March 17, 2017

activity planning is necessary for modern life, so, how to plan activities? Planning activities should pay attention to what factors? How to plan the activities more perfect and complete? May wish to come together to understand!

should be said that such an event, on the surface is very perfect, in a sense, also represents a high level of planning activities, however, if in accordance with Shao Zhufu’s "1 cm marketing" theory and the lectures mentioned in the domestic enterprises common "not fault, can not find highlights" point of view, in fact, there are still many problems. read more

young people always have a passion, don’t want to present a lot of people will choose to venture from the start to change their situation, but we know that entrepreneurship is not a trifling matter, had to prevent the risk and the choice of the project!, to a large extent can avoid risks. The following is the author of the 13 suitable for workers to explore the threshold of a good project, I hope you can help.



as long as your desk to networked computer, and you are willing to use their brains, so do Witkey task will make you very happy. read more

summer is coming, the business is getting better and better. Dessert is the ages of delicacy, popular consumer favorite, its good development space. If you see the business opportunities, then invest in a dessert shop boss. The following is a small trick to operate dessert shop.

, a gold target

business objectivesThe establishment of the first professional

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if you want to make your business better and better, want to make a lot of money, then first of all, starting from the reality, down to earth from the start of the business. The businessman’s sense of smell extends to every corner of the consumer market, looking for and finding things that can achieve their value, in order to achieve wealth management.

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is precisely because the market continues to increase, so it will attract more and more investors to enter the male jewelry market, the number of stores is also related to the natural increase. However, if you want to be successful male jewelry stores also need investors to master more business tips. So, male jewelry store medicine grasp what business tips?

first, the male jewelry store business premises must be consistent with the success of men’s psychology. Because the mature men generally not to open to buy supplies, in the street lane in the shop so, the business place appropriate selection in the bustling commercial district, especially in the jewelry store or high-end clothing monopoly area is preferred. read more

food market, there are two voices, one is the Innovation: we should create a unique brand of food and beverage, to come up with their own characteristics in order to attract consumer attention. At the moment the traditionalist: the good things of the tradition must be preserved, and the reputation of those innovations has been recognized. What the hell is going on? Join the characteristic chain restaurant really no market prospects?

restaurant is a distinct theme around a certain period of time, regional character, culture and art, local customs and practices, religion, mythology, menu design services and programs, create atmosphere, to meet the diverse needs of the guests dining, and tries to establish a unique image in the public restaurant. read more

early childhood brands, there are a lot of early education on the market, because of the powerful advantage of early stores to create a higher investment value, has become the most potential development in the current project, but the success of children’s education to open a chain store, not only need a good mentality, you need to master more professional knowledge early childhood, grasp more franchise mode of operation.

children’s education chain store problems. There are two main problems in the shop, one is the store personnel problems and store display problems. When we go shopping, if there is no customer in store shopping guide, three or five gathered at the door, like a parade parade feeling, this time we will have a psychological " I still do not go in, was the 35 personal gaze will be very uncomfortable. " of course, we would also like to, " since there is no one, the business may not be very good, "? This is a normal psychological reaction of people, of course, this time, if the staff are in full swing to chat, slapstick, or their personal problems need to be solved, we will not bother to " " multi shop is, anyway. read more

in 2011 has been away from us, in the new year of 2012, many people want to start a business, but had no enough money. No capital how entrepreneurship for many people, is out of reach, the main reason is that there is no capital, do not know how entrepreneurial skills. In fact, there is no capital can start.

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a lot of times, business opportunities in your side, perhaps this is only you did not find. Girls like shopping, Liu Feng nature is no exception. She was born athletes, always stay at home, 20 year old retired, went back to his hometown in Qinhuangdao, shopping every day to become her greatest pleasure.

was selected to do the clothing business, but the purchase from where, which became the wind to worry about Liu, then she decided to follow, walk to purchase, so she followed a group of clothing boss stepped on to the Beijing bus, it was like a "people go along," I go, people learn to bargain, when choosing clothes, just pick your love package shipped back, first purchase cost 2000 yuan." Liu wind think of his first purchase experience also feel very funny.

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