March 23, 2017

to ensure that the atmosphere of Xining city and comprehensive water pollution control measures put in place, and effectively improve the environmental quality, Xining city issued a comprehensive water pollution control work atmosphere and accountability measures for pollution control, lack of organization and staff, if the circumstances are serious to resign or be dismissed or ordered to resign, demotion, dismissal or dismissal processing.

accountability regulations, institutions and staff as a 8 act, will be accountable: local, departments and units not in accordance with the requirements of the atmosphere and the completion of the comprehensive management of water pollution of the annual target task; not within the specified time in accordance with the relevant requirements to implement or complete the supervision matters not in accordance with the provisions; authority, procedures and atmosphere and comprehensive control of water pollution, the relevant requirements, the implementation of administrative licensing and non administrative licensing examination and approval; violation of the atmosphere and water pollution control regulations, to conceal the fact that without reducing the governance standard; not subject to management and work arrangements, adverse effects or consequences for governance; floating style, lack of discipline, buck passing, poor implementation, delaying the governance work; for the masses, media exposure problems without treatment, do not reply, No rectification or slow, do things carelessly, false facts, adverse effects or consequences; others do not actively perform atmospheric and comprehensive water pollution control responsibilities, should be accountability act. read more