” Kiecolt-Glaser says.”This study used a simple intervention that had measurable positive benefits. It’s a lovely contribution to the literature, and I would hope to see wider implementation of this and similar approaches,” she says. Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit read more

A whos who of the local political scene came ou

first_imgA “who’s who” of the local political scene came out to Boston’s North End on Wednesday night in support of State Senator Joe Boncore. The fundraiser at Battery Wharf drew a large crowd to the new ballroom venue on the waterfront. While you’re here …we have a small favor to ask. More people than ever are reading but we need your help making ends meet. Advertising doesn’t bring in enough to pay for reporting or editorial work. Keeping this website going takes a lot of time, money and hard work. But we do it because we believe community news is important – and we think you do too. If everyone who reads this site, who likes it, puts in a bit to pay for it, then our future would be much more secure. Checks can be made out to North End Boston LLC, 343 Commercial St. #508, Boston 02109 or contribute online using the following links:*Make a One-Time Contribution* or *Become a Patron* (L-R) Donato Frattaroli, Donato Frattaroli Sr., John Romano and Robert Dello Russo (L-R) Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, Sen. Joe Boncore and Rep. Adrian Madaro Terry Kennedy Governor’s Council and Senator Joe Boncore State Senators Former House Speaker Sal DiMasi (right) with State Senator Joe Boncore and Debbie DiMasi 1 of 21center_img Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, Sen. Joe Boncore and Michael Magnar State Senator Joe Boncore Fundraiser Sen. Joe Boncore and Jennifer McGivern Sen. Joe Boncore and Governor candidate Jay Gonzalez Nearly two years ago, Senator Boncore won a special election in the State Senate race for the First Suffolk & Middlesex District, following the resignation of Anthony Petruccelli. The district includes Boston’s North End / Waterfront, Beacon Hill, East Boston as well as Revere, Winthrop and parts of Cambridge.Photos by Matt Conti*Advertisement* Damien DiPaola, Sen. Joe Boncore and Giancarlo Natalelast_img read more

Donations in Gus memory may be made to St Leonar

first_imgDonations in Gus’ memory may be made to St. Leonard Church. After a long illness, Graziano “Gus” Capodilupo of the North End passed away on Monday, March 26, 2018. He was 75 years old. Gus was the loving brother of Francine (Capodilupo) Gannon and her husband, James, of the North End; the beloved uncle of Christine Capodilupo Gannon and her husband, Nicholas Ordway, of the North End; and the cherished companion of Andrea DiDonato of Arlington. He was the devoted son of the late Elmer and Julia (Palangio) Capodilupo of the North End.Gus attended St. Anthony’s School in the North End and then went on to Boston Technical High School and graduated from Wentworth Institute with a Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Design. Gus worked for many years at the MBTA from which he retired to spend time with family and friends. A loving and kind man, Guswas always there for the people he loved. He will be sorely missed.Visiting hours with the family will be held on Tuesday, April 3,2018, in St. Leonard Church at 320 Hanover Street in the North End from 4:00 to 8:00 pm. Relatives and friends are also invited to attend a funeral Mass at St. Leonard Church on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, at 10:00 am. Burial will be at Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden, MA.*Advertisement*last_img read more

Remember a week ago when I said we have yet to see

first_imgRemember a week ago when I said we have yet to see a winter storm this season? There’s a chance that may change this weekend. Though the forecast keeps changing, we know something winter-weather related is going to happen. We’ll just have to wait and see. Whether or not the weather impedes your plans this weekend is entirely up to you! Let’s see what’s going on this weekend in Boston. The Women’s March 2019 When: January 19 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.Where: The Boston CommonPrice: FreeAge Restriction: None When: January 18 at 6 p.m.Where: Temple Israel Boston – 477 Longwood AvenuePrice: FreeAge Restriction: None listed What started as the largest one-time protest in American history on the day after Donald Trump was elected, has now become an annual event bringing together all people “in solidarity with women and allies, in service of those who are most at risk from an agenda that seeks to marginalize and divide us,” from the Boston Women’s March Facebook page. The march has 5K people planned for attendance with an additional 20K interested in the event on Facebook. Saturday, January 19 From TruTV to Boston, the Impractical Jokers are known for their playful, often embarrassing, hijinks played on one another. Fans of the show will get to see their four favorite pranksters in person at the TD Garden this Sunday. Impractical Jokers at TD Garden Friday, January 18 Kacey Musgraves became wildly popular in 2018 as her album Golden Hour received praise as both the best album and best country album of 2018 from Stereogum. You may remember her performance of “Follow Your Arrow” during the 2014 Grammy Awards. Her music is deemed country, however, there is something about Musgraves’ music that appeals to audiences of all musical backgrounds. Sabbath of Justice with Congresswoman Ayanna Pressleycenter_img When: January 20 at 7 p.m.Where: House of Blues Boston – 15 Lansdowne StreetPrice: $28Age Restriction: None When: January 20 at 7 p.m.Where: TD GardenPrice: $35+Age Restriction: None listed A Boston Calling alumna, Mø has visited Boston on several occasions in recent years. Her new album, Forever Neverland, was recently released and she is now touring the new album. A single featuring Foster The People was also released by the electropop artist around the time her album was released. Mø at House of Blues Boston When: January 19 at 8 p.m.Where: The Boch Center / Wang Theater – 270 Tremont StreetPrice: $80+Age Restriction: None listed Kacey Musgraves at The Boch Center The Temple Israel of Boston will be hosting an inspirational Sabbath of Justice this Friday to celebrate the values of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Newly elected Congresswomen Ayanna Pressley will be a guest at the event. This event is free and open to people of all faiths. For more information, contact the Temple Israel of Boston. *Advertisement* Welcome to A Weekend in Boston, a weekly post about events occurring over the upcoming weekend throughout all of Boston. For events coming up in the North End, see the event calendar. For more information on each event, click on the event title. Sunday, January 20last_img read more

Photos by Matt Conti

first_imgPhotos by Matt Conti As part of the design process and community meetings, a team of landscape architects, arborists, and engineers reviewed historic materials, design, and tree health to execute the improvement plan. The City’s capital plan provided $1.9 million with just over another $1 million from the George Robert White Fund. While largely keeping the original design, the restored Mall has new brick paving, fountain and masonry restoration, accessibility improvements, site lighting, tree pruning, and new tree plantings. Mayor Marty Walsh officially reopened the Paul Revere Mall, known as the Prado, in Boston’s North End on Tuesday morning. The unveiling comes after nearly $3 million in improvements to revitalize the urban plaza and open space, originally designed by Arthur Shurcliff, that connects Hanover Street to the Old North Church on the Freedom Trail.  center_img The event also served as this year’s Mayor’s Coffee Hour where participants took in Dunkin’ coffee, fresh fruit from Star Market and received a flowering plant grown in the city’s greenhouses. Children from the Eliot K-8 and St. John School sang at the occasion and took part in the ribbon cutting. *Advertisement*last_img read more

first_imgMost public classrooms of the 27 elementary and 7 high schools were left roofless.MORE STORIESnewsinfoWHAT WENT BEFORE: Dengvaxia is world’s first dengue vaccinenewsinfoBaybayin revival makes native PH history hipnewsinfoMartial law in Negros? Military taking cue from local execsMORE STORIESnewsinfoWHAT WENT BEFORE: Dengvaxia is world’s first dengue vaccinenewsinfoBaybayin revival makes native PH history hipnewsinfoMartial law in Negros? Military taking cue from local execsSinulog DanceStudents will join the Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan parade on Jan. 11, 2014 and maybe the grand parade itself on January 19.Bogo students join this every year and are preparing School officials to plan their concept, props and costume design but their plans were set aside when Yolanda hit and damaged their school buildings.Ursal said they were at first hesitant about joining the Sinulog again because of budget and time constraints but later agreed to join to show their thanksgiving to the Sto. Nino for keeping them safe and alive.ADVERTISEMENT Read Next Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Relief goods of the teachers were used to feed the dancers who are first to fourth year students of Lapaz National High School.“The students would sometimes complain that it’s still sardines because they also have sardines at home,” Ursal said in Cebuano.PropsPractice is held 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. Teachers salvage props and costumes used in the past Sinulog to refurbish them for January’s show.No more “Pintos Festival” costume will be used for a more casual look to go with their “hapag.”Bogo city is known for its “pintos” a native delicacy made from sweetened steamed ground corn.Ursal said they rely mainly on the P200,000 cash aid from the Bogo city government to fund preparations.Dancers have to travel to Cebu City on January 2 and 3 to practice at the Cebu City Sports Center grounds where the Sinulog sa Kabataan parade will culminate. /Doris C. Bongcac, Chief of Reporters Their Sinulog entry will show how Yolanda devastated the city and how Bogohanons survived.But more than anything, their dance will be a thanksgiving and an offering to the Sto. Nino for keeping them alive, said Ursal, the Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) coordinator of the Bogo City Schools Division.FEATURED STORIESNEWSINFOSenate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreementsNEWSINFOLocsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilegeNEWSINFOIndian coffee magnate’s body found by river“Our recovery is ongoing. Many supported us. We just can’t turn our back on the Sinulog,” Ursal told Cebu Daily News in Cebuano.At least 11 people died in Bogo City during the supertyphoon on Nov. 8. PH protests Chinese boat swarm, warship passage PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities PLAY LIST 03:26PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities01:39Sotto open to discuss, listen to pros and cons of divorce bill06:02Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements01:50Palace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spike01:49House seeks probe on ‘massive corruption’ in PCSO01:37PCSO estimates P250M in Lotto revenue loss due to suspension Baybayin revival makes native PH history hip Locsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilege Despite being pounded by supertyphoon Yolanda, Bogo City will be sending their dance troupe to join the 2014 Sinulog in Cebu City.Teacher Bonifacio Ursal said their 65 high school dancers, instrumentalists and propsmen have been practicing for the competition since Dec. 15.ADVERTISEMENTcenter_img It’s time to consider taking sea row to UN – Del Rosario WHAT WENT BEFORE: Dengvaxia is world’s first dengue vaccine Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements Tolentino: No more debate with Drilon on China deal Painters refuse to go quietly LATEST STORIES MOST READ View commentslast_img read more

first_imgView comments A 58-year-old businesswoman was electrocuted while taking a shower in barangay Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City Sunday afternoon.Ruby Libarios was rushed to Mactan Doctors Hospital after she was found unresponsive and soaked in water in her bath tub.She was declared dead at the hospital.Her helper, Manilyn Amarille, earlier knocked on the door of the room to ask what dish to cook for lunch but no one responded.She opened the door and checked the bathroom found Libarios lying in the bath tub.Amarille then called the victim’s husband, Louie, for help. When he touched his wife, he also felt an electric shock.Libarios had burns in her hands.Her husband said he suspects his wife got electrocuted by the shower heater.Police are conducting further investigation into the woman’s death. /CORRESPONDENT NORMAN V. MENDOZA Read Next PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities PLAY LIST 03:26PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities01:39Sotto open to discuss, listen to pros and cons of divorce bill06:02Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements01:50Palace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spike01:49House seeks probe on ‘massive corruption’ in PCSO01:37PCSO estimates P250M in Lotto revenue loss due to suspension NAFTA: Democrats Leveraging the Trump Administration PBA: Rain or Shine overcomes San Miguel, McCullough’s 51 to avert sweep Capital One Data Breach Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Kids Festival Shooter in California Took Gun Illegally Show me the money: Price-tagging Enrique Gil’s photos Overpriced again? MOST READ ACLU: 911 Toddlers and Babies Separated from Parents Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements Barangay Captain Isabelito Darnayla said that a 3,000-square meter vacant lot owned by a developer agreed to sell the lot to the victims at P1,500 per square meter payable within a year.MORE STORIESnewsinfo4 men nabbed after yielding shabu, marijuana in Quezon CitynewsinfoBusinessman nabbed for threatening, assaulting traffic enforcer in ManilanewsinfoPart of Manila’s Tomas Claudio Bridge set for 6-month closure from Aug 3MORE STORIESnewsinfo4 men nabbed after yielding shabu, marijuana in Quezon CitynewsinfoBusinessman nabbed for threatening, assaulting traffic enforcer in ManilanewsinfoPart of Manila’s Tomas Claudio Bridge set for 6-month closure from Aug 3“This is good because they can own the lot,” Darnayla said.Darnayla said the price can still be negotiated so that the terms are affordable for the fire victims.He added that they will finalize the contract within the month. /Correspondent Carine M. AsutillaElectrocuted in bath tubADVERTISEMENT Locsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilege LATEST STORIES But the victims complained that the lot at the relocation site is too expensive.Virginia Estoba said they are not comfortable staying in the barangay’s covered court with other families.FEATURED STORIESNEWSINFOSenate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreementsNEWSINFOLocsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilegeNEWSINFOPasig to sue 6 enforcers for extortionShe said her children are suffering from cough and fever because it was cold in the covered court and they also get wet whenever it rains.She received housing materials from the barangay such as plywood, GI sheets and coconut lumber but Estoba said the family could not afford the price of the relocation lot in sitio Sugtunggan. Lapu fire victims to be relocatedAt least 64 families who lost their homes in a fire last December 31 in barangay Basak, Lapu-Lapu City will be relocated.ADVERTISEMENTlast_img read more

By UPF Italy A spirit of sincere familiarity and

first_imgBy UPF Italy: A spirit of sincere familiarity and brotherhood was the backdrop to the 2016 edition of the “International Day of Families” celebrated at the Hare Krishna village of Chignolo d’Isola in their public hall on May 14, 2016.This has become traditional event dedicated to the value that the family has towards the building of peace. It was organized by UPF Bergamo in collaboration with the Federation of Women for Peace (WFWP), the Family Federation for Peace, Your Bergamo Association, the Islamic Community Bergamasca, the Ghanaian Community in Bergamo, the Evangelical Community of Seriate, the Hare Krishna Community of Chignolo.The choir of the youth section of the Family Federation was the background and entertainment with several very popular songs followed then by the young musicians group of Hare Krishna community who have offered some typical songs of Vedic culture After the greeting and welcome of the host community, Carlo Zonato representing UPF Bergamo coordinated the various interventions; the speech was followed by presentations offered by the representatives of different faiths : Adosco Comito for the Federation of Families for Peace; Pastor Ted Samuel Tetteh for the community of “Christ Victory Church” Seriate; Marwa El Joulani wife of the president of the Islamic Community of Bergamo; the teacher of Vedic culture Bhakty Lhabya with a young Brahmin. Highly appreciated was also the experience offered by Mrs. Franca Oberti who gave testimony of her 40 years of marriage life; Nicola Sisto of “Your Bergamo Association” and Anim Andrews President of Ghanaian community in the province of Bergamo gave greetings and messages to the audience.The theme on the family as a “school of love and peace” was, with various nuances, the common thread of the various interventions. While being aware of the degree of crisis that the family lives in the present situation, all present had not only the hope but the need that social reality can regain the family formed by father, mother and children as its founding point of strength to become new people to form strong, healthy families in their bonds of love and mutual support; families who will recreate the proper link between generations in order to unite the past, present and future right in a harmonious combination of grandparents, parents and children.At the conclusion everyone present enjoyed a fine dinner and healthy cuisine prepared by the expert of the Hare Krishna community. Special thanks to all those who contributed to the success of this meeting.last_img read more

Theres UFC Heavyweights And Then Theres Shaq

first_img There’s UFC Heavyweights, And Then There’s Shaq Sale Greatest Highlights of Anderson Silva’s Career More: Nightmare Matchup for UFC’s Biggest Stars Gloves Standard Ranked Rashguard Timeline of Israel Adesanya’s Rapid Rise to UFC Contender Standard BJJ Gi Good Night Tee Photo via Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE Which is More Dangerous – MMA or Football? Lockdown duffle bag Fight Motion! Watch Holloway, Cyborg Do Work Via Ghost Cam Latest From Our Partners Gordon Ryan Competition Kitcenter_img Midnight Mania! Trump Family In The ‘Chaos’ Corner? Apparel Bizzy Was Sneaking Needles Into The Toilet For GSP Fight Accessories Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future After UFC Retirement King Ryan Longsleeve Shirt More From Amanda Nunes’ Biggest Threat? Latest From MMA Warehouse Top Contenders for Fight of the Year ProMax 440 BJJ GI I’ve got my fire extinguisher ready because I know I’m about to get flamed.Jon Jones is a coward.Flat out, no questions asked, end of discussion.The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight kingpin turned down a fight with former Middleweight title contender Chael Sonnen after Jones’ original opponent, Dan Henderson, had to pull out of the UFC 151 main event because of a knee injury.Was it smart? Jones had spent weeks, if not months, preparing for “Hendo” and would have had to completely overhaul his strategy with only a week remaining to adequately prepare for the skill set Sonnen would present.Is “Bones” even entirely to blame for the cancellation?A huge finger can be pointed at the promotion, hell-bent on putting together as many pay-per-view (PPV) events — 17 in 2011 with more than a dozen by the time this year’s out — which has left most of their offerings top-heavy. Years ago, when a main event was nixed, the co-main event would simply step up, but something tells me fans aren’t clamoring to pay $50 to see Jake Ellenberger take on Jay Hieron.But, bottom line, had Jones agreed to take on Sonnen, there would still be a UFC event next weekend.He could have been a hero, but instead has become a zero in the eyes of many mixed martial arts (MMA) fans.I’m reminded of a rock concert from 1992 in Montreal. Metallica and Guns n’ Roses were each at the height of their popularity and had crammed nearly 80,000 fans into Olympic Stadium for a co-headlining tour.The James Hetfield-led band performed first and everything was going according to plan until a pyrotechnic mishap led to the singer/guitarist suffering second and third degree burns over his arm.The band canceled the remainder of their set and left those aforementioned 80,000 fans to wait out the rest of the show. This is where Axl Rose and company could have saved the day. They could have stormed the stage, played the set of their lives and disintegrated any ill will remaining in those who felt short changed the full main attraction.Instead, the band took the stage several hours after the incident, played a few songs, complained about the equipment and left the stage.Montreal burned that night.”Bones” could have saved UFC 151. He could have made countless fans happy — fans who made plans to fly into “Sin City” over Labor Day weekend with the fights being the main fixture of their festivties or fans who were hoping to see the new guard take on the old, a clash between the seemingly unstoppable Jones and the man who knocked out Fedor Emelianenko, Henderson.He is, after all, in the business of pleasing fans.He could have accepted the fight with Sonnen and been heralded a savior but he’s more concerned with preserving his “greatness.” Great fighters step up when they’re needed, even if it’s not, technically, the “smart” thing to do. Great fighters sometimes throw caution to the wind. Great fighters inspire.Great fighters aren’t cowards like Jon Jones. Lights. Out.last_img read more


first_img Apparel More From Standard Ranked Rashguard King Ryan Longsleeve Shirt Bizzy Was Sneaking Needles Into The Toilet For GSP Fight Sale Which is More Dangerous – MMA or Football? Latest From Our Partners Good Night Tee Midnight Mania! Trump Family In The ‘Chaos’ Corner? Nightmare Matchup for UFC’s Biggest Stars Photo by Esther Lin Timeline of Israel Adesanya’s Rapid Rise to UFC Contender Standard BJJ Gi Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future After UFC Retirement Top Contenders for Fight of the Yearcenter_img Greatest Highlights of Anderson Silva’s Career More: Gordon Ryan Competition Kit Lockdown duffle bag Latest From MMA Warehouse Gloves Accessories ProMax 440 BJJ GI Co-promotion?Cris “Cyborg” Justino has seemingly done what no other modern mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter on the planet has ever done — including Fedor Emelianenko (M-1), Gilbert Melendez (Strikeforce), Eddie Alvarez (Bellator MMA), etc. — striking a co-promotion deal with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).Indeed, Invicta FC’s Women’s Featherweight champion has inked a side deal with UFC, which has apparently been in place for more than two months.But, there is a catch, according to Ariel Helwani on tonight’s edition of “UFC Tonight” on FOX Sports 1.”According to Dana White, she signed [with UFC] two months ago, but the deal is: She needs to make 135 pounds in Invicta before she gets to fight in UFC. Next, she’ll fight in July at 145, then will fight at 135 before entering the UFC.”Lorenzo Fertitta … so smooth.It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock — UFC and “Cyborg” have been in negotiations for some time. In addition, UFC has a great relationship with Invicta FC, recently buying out the contracts of its most talented Strawweight fighters (read more details here) and airing the promotion’s events on its “Fight Pass” digital network.Regardless, details of those negotiations, including terms and clauses, were unknown up until now. In other words, it’s all but a done deal that whenever the Brazilian bomber can make the drop to 135 pounds — or continue to verbally browbeat UFC’s reigning champion into submission — an Octagon debut is imminent.First things first: “Cyborg,” fresh of a savage beatdown of Charmaine Tweet at Invicta 11 (read results recap here), will have to somehow shed 10 pounds and win a Bantamweight match before she can make her promotional debut with UFC.Rousey, meanwhile, has her hands full with fellow Brazilian Bethe Correia, who she will battle behind enemy lines at UFC 190 inside HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro on Aug. 1, 2015.Here’s to hoping “Cyborg” and “Rowdy” both take care of their respective business (sooner than later) to set up what would, undoubtedly, be an incredible moment in front of a rabid Brazilian crowd. Amanda Nunes’ Biggest Threat? There’s UFC Heavyweights, And Then There’s Shaq Lights. Out. Fight Motion! Watch Holloway, Cyborg Do Work Via Ghost Camlast_img read more


first_img More: Fedor’s coach, Vladimir Voronov, also claimed that Fedor’s next opponent would be announced at a press conference on Jan. 1. No such announcement has taken place as of yet. Timeline of Israel Adesanya’s Rapid Rise to UFC Contender In this Storystream View all 99 stories Top Plastic Surgeon Admits: “You Can Firm Your Face At Home… Beverly Hills MD Fedor to fight again in April UFC on ESPN: Covington vs. Lawler fight card [Photos] 30 Abandoned Stadiums Left By Owners To Rot Tie Breaker Which is More Dangerous – MMA or Football? White on Nunes-Cris rematch: ‘That’s the fight I want to make’ [Photos] Remember Him? Wait Till You See Him Now The Primary Market Accessories Greatest Highlights of Anderson Silva’s Career Rarely Publicized Investment Allows Ordinary… RIZIN 2015 GP: Fedor vs. Singh 6th Round show Latest From MMA Warehouse King Ryan Longsleeve Shirt Overeem: After 2005, who did Fedor fight? ‘He fought cans’ MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko is coming out of retirement ProMax 440 BJJ GI Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future After UFC Retirement Sale Following a successful return to professional MMA after almost four years away from the ring, Fedor Emelianenko wants to remain as active as possible in 2016.According to the ‘Last Emperor,’ he would like his next fight to take place in April. That date coincides with Rizin Fighting Federation’s next show planned for April 17 in Nagoya City.”The next fight is scheduled for April,” Emelianenko told “In my opinion, it will be here in Japan, in cooperation with the company Rizin. Just know that the company is planning a tournament next August and is in talks with Bellator and other organizations. There is another chance of a joint project. For me it would be convenient to enter the ring in April — four months to relax a bit and with new fteam before preparing for the next battle.”According to sources close to the situation, Fedor’s initial Rizin contract was a one-fight deal. However, there was an tentative agreement for a second fight under their promotional banner, which will be negotiated over the coming weeks. Recommended by Lockdown duffle bag Top Contenders for Fight of the Year Gloves Addressing the problem of unaffordable housing Wells Fargo Stories Esther Lin Los Angeles Top 10 Lawyers 2019 Top Attorneys | Sponsored Listings More From Bloody Elbow Standard Ranked Rashguard Standard BJJ Gi Gordon Ryan Competition Kit Conor lashes out at Herb Dean, says Khabib was ‘riddled in panic’ during bus attack Sponsored Content Latest From Our Partners UFC 240: Fights to make Good Night Tee Nightmare Matchup for UFC’s Biggest Stars White: McGregor didn’t like my comments about Masvidal being ‘too big’ for him Apparel Robert Whittaker hails ‘Wonderboy’ the best ‘outside fighter’ in MMAlast_img read more

Covet and Lou Boutique Opens in Needham

first_img Photo by Christopher SchuchSince 2013, style maven Tina Burgos has been bringing a curated selection of indie designers into our closets by way of her popular online shop Covet and Lou. After this weekend’s opening of a boutique by the same name in Needham center, the racks are virtual no more.The vision for the bright and cheery 800 square foot space was realized with the help of interior designer Jenica Flores of J. Giovanna design studio, who used gold accents, deep jewel tones, and bright whites to create the feeling of a mid-century modern Palm Beach home.Burgos is no stranger to the brick and mortar retail game: For over a decade, she was co-owner of Stel’s, a Newbury Street outfitter revered by the city’s fashion-forward who could rely on the consistently unique pieces found on hanger after hanger.Although there is a slightly different aesthetic, the hangers at Covet and Lou will not disappoint. Expect to find the same roster of designers that were showcased on the website, such as textile-driven apparel from Ace & Jig, modern knits from Lauren Manoogian, minimalist designs from Maryam Nassir Zadeh, and clean and classic pieces from Ilana Kohn. Local players Mryth Ceramics, Misha & Puff children’s clothes, and Randolph Engineering sunglasses also made the trip to Needham. New this spring, Burgos added beloved lifestyle brand Mara Hoffman to the lineup and has expanded the home goods section, offering tabletop and stationery from Hawking New York, The Great Lakes Goods, Saikai, Fredericks and Mae, and Sir Madam.It’s not often that someone makes the trip from storefront to cyber-front and back again, but you’ll be glad this lady did.Covet and Lou, located at 947 Great Plain Ave, Needham. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. 000 Print 3/20/2017, 3:11 p.m. By Abby Bielagus· center_img Get a compelling long read and must-have lifestyle tips in your inbox every Sunday morning — great with coffee! Covet and Lou Boutique Opens in Needham The popular online boutique now has a street address. Sign up for style newsletters. Style tips, retail news, and more.*last_img read more

Graeme McDowell heading home after securing coveted British Open spot at RBC

first_imgGraeme McDowell did his best to put Royal Portrush and next month’s British Open out of his mind, and now he can. Or at least he can stop worrying about getting there because his ticket is officially punched.McDowell shot a two-under 68 in the final round of the RBC Canadian Open on Sunday to finish 10 under overall and tie for 8th. As a part of the British Open qualifying series, the top-three finishers in the top 10 not already exempt into the Open get invites. McDowell snatched one up.It was a big accomplishment for the 39-year-old Northern Irishman. McDowell hasn’t played in a British Open since 2016, but this year’s is at Royal Portrush in Portrush, Northern Ireland, his hometown.“I feel like I’ve had three or four months wrestling with the Portrush dilemma,” McDowell said on Friday. “But I’m pretty much come to terms with the fact that if I play well between now and Portrush I will play. If I don’t play well between now and Portrush I won’t and I’ll deserve not to play.”ColumnsGraeme McDowell’s career is back in gear — at just the right timelast_img read more