March 27, 2017

excel activities in Xining, stomatology hospital focus on deepening medical and health system, and steadily push forward the reform of public hospitals, improve public hospital management quality and service level, convenient for people to see a doctor, the target for the masses to enjoy the benefits of public hospital reform, closely linked to the health of people set up the hospital service, fresh air "theme, and strive to practice the" take patients as the center "principle of service, the full implementation of public commitment to carry out a series of convenience Huimin measures to improve service quality, strengthen the construction of medical ethics of medical staff, promote chuangxianzhengyou activity effect.  
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11, 4, by the provincial health and Family Planning Commission and the United States and the United States and the Asian Liver Center of cooperation in Qinghai, hepatitis B mother and child blocking project officially launched in Xining.

in recent years, our province of hepatitis B prevention and control work has achieved initial results, but at present our province of hepatitis B prevention awareness rate is still low, coupled with the Qinghai service area, with much land and few people, especially the health education intervention of maternal hepatitis B is not fully in place, the difficulties and problems, has become a bottleneck and promote the effect of hepatitis B prevention and control work. In 2006 and 2007 the two province and liver research center of Stanford University Asian cooperation, in the province to carry out primary hepatitis B vaccination and health education project, the beneficiary population reached 500 thousand, the first in the country to complete the primary vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine and publicity and education coverage; the jurisdiction in 2013 to carry out health education intervention and medical staff of maternal hepatitis B project for two years the 5 counties in Xining City, East Sea and Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, to further improve the province of medical personnel and report the diagnosis level of hepatitis B prevention knowledge. read more