first_imgCVS Health CEO Larry Merlo wants customers to think about more than prescriptions and shampoo when they visit his company’s drugstores.He expects the stores to become health care pit stops, especially for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes. Vision, hearing and blood sugar checks will be available at many locations, and customers also may be able to get help with diets and nutrition.CVS has largely finished its $69 billion acquisition of the insurer Aetna, part of the company’s broader effort to expand its health care offerings. A federal judge is still evaluating the deal and has scheduled a hearing for December 18.Merlo spoke recently with The Associated Press. The conversation has been edited for clarity and length.Q: What are some specific changes shoppers will see first in your stores?A: Early next year … we will pilot our first concept stores that begin to change the role of the retail pharmacy. The store will continue to have a pharmacy, it will continue to have products that will be focused on health, beauty, personal care and elements of convenience. But it will also have services. About 15 to 20 per cent of the store will be repurposed for services like an expanded (in-store) MinuteClinic.Q: You’ve talked a few times about revolutionizing the customer’s health care experience. What does that mean?A: It really is helping them understand how to best use their benefit programs. Take a patient with diabetes. They likely visit their physician three, four times a year. They leave the office with a care plan that includes medication, diet, nutrition, exercise. We can help those patients make sure they’re staying adherent to their plan, which oftentimes is not the case.Q: Do you expect to eventually replace the family doctor?A: No, absolutely not. Our goal is to complement the role of the primary care physician. This past year we referred three and a half million patients on to a physician. The vast majority were patients that we see at MinuteClinic that simply do not have a … physician. The referrals are not because they can’t be treated. We believe everyone should have access to a (primary-care physician).Q: You’re combining with a health insurer. How can consumers trust that they’re getting the best care from a company that’s also paying for that care?A: Our hallmark as a company has always been do what we need to do to take the best care of the patients that we serve. Our purpose as a company is to help people achieve their best health.Q: If you fail to provide good care, customers won’t return. Is that part of the equation?A: Customer satisfaction is critically important. It becomes a form of retention.___Follow Tom Murphy on Twitter: @thpmurphy .Tom Murphy, The Associated Presslast_img read more

first_imgWASHINGTON — The partial shutdown of the U.S. government has begun to make it harder to assess the health of the economy by delaying or distorting key reports on growth, spending and hiring.Government data on home construction and retail sales, for example, won’t be released next week because staffers who compile those reports have been furloughed. The retail sales report provides a snapshot of consumer spending, which fuels more than two-thirds of the economy. With Macy’s and Kohl’s having said Thursday that their holiday sales were weaker than expected, a broader gauge of retail spending would have provided important clarity.In addition, the next report on the economy’s overall growth, set for Jan. 30, won’t be released if the shutdown remains in effect. Even if the government has fully reopened by then, federal workers won’t likely have had enough time to produce the scheduled report on the nation’s gross domestic product.Not all agencies are closed. Congress approved funding last year for the Labor Department, so the government’s next monthly jobs report will be released as scheduled on Feb. 1. But it’s unclear how long the department will be able to issue jobs reports — the most closely watched barometer of the economy — after that.Though the economy remains healthy in most respects, there are rising concerns that growth could slow or even stall in coming months. The trade war between the United States and China, which has helped depress global growth, is likely slowing business investment. The stimulus from the Trump administration’s tax cuts is expected to fade.And borrowing costs have risen since the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates four times last year. Before rebounding this week, stock markets had plummeted roughly 16 per cent from their peak Oct. 2.Fed officials are now stressing their flexibility on rate hikes, emphasizing that they will be patient and their policy “data dependent.” By this, the Fed means that the government’s latest readings on hiring, inflation and growth will factor heavily in its rate decisions. Yet much of that data will now be unavailable — to the Fed or anyone else.“For us, one of the biggest effects of the shutdown has been around data,” Raphael Bostic, president of the Fed’s Atlanta regional bank, said Wednesday. “We’re worrying about that.”Even some reports that are released on schedule are likely to be distorted by the shutdown. For example, the January jobs report may show an artificially high unemployment rate and low employment figure. That’s because up to 380,000 federal employees who aren’t working or being paid during the shutdown — but who will return to work afterward — could be counted as unemployed for January.If so, that would raise the unemployment rate by 0.2 percentage point, estimated Ben Herzon, an economist at Macroeconomic Advisers, a forecasting firm. And the monthly job count could decline by 380,000 if the shutdown continues through the end of January, Herzon said. That could push the monthly job figure into negative territory.If all the federal workers eventually receive back pay, as occurred after previous shutdowns, then the January jobs report would later be revised to restore those 380,000 jobs, according to the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.Future jobs reports could be jeopardized, too, if the government remains shut down. The Census Bureau conducts the monthly surveys that the BLS uses to calculate the unemployment rate. Census is part of the Commerce Department, which remains closed during the shutdown. As a result, it’s unclear if future jobs reports will be released if the shutdown continues, the BLS said.Other economic reports have already been missed. They include a monthly report on factory orders that was scheduled for Monday. That report typically provides insights into how much U.S. companies are spending on large equipment.Inflation data will also be affected: The consumer price index will be released Friday morning as scheduled, because it is prepared by the Labor Department. But the Fed’s preferred inflation gauge is published by Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, which is closed.And because the Agriculture Department is closed, future reports on wholesale prices and import prices won’t include farm-related data, the BLS said Thursday.A report on the number of people seeking unemployment benefits, considered a nearly real-time reflection of layoffs, is still being published. But it could be distorted by the shutdown: Nearly 5,000 federal employees sought benefits two weeks ago, according to the latest data available, roughly five times the usual figure.And only a portion of the government’s report on productivity, or output per hour worked, will be released Feb. 6, the Labor Department said. That’s because that report requires data on the growth of GDP, the broadest measure of the economy.Even after the government fully reopens, weeks will likely be needed before all the postponed reports can be prepared and released.“It may take some time to get a ‘clean’ read on the economy,” economists at Bank of America Merrill Lynch said Thursday.Christopher Rugaber, The Associated Presslast_img read more

A Remembrance Day service is planned for Tuesday in the Ian Beddis Gymnasium.The ceremony begins at 10:45 a.m. and will include reflections from Brock president Jack Lightstone, Brock Student Union president Roland Erman and Brock Graduate Students Association president Lee Belding.

Fitting in can be hard in high school.Strides are being made, however, to help alleviate some of that stress.Delhi District Secondary School will host the fifth annual Rainbow Ball, welcoming LGBTQ+ students and allies from across Grand Erie to the semi-formal dance.The Rainbow Ball is an evening that celebrates the diversity of the students.“For our students who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, this evening provides a vibrant space where they can be themselves and feel supported by allies, including fellow students, teachers and administration,” said Colleen Bator, teacher at Delhi District, who is overseeing the organization of this year’s event.“Events like the Rainbow Ball are important in reinforcing to all of our students that they are celebrated, supported and appreciated for being just who they are.”Grand Erie’s first Rainbow Ball took place at Simcoe Composite School in 2015. It was organized by the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). In 2016, the event moved to Haldimand County, hosted by McKinnon Park Secondary School for two years. Last spring, Brantford Collegiate Institute and Vocational School hosted the fourth, and largest, event.The 2019 Rainbow Ball is being organized in concert with Delhi District’s GSA, which has been running at the school for nine years.The theme for this year is Disney. Those interested in attending can purchase a $10 ticket through their school’s GSAs or their main office. Complimentary transportation to Delhi District from Brant and Haldimand counties is being provided by Safe Schools. The dance is on May 2 at 6:30 p.m. read more

Amos Namanga Ngongi currently serves as Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and has had “a distinguished career within that organization and in the diplomatic service of his country,” a UN spokesman told the press today in New York.Mr. Ngongi will succeed Kamel Morjane of Tunisia as Special Representative to the DRC, and will assume his functions by the end of this month.”The Secretary-General expresses his deep appreciation for the tremendous efforts made by Mr. Morjane in bringing peace to Central Africa and wishes him well in his next important assignment,” the spokesman, Fred Eckhard, said. read more

BRUSSELS – Europe’s leaders surprised skeptics with a bold plan to pump cash into troubled banks, reduce borrowing costs for Italy and Spain and stop forcing austerity on every government that needs aid.Now their finance ministers have a week and a half to work out a lot of the details, and investors will be paying close attention.Financial markets liked the broad outlines of the plans that emerged Friday from a meeting of the leaders of the 27 European Union countries.Markets roared their approval after the EU leaders declared they would:— Centralize regulation of European banks and, if necessary, bail them out directly, instead of funneling loans through governments that already have too much debt.— Ease borrowing costs on Italy and Spain, the euro region’s third- and fourth-largest economies.— Stop mandating painful budget cuts to every country in need of emergency financial aid.—Tie their budgets, currency and governments more tightly.The decisions made at the EU summit in Brussels won’t end the crisis that has gripped Europe for nearly three years. Plenty of questions remain about how the bank bailouts would work, whether there’s enough money committed to rescue banks and governments and whether impoverished, indebted Greece will be forced out of the 17-nation euro club.But for EU leaders who have consistently underwhelmed their exasperated publics and nervous financial markets, Friday’s efforts marked a breakthrough.The prime minister of Ireland — one of the five eurozone countries that have required emergency funds — said the plans marked a “seismic shift in European policy.” British Prime Minister David Cameron said that “for the first time in some time we have actually seen steps … to get ahead of the game.”There was an immediate sign that Europe’s latest plan was easing fear in financial markets: The cost for the troubled government of Spain to borrow fell dramatically. The interest rate, or yield, on the country’s 10-year bonds fell by more than half a percentage point, to 6.34 per cent.The Dow Jones industrial average recorded its second-biggest gain of the year, and stocks advanced even further in Europe — in strong and weak countries alike. The benchmark stock index in Germany rose 4.3 per cent, by far its best performance this year. Germany has the biggest economy in Europe, and a warm reaction there was a crucial sign of approval for the plan. Prices for oil and other commodities shot higher, another sign that the plan may remove a big barrier to a healthier economy.David Kelly, chief global strategist at JPMorgan Funds, says financial markets have been slow to respond to good news about Europe, including an election Greece that empowered pro-euro leaders. That means markets could continue to rise, despite lingering problems.“The point is, ugly is more than priced in,” he said.At first it looked like the summit would produce little more than a modest plan to stimulate growth in Europe. But Italy and Spain, whose borrowing costs have soared to dangerous levels, refused to sign off on the $150 billion spending plan unless something was done to ease their financial burdens.After an all-night standoff, the leaders agreed to expand the use of Europe’s bailout funds — and do so without imposing strict austerity measures on countries that are meeting existing pledges to control spending. The bailout money could be used to buy bonds to drive down a country’s borrowing costs. Or it could be loaned directly to troubled banks, which EU leaders said would help break “the vicious cycle” in which weak banks and weak governments threaten to drag each other down.Previously, European leaders insisted that the two bailout funds be used only to rescue governments — like Ireland, Portugal and Greece. If money was going to be used for troubled banks, it had to first go to a government. But that added to the debt on a government’s books because it was responsible for repaying the money.The bids to rescue banks ended up raising fears about the ailing governments; Spain’s borrowing costs rose dramatically two weeks ago after the eurozone countries agreed to lend it $125 billion to rescue its banks.The EU also called for a single regulator — probably the European Central Bank — to oversee Europe’s banks. Currently, banks are regulated by their national governments and some countries have been slow to recognize loan problems and shut down their worst banks.As part of a broad “banking union,” the new regulator will likely get power to close failing banks if their national regulators won’t do it. The plan is also expected to include deposit insurance across Europe. Individual European countries now insure bank deposits within their borders. But bank failures could overwhelm those national funds.The bank overhaul is supposed to be completed by the end of the year.Finance ministers from the 17 countries that use the euro are supposed to work out many of the details at a July 9 meeting.The leaders said they were committed to linking their countries closer together economically and politically, but didn’t discuss how. Such integration would likely require countries to give up some of their taxing and spending powers to a European budget authority.Most analysts cheered the EU plans but worried about the questions left unanswered. And they said the bailout funds are too small to handle the tasks that could be thrown at them.Europe’s two bailout funds have a combined $625 billion in lending power; up to $125 billion of that is already committed to helping Spain bail out its banks. The remaining $500 billion looks small compared with $3.1 trillion in Spanish and Italian bonds outstanding.Europe doesn’t just have a government debt crisis. It has a banking crisis, too. A collapse in housing prices buried Spanish and Irish banks in bad real estate loans. At the same time, banks across Europe have been the biggest buyers of their governments’ bonds. So as yields have surged and the bonds have declined in value, banks have suffered losses.The solution hovering in the background, say some economists, is the European Central Bank. The ECB could buy any amount of government bonds, backed if need be by the bank’s theoretically limitless power to create money. So far the bank has been unwilling to take this step, which could violate its mandate to fight inflation and a ban on central bank financing of national governments.Some analysts said the growing co-ordination among Europe’s leaders could give ECB President Mario Draghi more wiggle room. “This gives the ECB cover to reward them for their good behaviour,” said Jay Bryson, an economist at Wells Fargo Securities.The ECB’s next policy meeting is Thursday in Frankfurt.The summit deal leaves out crucial details of just how any bank bailouts would work. Would bank creditors have to take a loss on their investments, or would taxpayers foot the whole bill? The deal didn’t specify.If the banking regulator and a rescue fund take ownership stakes in failed banks, manage those stakes in the taxpayer interest while forcing losses on shareholders and creditors, it could be positive, said Clemens Fuest, an expert in public finance at Oxford University’s Said Business School.Otherwise, simply charging taxpayers could be “a huge burden on growth in Europe for a very long time,” Clemens said.___McHugh contributed from Frankfurt, Germany. Shawn Pogatchnik in Dublin, David Springer in London, Dan Wagner in Washington and Robert Wielaard in Brussels contributed to this report. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by News Staff Posted Jun 30, 2012 2:16 am MDT European leaders surpassed expectations to reach breakthrough on debt crisis read more

Most actively traded companies on the TSX by The Canadian Press Posted Mar 13, 2015 3:03 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Some of the most active companies traded Friday on the Toronto Stock Exchange:Toronto Stock Exchange (14,731.49, down 39.23 points):Bombardier Inc. (TSX:BBD.B). Transportation. Up four cents, or 1.63 per cent, to $2.49 on 9.7 million shares.B2Gold Corp. (TSX:BTO). Miner. Down four cents, or 2.11 per cent, to $1.86 on 5.9 million shares.Encana Corp. (TSX:ECA). Oil and gas. Down 13 cents, or 0.93 per cent, to $13.78 on 5.4 million shares.Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. (TSX:PRE). Oil and gas. Up six cents, or 1.98 per cent, to $3.09 on 4.9 million shares.Penn West Petroleum Ltd. (TSX:PWT). Oil and gas. Down 10 cents, or 5.24 per cent, to $1.81 on 4.7 million shares.Romarco Minerals Inc. (TSX:R). Miner. Up 2.5 cents, or 5.32 per cent, to 49.5 cents on 4.2 million shares.Companies reporting major news:Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (TSX:ATD.B). Retailer. Up 47 cents, or 1.01 per cent, to $46.99 on 537,263 shares. The Quebec-based company said its proposed acquisition of The Pantry has passed the required waiting period under U.S. competition law, without changes. The US$1.7-billion deal which will add 1,500 locations in 13 states to Couche-Tard’s North American network is expected to close Monday.Cascades Inc. (TSX:CAS). Forest Products. Down 90 cents, or 11.28 per cent, to $7.08 on 1.6 million shares. The company posted a $47-million net loss in for the fourth quarter, which included a number of expenses such as asset write-downs and a loss on discontinued operations. Excluding those items, the Quebec-based packaging and tissue producer had $8 million of net earnings, down from $18 million or 19 cents per share a year earlier. Sales rose to $879 million from $844 million a year earlier. read more

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Kyle Lowry had 24 points and six assists, Fred VanVleet added 18 points and Toronto used a 3-point shooting burst in the fourth quarter to beat the Memphis Grizzlies 122-114 on Tuesday night.VanVleet made all six shots on the night, including three from outside the arc in the fourth, when Toronto was 7 of 12 from 3-point range. Lowry was 5 of 8 on 3-pointers.Kawhi Leonard finished with 17 points and 10 rebounds, and Serge Ibaka scored 16 points as the Raptors won their sixth straight.Marc Gasol led Memphis with 27 points, making 10 of his 14 shots. Mike Conley added 20 points and six assists.The barrage of 3-pointers from Toronto in the middle stages of the fourth erased a Memphis lead, keying 17-2 burst. The Raptors would never trail again.The Raptors, who trailed by 17 early in the second half, steadily cut into the deficit. Three straight 3-pointers from OG Anunoby, Delon Wright and VanVleet, pulled the Raptors even at 105-all near the midway point of the fourth.When Lowry scored on a layup, it capped an 11-0 rally and gave the Raptors the lead.Memphis led 71-59 at the half.As in Sunday’s loss to the New York Knicks, the Grizzlies’ double-digit lead slipped away after the break. Leonard was much more aggressive in the third and the Grizzlies’ advantage, which had reached 17 early in the third, was whittled to 94-93.TIP-INSRaptors: Jonas Valanciunas came off the bench for the seventh time this season. . Memphis led 32-31 after the first quarter, breaking a string of five straight games where Toronto led after the first. . Both Ibaka and coach Nick Nurse drew technical fouls in the last two minutes of the second quarter. .Toronto has won four straight and six of seven in the series. .The six straight wins match a season high.Grizzlies: Jaren Jackson Jr. became the fourth player in NBA history with at least 250 points, 20 steals, and 40 blocks in first 20 career games. The other three were David Robinson, Bill Walton and Patrick Ewing. . Memphis blew a 13-point lead in the third on Sunday in the loss to the Knicks.UP NEXTRaptors: Host the Golden State Warriors on ThursdayGrizzlies: Travel to Brooklyn to face the Nets on Friday.___More AP NBA: https://apnews.com/tag/NBA and https://twitter.com/AP_SportsClay Bailey, The Associated Press read more

first_imgMillions of kilometres of tunnels criss-cross the ground under old mining communities across the US and other countries. Abandoned, falling apart and choked with water, the tunnels are often viewed as a dangerous legacy. But the water in these mines could actually be a major geothermal resource. Student researchers at Michigan Technological University have put together the first comprehensive guidebook communities can use to explore the feasibility of using mine water for geothermal energy to heat and cool buildings. While there is great potential for this resource, there are less than 30 active mine water geothermal systems in the world. One is at Michigan Tech’s Keweenaw Research Center just north of Houghton, Michigan.The research team worked with the University’s Keweenaw Research Center and community leaders in Calumet to understand the local potential. In fact, the idea for this project came from community members in Calumet, and especially Elmore Reese at Main Street Calumet.This week, the team will present its work in Washington, D.C., for the National Sustainable Design Expo, a student design competition supported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The project is funded by a People, Prosperity and Planet (P3) grant through the EPA. The researchers will find out about a second round of funding at the expo.Michigan Tech graduate student Edward Louie spearheaded the project as part of his master’s degree work in energy policy. “With mine water, you can draw lots of heat from it without it cooling down,” Louie says, explaining that the mine water in the Keweenaw stays around 53 to 55oF year-round. These temperatures can then be used to heat or cool buildings using simple technology: mostly pipes, heat exchangers and heat pumps.“A heat pump is simply a device that can move and concentrate heat with relatively little energy input,” Louie says, adding the equipment has been around since the 1970s. “The efficiency of heat pumps has gotten better; their reliability has gotten better, but the technology itself is not from Star Trek.”Louie compares a geothermal heat pump to a refrigerator, which acts as a heat pump. The refrigerator compressor uses a little electricity to move a lot of heat, he explains. It concentrates the heat, moving it out the back, and puts the cold inside. “That’s why the back of your fridge is warm ,and that’s why your freezer is freezing cold.”In a geothermal heating system, the heat pump concentrates a relatively small amount of heat from the mine water, which remains much warmer than the winter outside air, into comfortable temperatures for heating a building. “It’s like the back of the fridge is placed in your house,” Louie says. “So, it’s dumping the heat in a warmer form into your house.”For cooling, the heat pump works in reverse, dumping cooler air into the building. And for every unit of energy used to power the heat pump to do this exchange, the pump can move four — sometimes more — units of heat.Geothermal systems are inherently flexible, depending on location and the quality of the mine water. In the Keweenaw, where pure copper was mined, the mine water is relatively clean. In other areas, mine water laden with heavy metals and acid corrodes equipment. For this reason, Louie and his team outline several open and closed loop systems in the mine water geothermal guidebook.Closed loop systems help protect equipment from corrosive mine water by exchanging heat outside a loop of corrosion resistant pipes placed inside the mineshaft. The mine water itself is never pumped. In open loop systems, the mine water is pumped and makes contact with a metal heat exchanger. The advantage is increased efficiency and less piping, but the mine water has to be clean enough.At the Keweenaw Research Center (KRC), mine water is piped up from about 100 m below surface. Through a big heat exchanger, the mine water cools or heats a closed loop system within the building.“It’s just like the radiator in your car,” says Jay Meldrum, director of the Keweenaw Research Center. “The water always stays inside the pipes and is mixed with glycol so it doesn’t freeze.”The water-glycol mix circulates and runs through 18 heat pumps throughout the center’s main building. Meldrum says he hopes to expand geothermal on the site and is planning a new, smaller system in a separate building. “We hope to use geothermal as an educational resource,” he says. “It’s also an area we want to continue doing research in.”With so few active systems, the KRC is a unique resource for people living in the region. Tapping into the mine water is also a tribute to the area’s history, says Richelle Winkler, a sociology and demography researcher at Michigan Tech who works with Louie and Meldrum.“Using the mine water for geothermal energy creates an opportunity to recast community identity,” Winkler says, “which both celebrates the mining heritage and promotes progress forward in an environmentally sustainable way.”With so much room for expansion, the Keweenaw could become a hub for mine water geothermal. And through the guidebook, Louie, Winkler and their collaborators could help shape a widespread environmental problem into a solution and resource.Picture courtesy of www.undergroundminers.comlast_img read more

first_img Short URL FOOD FIRM AVOCA has extended its hummus recall due to the possible presence of the bacteria listeria.As a precautionary measure, Avoca is recalling batches of two products that were made on the same day as hummus and colcannon which were found to contain listeria.A recall for those products was made on Saturday.The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) said it is not yet known whether these products also contain the bacteria but that testing is underway.The following products are affected: Source: FSAIA spokesperson for the FSAI said: “These products were only sold in Avoca stores where they have been withdrawn from sale and a point of sale recall notice has been displayed. Consumers are instructed not to eat the above batches and to return them to an Avoca store.”Listeriosis is a serious disease which can be life-threatening, particularly for pregnant women, the elderly and other people with a weakened immune system.HummusProducts confirmed to have been affected last week are the Avoca Hummus (264g) and the Avoca Colcannon (550g).The hummus has a use by date of 09.02.17, the Colcannon has a use by date of 04.02.17.Food businesses are being told to remove the affected products from sale and to clearly display a point of sale notice not to eat them.Anyone who may have bought the affected batches are told to dispose of the product or return it to the place of purchase.In a statement, Avoca said: “We can confirm that a voluntarily recall of a single batch of two Avoca products has been initiated after routine testing indicated the product did not meet the usual high standard.“We notified the authorities of our decision to recall the batch of products concerned as a precautionary measure. The products were on sale in Avoca stores only and have been withdrawn from sale. Share133 Tweet Email6 More Avoca products recalled over listeria fears The latest notice comes days after the firm recalled two other products. By Garreth MacNamee http://jrnl.ie/3228413 Wednesday 8 Feb 2017, 8:48 AMcenter_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 27,566 Views Customer notices are on display in store with the product recall details.In line with Avoca’s commitment to quality and food safety, we are treating this matter very seriously and conducting a thorough investigation.Read: Four children under 12 found wearing no seatbelts as back seats folded down for shopping >Read: President Higgins set to be awarded with Peru’s highest honour > 19 Comments Feb 8th 2017, 8:48 AM last_img read more

first_imgLe parti pirate se transforme en fournisseur d’accès internetSuède – Soutien du site The Pirate Bay lors de ses ennuis judiciaires, le parti pirate a décidé de passer à la vitesse supérieure. Le voici désormais fournisseur d’accès Internet avec comme philosophie un partage plutôt radical de la culture et de l’information.Récemment, le parti pirate avait aidé le site The Pirate Bay en reprenant une partie de la bande passante du site de téléchargements. Maintenant, l’organisation politique suédoise a décidé de franchir un cap supplémentaire sur Internet en devenant fournisseur d’accès. Pour le moment, une phase de test est en cours à Lund, dans le sud de la Suède. PiratelSP souhaite un partage total de la culture et de l’information et devrait prochainement entrer en concurrence avec les autres FAI présents dans le pays. Son argument est de proposer un anonymat total concernant les informations de ses clients sur le web. Selon le débit, les abonnements devraient être proposés à des tarifs allant de 25 à 55 euros par mois. De quoi donner des sueurs froides aux partisans d’Hadopi.Le 21 juillet 2010 à 11:36 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Cagliari is motivated by AC Milan

first_imgBoth teams will face off tonight in the Italian Lega Serie A and Cagliari’s coach believes his team can play well todayCagliari has had a regular start of the season.The Italian Lega Serie A club is on 12th place with four points, after one win, one draw and one defeat.And tonight, they will face AC Milan, a team with one less match than everybody else and a club that’s running on 15th place with one victory and one defeat.For Cagliari boss Rolando Maran, tonight match represents more than just one more fixture.“We are in a positive moment, but clearly when there’s a break for international duty, there are always going to be some question marks,” Maran said during the press conference attended by Football Italia.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“Milan is in good shape and we know they can cause us real problems if we don’t face them with the right attitude. Playing against them has to be motivating and not a reason to be timid or nervous.”“[Joao Pedro] has been training regularly, so the only issue is match fitness. The Brazilian has qualities and characteristics that are different to everyone else in the squad and his return is certainly an extra weapon in our armory. There’s no reason why he couldn’t start,” Maran concluded.#CagliariMilan verso il sold out ✅➡️ https://t.co/04HHf1bJiu pic.twitter.com/AFsmQauRQK— Cagliari Calcio (@CagliariCalcio) September 15, 2018last_img read more

Guardiola speaks before Donetsk match

first_imgThe Catalan manager says his Manchester City side is ready to take in the UEFA Champions League challenge on TuesdayUkranian club Shakhtar Donetsk will host Manchester City on Tuesday, as part of the 2018-2019 UEFA Champions League tournament.The match will be played tomorrow night in Ukraine, and before that, the Citizens’ manager Pep Guardiola has spoken with the press.“If they are here it is because they are ready to play,” said Guardiola about the availability of Kevin De Bruyne and Kyle Walker as quoted by Sky Sports.Daniel Fark, Norwich City, Premier LeagueDaniel Farke, From mid-table in the Championship to the Premier League Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Norwich City manager, Daniel Farke, has taken his team from the middle of the table in the English Championship to play with the big boys in the Premier League.“They [Silva and Fernandinho] have two more years contract but they have to think day by day, month by month and then ask themselves at the end of the season if they are still ready to play. My advice then is to play, you have to play,” he added.“Learn from that [defeat]. When you play an entire season the Champions League level is higher. So work. It looks easy, it is not”.“When you win games with a big result it is not easy. To learn, you have 15 points still to play for and to compete in the competition you have to live it. All we can do is learn and try to avoid it in the future,” he concluded.last_img read more

Fuel factor increases at Fortis consumers will pay in November

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppIronically, on the same day we get the progress report we get news that the fuel factor continues to climb… Fortis TCI is informing that September’s rate of $0.2299 will increase to $0.2352 for the month of October. The current rate will therefore, be reflected in November billings. Fortis continues to encourage customers to adopt energy saving practices. Related Items:last_img

Local Womens Families Targeted By Terrifying WifeKidnapping Scam

first_imgPublic Information Officers with the Alaska State Troopers and Anchorage’s FBI Office said they are looking into the incident. The woman immediately reported the incident to the Alaska State Troopers but says she “didn’t feel reassured at all” when they said the crime was out of their jurisdiction and referred her to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. She said in an email conversation with KSRM that the whole ordeal left her feeling “Helpless and violated. I felt that even though I knew it’s just a phone call, I couldn’t help watching over my shoulder all night even in the grocery store!” A woman who preferred to remain anonymous said on Saturday, October 13, the scam started with a phone call to the Kenai woman’s brother-in-law, with a person saying saying “he’s with me and he’s kidnapped me and going to rape” and kill her unless the brother-in-law brought a ransom to a store. The brother-in-law quickly texted his brother while he was still on the phone with the scammer to see if his wife was with him. After finding out that she was safe, he hung up on the scammer. Soon the scammer called the husband’s number with the same story. Both calls appeared to originate from the woman’s phone. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Imagine a loved one receiving a phone call that appears to be from your phone, and when answered a stranger’s voice says that you’ve been kidnapped and threatens your life unless a ransom is given. Just such a scam has been reported by multiple women on the Kenai Peninsula over the weekend. She said, “I’ve heard from a few people who had it happen to family that it’s totally random but it doesn’t feel random when they call your family.” Once her brother-in-law had hung up on the scammer, he contacted the woman and her husband to tell them what had happened. She says the whole ordeal has left her with so many questions she didn’t know where to start: how did the scammer make it look like the call was coming from her phone? How did they find out who her close family members were? Has the scammer somehow hacked her phone? After posting her story on Facebook to let friends and family know that she was alright, in case the scammer targeted anyone else, the woman said two other people contacted her saying it had happened to them and their families too. The same scam hit families in Anchorage this summer and has been reported across the U.S.last_img read more

first_imgUnion Minister of State for Commerce and Industry M. Jyotiraditya Scindia led the 17th Joint Economic Committee (JEC) at Bucharest in Romania and signed the Economic Committee Protocol with his Romanian counterpart on Thursday.In a bilateral meeting with his counterpart Ion Ariton, the Romanian Minister for Economy, Trade and Business Environment Minister, Scindia expressed hope to double bilateral trade and economic cooperation in the next three years by 2015.Urging Indian industries to use the opportunities presenting themselves in Europe for investments and cutting-edge technology ventures, Scindia stated that India is confident that it will anchor global economic recoveries in the coming years.”Romania is actively looking at diversifying its economy and Indian corporates can play a significant role as enablers in this process. A business delegation with diverse interests like oil and natural gas, power equipment, IT, alternative energy, textiles, pharmaceuticals, supply chain management, tourism, electric buses accompanied the Indian Minister” said the Minister in a statement.The JEC which met after a hiatus of eight years resolved to promote investments and joint ventures in areas of supply of equipment for metallurgy and energy industry, cooperation between micro, small and medium enterprises, transport and infrastructure field, IT and ITES, cooperation in technical textiles and tourism.The statement also mentioned that meetings were held for joint working groups in the hydrocarbon and small- and medium-size enterprises on the sidelines of the JEC.In the hydrocarbon sector, both sides agreed to encourage cooperation in upstream and downstream hydrocarbon sector including in training, capacity building and research and development, supply of equipment for exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon and other technical assistance.India offered its expertise in the service sector and expressed interest in joint exploration with Romanian National Company, Petrom.In the SME working group, both sides agreed on information sharing, facilitating institutional cooperation, business and trade delegations to explore Joint Ventures, technology transfer and investment opportunities.Pointing out the 6 percent growth of Indo-Romania bilateral trade even in the midst of the EU crisis during the current fiscal 2011-12, Scindia urged Romanian companies to continue the trend of supplying competitively priced inputs to the Indian industry and invited them to participate in the “India Show” in the International Engineering Fair.Around 150 Indian Engineering companies will participate in the “India Show” at the International Engineering Fair in Brno, Czech Republic, in October.last_img read more

first_imgHave you ever thought if McDonald’s lucrative value meals are actually heavier on your pocket than buying the products individually? According to a man in Chicago, you are better off forgoing the combo meals.James Gertie of Des Plaines in Chicago has filed a consumer fraud class action suit against a McDonald’s franchisee in Chicago area questioning the value of their combo deals in court, the Cook County Register reported.According to the suit, the pricing of McDonald’s franchisee’s ‘Extra Value Meal’ is around 41 cents more expensive than if customers bought the items in the combo individually. The combo products include two cheeseburgers, fries and a drink.Gertie, in the complaint, has stated that he bought an ‘Extra Value Meal’ from around five of Karis’ outlets between October 14 and November 13. He added that every time he bought the meal, he was charged a sum of $5.90 for the meal. However, according to the suit, if he had bought the items in the combo individually he would have paid $2.50 for two burgers, $1.99 for the fries and $1 for the drink — or about $0.41 less than the value deal.The lawsuit stated that the pricing of the meal makes it of “no value at all, let alone an ‘extra value.”The defendant of the case is Karis Management Company, which owns more than 10 McDonald’s restaurants near Chicago.Gertie, in his lawsuit, has sought for a refund of the overcharged money to all the customers who purchased the said meal at any of the outlets operated by Karis Management Company. In addition to this, he is also seeking additional punitive damages.last_img read more

11 officials promoted to secretaries

first_imgThe government has promoted 11 officials, who were performing as acting secretaries or equivalent officers, to the rank of secretary.The public administration ministry issued an order in this regard on Sunday night.The newly promoted secretaries are secretary in-charge of economic relations division Monowar Ahmed, secretary in-charge of the land ministry Muksodur Rahman Patwary, secretary-in-charge of the liberation war affairs ministry SM Arifur Rahaman, technical and madrasah education division acting secretary Munshi Shahabuddin Ahmed, secretary-in-charge of the implementation monitoring and evaluation division (IME division) Abul Mansur Faizullah, secretary-in-charge of jute and textiles ministry Mijanur Rahman, secretary of Bangladesh Public Service Commission secretariat (acting secretary) Siddiqia Khanum, director general (secretary-in-charge) of the National Academy for Planning and Development (NAPD) Mohammed Abul Kashem, director general of Bangladesh Karmachari Kallyan Board (acting secretary) Satya Brata Saha, chairman of Bangladesh Tariff Commission (acting secretary) Jyotirmoy Dutta and Bangladesh Civil Service Academy rector (acting secretary) Kazi Rowshan Akhter.last_img read more

Tilman Fertitta Donates 20 Million To Renovate UH Basketball Arena

first_img X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen 00:00 /01:34 UH AthleticsGraphic rendering of Fertitta Center and Hofheinz Plaza. Work on both is scheduled to be completed in time for the 2018-2019 basketball season.Tilman Fertitta has given the University of Houston $20 million to renovate the school’s basketball arena. The gift from the restaurant and gaming magnate is the largest donation in the history of UH Athletics. It provides a third of the cost for renovating the arena, currently known as Hofheinz Pavilion.“Our board of regents will vote later today to approve the name, ‘the Fertitta Center,’ when the $60 million renovation is complete and the venue reopens for the 2018-2019 basketball season,” says Hunter Yurachek, vice president for athletics, who announced the gift at a press conference on the UH main campus. Fertitta himself currently chairs the board of regents.The gift has not been without controversy. When the name change was proposed, it created a legal dispute with the family of the late Harris County Judge, Roy Hofheinz. Family members insisted the $1.5 million paid to the university in 1969 conferred naming rights in perpetuity.The dispute was settled when the school agreed to ask the city to rename a street next to the arena in Hofheinz’s honor. It will also build a plaza outside the arena that will bear his name.Former Houston Mayor Fred Hofheinz, the judge’s son, says the family is happy with the arrangement. “And we think it’s real significant that the name of one great Houston entrepreneur, Roy Hofheinz, is going to be replaced by another great Houston entrepreneur, Tilman Fertitta,” he says. “I think it’s important to Houston that the name on this building continues to be a Houstonian, an individual, when so many of the naming rights around this country go to corporations and institutions that are cold and impersonal.”Judge Hofheinz made his fortune in radio and television. He was also the driving force behind the construction of the Astrodome and owner of the Houston Astros. Sharelast_img read more

Tonight AFROs First Edition with Sean Yoes Friday November 2

first_imgListen at WEAA Live Stream: http://amber.streamguys.com.4020/live.m3u National politics with political commentator Catalina Byrd, including the re-booting of Jeb Bush’s downward spiraling campaign for the GOP nomination. Plus, now that the scourge of heroin has begun large swaths of America outside of the cities, White parents are lobbying for a “kinder, gentler” approach to heroin addiction. We’ll dissect the politics of race, class and culture in the war on drugs with our experts.These stories and more coming up this evening on AFRO’s First Edition with Sean Yoes.last_img read more