Responding to questions from the press, spokesman Fred Eckhard said the plan had changed from a one-meeting format, as previously announced.”Although the starting time is still 10:30, I indicated that they would continue for three or three and a half hours, [but] it now looks like they will go for less than that – perhaps two, two and a half hours,” he said. “There will then be a break and then there will be a second session.””The Secretary-General will lay out his position, the Iraqis will lay out theirs, there will be discussion, there will be a break for reflection – possibly for consultation with Baghdad – and then back for a second session,” said Mr. Eckhard.Asked to characterize Mr. Annan’s negotiating position, the spokesman said it would be difficult to predict “how this meeting is going to go.” The Secretary-General, he stressed, hoped the discussions would be focused on implementing Security Council mandates on Iraq.”The broad subject is implementation of [Security Council] resolutions; the precise subject on everyone’s mind is the return of the weapons inspectors,” said the spokesman. “He will do his part, and then he will await their reaction.” read more

“All civilians – man, woman or child, Libyan or foreigner – wanting to leave the areas of fighting in Benghazi must be allowed to do so as a matter of urgency,” said Martin Kobler, Special Representative of the Secretary-General and the head of UNSMIL. “The warring parties must ensure civilians are free to leave and that their evacuation is safe. The wounded must be taken care of and everyone must be treated humanely, in line with international humanitarian law,” he added.Mr. Kobler reminded the warring parties of their obligations to respect the provisions of international humanitarian law and international human rights law. “All parties must ensure the protection of civilians in accordance with international law, and those who fail to do so must be held accountable,” he said.A large number of civilians, including Libyans and migrant workers, are trapped in areas of fighting in Benghazi, including the Ganfouda, Gawarsha and Marissa neighbourhoods. They face shortages of electricity, food, medical supplies and other necessities, in addition to the hazards of active fighting.UNSMIL has long been seeking to arrange a humanitarian ceasefire in Benghazi that would allow all civilians wishing to leave to do so and facilitate the work of humanitarian organisations on the ground. So far, it has not been able to secure the agreement of the warring parties. read more

first_imgOutotec has successfully completed the acquisition of the majority of the shares in Biomin South Africa Pty Ltd and certain assets from Biomin Technologies SA in Switzerland. Outotec now has the full intellectual property and marketing rights of BIOX® bio-oxidation technology. The transaction was announced on July 31, 2015, but the acquisition price was not disclosed.Biomin’s BIOX bio-oxidation is a proven method for the pre-treatment of refractory gold ores, and it complements Outotec’s portfolio of gold processing technologies. BIOX’s annual business volume has been some millions of euros, with flagship installations including Runruno in the Philippines and Kokpatas in Uzbekistan.“Combining the BIOX bio-oxidation expertise with our engineering capabilities and proprietary equipment, such as grinding mills, reactors, cooling towers and thickeners, we can provide gold producers complete sustainable plants with life-cycle services”, said Robin Lindahl, head of Outotec’s Metals, Energy & Water business area.last_img read more

first_imgAcross the timezones and through the massive pile of technology news that is this week, we’ve stopped to put some thoughts to the madness with our weekly Geekout.Across the world there are two different events going on with news coming out of each. IFA 2013, in Berlin, is going strong with hardware manufacturers from all over the world giving everyone a look at what’s to come this holiday season and beyond. From the event we saw the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with its all new stylus features, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the Sony Smartwatch 2, and the new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro among several other new device. Samsung’s presentation had been thoroughly leaked beforehand, but the Galaxy Gear smartwatch with its built in camera and 70+ apps will be a major release in the smartwatch market.Qualcomm had a smartwatch at their Uplinq event, though their plans aren’t so much to compete with the likes of Samsung and Pebble as offer an alternative route for watch manufacturers to travel in the future. The Qualcomm Toq in an impressive device that is designed to look stylish while functioning for multiple days without needed to be charged. We got some time with the Toq, so you can see our hands-on if you’d like to know more.Our app of the week is for iOS and Android this go around, and is a great educational companion and supplemental app for anyone looking to learn a second language. Duolingo is a simple app with large ambitions — its goal is to help you learn another learn, for free, while playing simple-but-enjoyable games. The app’s interface and gamified nature makes it fun to pick up a few more words in a language of your choosing, even if you just have a few minutes to spare. It’s a free app with training tools for several different languages, so be sure to check it out.If you’d like to join us on our weekly Geekouts, or if you’ve got a topic you’d like us to talk about on next week’s broadcast, leave us a message here or on our Google+ page.last_img read more

first_imgThe Victorian Government has called on multicultural communities to submit ideas on how the government can best assist all residents to live fulfilling lives and be engaged citizens within the wider Australian community.Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Nicholas Kotsiras has encouraged multicultural communities to make suggestions that will help the government outline initiatives to engage citizens in the state’s diverse community. The Victorian government’s Vision for Citizenship in a Multicultural Victoria outlines the role of citizenship in supporting and celebrating Victoria’s rich cultural and linguistic diversity. Providing a snapshot of the state’s diversity the document, available online, identifies the government’s current and upcoming approach to multicultural affairs and citizenship. The document invites Victorians of all backgrounds to submit ideas that will assist in the development of future initiatives that will help the government to deal with matters of multicultural affairs and citizenship policy.The government are seeking input from the community for queries just as the following: How can the government better harness the skills, abilities and experiences of our diverse communities for the benefit of all Victorians?; What do you see as the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in Victoria and how could all Victorians be encouraged to take up those rights and responsibilities?For more information and to submit your ideas, go to and click on ‘Vision for Citizenship in a Multicultural Victoria’. Submissions will be accepted in languages other than English and will be accepted until 26 October 2012. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Former Liberal treasurer Peter Costello this week called for the government to give Australians certainty over their superannuation savings.“If you want to put money away for 20, 30 or 40 years you have to have some certainty it’s going to be there when you retire. Peter CostelloSpeaking to the ABC, Mr Costello said changes made to superannuation rules in recent years had damaged savers’ confidence.“I think during the last government there were something like, I counted up to 33 different changes in budgets and mid-year reviews to superannuation,” he said.“People just don’t trust superannuation as being a long-term vehicle anymore [because] they know the rules are going to vary from year to year.”Mr Costello added that people needed to be reassured super savings were safe and that Australians were “afraid to lock voluntary money into the system, which is why it’s running on compulsory contributions.“If you want to put money away for 20, 30 or 40 years you have to have some certainty it’s going to be there when you retire, and I think the government’s got to give it some certainty.” A productivity commission review into superannuation released on Wednesday reported that the majority of Australians had only small amounts of superannuation savings when they reached retirement age.According to the review, about 40 per cent of people aged 64 had no superannuation savings at all, and by the time people reached age 80, only 17 per cent had any remaining.Harry Giannakidis, a partner at Mills Oakley Lawyers, said Mr Costello’s concerns should be heeded.“I hear it first-hand from many of my clients. They’re unwilling to put more money into super because each successive government changes the goalposts.“They don’t know how it will be taxed in the future, or when they will be able to access their funds,” said Mr Giannakidis.“The preservation age is on the move from 55 to 60 years. Who knows what it will be in a generation’s time with our ageing population on the increase?”The Melbourne lawyer told Neos Kosmos that with superannuation being used increasingly as a wealth accumulation tool for children, rather than for retirement benefits, the government may be prompted to make further changes. “People do not understand the highly complex tax, investment and compliance regulations. They want a simpler set of rules.”Despite the constant changes, Mr Giannakidis said that the superannuation system will always remain a tax-effective vehicle to boost retirement savings. “Governments will keep it that way to wean the Australian people off the aged pension system.”last_img read more

Home Start to Hold 47th Annual Blue Ribbon Gala

first_imgSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Home Start, Inc. will hold its 47th Annual Blue Ribbon Gala on Saturday, April 6, 2019, from 5:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. at the Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa.The even is held each April in recognition of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Home Start’s Blue Ribbon Gala raises funds for the organization’s programs that provide critical assistance to children and families throughout San Diego County.The gala’s space theme, “Mission Blue: The Great Beyond,” will feature a three-course meal, silent and live auction, photo booth, and live entertainment.The Full Strength Funk Band scheduled to play Home Start’s 47th Annual Blue Ribbon Gala.The 11 piece funk band whose playlist spans the decades from the classic funk tunes of the ’70’s to the dance hits of today. Featuring a full horn section, sweet harmonies and Latin percussion. Jonathan Halvorson Jonathan Halvorson, Home Start to Hold 47th Annual Blue Ribbon Gala Posted: April 1, 2019 April 1, 2019 Categories: Entertainment, Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

SELECTMEN RACE QA Candidates Discuss The Detox Facility Proposal At 362 Middlesex Ave

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Incumbents Greg Bendel and Kevin Caira, and challengers Rob Fasulo, Mark Maselli, Dan Murphy, and Suzanne Sullivan, are running for TWO three-year seats on the Wilmington Board of Selectmen.Wilmington Apple is asking the candidates multiple questions each week leading up to the April 27 Town Election.The latest question:Do you/did you support the construction of a detox facility at 362 Middlesex Avenue? Why or why not? What do you say to residents who strongly disagree with your position?Below are the candidates’ responses, in their own words:Suzanne SullivanNo I did not support the detox at 362 Middlesex. It was the wrong place to put a 24 hour, 7 day a week, two-story medical facility. I would say to people who disagree with my position that although I understand why a facility like this is needed, the use requires a special permit for a reason. It is understood in our by-laws that a medical facility can have an impact on the surrounding areas that are specific to it, and not to other types of commercial uses. Therefore, it is not a “by right use”, meaning the person proposing it does not have an absolute right to build one. This area of north Wilmington is still a nice neighborhood business district. It did not fit and would have impacted residents severely that were abutters because the cul-de-sac, another mis-matched feature, pushed the two-story large building right up against the neighborhood. There are no other 24/7 operations in this area, and for good reason. It would severely impact the surrounding residents. The commercial areas currently shut down by 10:00 pm, therefore not impacting the surrounding residential areas. I believe we can have what we want and still protect the residents if we make wise choices. I think the detox at this site was not a wise choice and did not protect the residents. I believe the residents should always come first and we should do whatever we can to make that the first priority.Suzanne SullivanMark MaselliWhen looking at any new site development, the first part of any plan is the layout and size of the structure that is compatible with its surroundings. In my opinion, the proposed structure size for the detox center at 362 Middlesex Ave. is too large for that lot and is not harmonious to the neighborhood that borders the plot of land. The size offers nothing but harm to the abutters along with the noise pollution that also comes with a facility that is run around the clock. In fact, I would not support any business located there to be run 24/7. The probability for disrupting the peace for the abutters is too great.As we all know, the proposal was voted down by the Zoning Board of Appeals because of size. However, something that really bothered me was those that voted in FAVOR of the detox center. As I’ve mentioned, the proposed facility offers nothing for the quality of the neighborhoods, the abutters or the town. It is the job of the ZBA members to make the best choices for the town and all of its residents, and I believe that those members voting “yes” failed in this respect.I once was given this advice, “When the ball is in your court, you don’t give it up.” Well, the ball was in our court and, sadly, we gave it up – the abutters got nothing but bushes that that will make no difference for years, if at all. We should be asking for the moon and settling for the sky – these abutters got the ground!It really bothered me seeing the abutters asking for help, pleading for it, and getting nothing. The disruption to their neighborhood, the surrounding neighborhoods, and all the families is too great. They know what it is like to have a business in that lot, this is above and beyond that. This facility will drive their home values down, something that is most people’s biggest asset. It will make them uncomfortable in their own homes and not feel safe in their neighborhoods. I have yet to hear any rebuttals from the developers or the town on feasible ways to remedy any of this – because they can’t.The patients in this facility can come and go at will and one doesn’t know what they may do if they are struggling and want to get their hands on alcohol or drugs. I will not claim to know first-hand what it’s like to have an addict in my family, however, we have a very close friend whose child is a recovering addict. I know what this child did to get money for drugs, including stealing from their own family. I know every story is different, but the threat of break-ins to homes and cars is there along with many other potential issues. This proposed detox center is a disservice to the abutters and frankly also to the addicts that would be in it as it is putting them in a surrounding that has temptations and makes it easy for them to relapse. We want to see those addicted succeed and find a better footing in life, not the opposite.Put it this way: Nothing about putting this proposed detox facility at 362 Middlesex Ave. favors our community – it is detrimental.What I say to the voters who disagree with me is: if you or someone in your family is struggling with addiction, would you want to look out the detox center windows and see a beer truck or signs for liquor on sale across the street – every day? Wouldn’t you want to be in a relaxing, peaceful environment instead of hearing trains go by numerous times during the day and night? If we want to help people with addictions, we should strive to provide them with the BEST environment for their recovery. An environment they will be comfortable in and surroundings that do not offer any temptations. As a community, we need to do our part in the opioid and addiction crisis that is hitting Wilmington and our nation so hard. I am not opposed to having a detox center in our town – in the right place – but I am vehemently against it being at 362 Middlesex Ave.We need to ensure that the Wilmington community feels safe especially in their own neighborhoods and people struggling with addictions, looking for help, should get the right treatment at the right place. Putting a detox center at this location serves neither of those things.Mark MaselliRob FasuloNo, I did not support the 362 Middlesex Ave. project and that was no secret. I established my position during the last election that I support the idea, but in a different location and if being run by a non-profit facility that could handle the medical side of detox without adding demand for the town’s EMS services. I proposed several times during the election and since on my Facebook page, that our town officials should actively seek out a non-profit hospital looking to expand their footprint and invite their representatives into Wilmington to see all the good Wilmington can offer them. We have vacant properties in several locations which fit zoning that do not abut residential neighborhoods and could accommodate up to and including, an emergency room or 24-hour facility that would be a first line of treatment for folks in our town in an emergency. This type of facility could also house a detox where patients would be treated under the purview of a medical doctor and emergencies could be handled in-house with minimal burdens placed on town emergency services. The proposal as presented had many flaws and the process the town took in an effort to get the project passed was questionable. As I said on many occasions, had any other resident took the plans presented by the applicant into Town Hall, it would not have passed the Building Department’s desk before being denied.In the end, it doesn’t matter if you were for or against the detox, the process the town took regarding the application had no basis in MA General Laws and the liability to the town was not even a concern for the current Board of Selectmen. We heard on many occasions that “The town is going to be sued, it is just a matter of by whom,” and we also heard town counsel say “ The case would be appealed based on discrimination.” When the Board of Selectmen was asked to have a discussion in private regarding derogatory statements made by the chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals at the January 13, 2016 ZBA meeting about the protected class, only one sitting member voted in favor of discussing this matter in executive session with town counsel. One does not need to be an attorney to figure out the argument that attorneys could use in any court action, based on his statement, and to what further extent these comments will cost further taxpayer money in litigation.Finally, having a meeting with no authorization in the general laws granting the Zoning Board of Appeals authority, with the sole intention of over ruling a legal decision was chilling. How many folks reading this answer can say they have been denied a permit for a project and then, were granted a second “bite of the apple” attempt to get that project approved? I can answer that with, it’s never been done before, not in Wilmington and certainly not within the State of Massachusetts. Accommodations, when appropriate are granted by building inspectors, they are not tools attorneys have to override legal decisions made by local zoning boards.The facts I laid out here are testimony to my desire to bring the power back to the residents of Wilmington. I am convinced that the reasons so many questionable actions took place during this process is based on who is involved and what money would have been made. It certainly wouldn’t have positively affected the neighborhood that the facility was being proposed in and I stand behind any resident who is faced with such a drastic project in their backyardKevin CairaI did not support the construction of the proposed detoxification center at 362 Middlesex Avenue. I support the decision of the Board of Appeals to deny the permit and, in concurrence with my colleagues on the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager, have authorized Town Counsel to defend the Town against any appeal of that decision.Do I believe that the Town would benefit from a fully certified medical facility for the treatment of individuals suffering from addiction…the answer is yes. I also believe in a fair and impartial governmental process that thoroughly considers any applicant’s proposal based upon its merits and in consideration of the impact such proposal would have on a neighborhood. I believe that this proposal was worthy of consideration and I applaud the applicant for his transparency, town boards and officials for their due diligence, and residents for their passion and willingness to participate in the governmental process. What was disappointing to me, however, was the eagerness of some to politicize what should have been an issue determined on its merits and not on its politics.As elected officials, we have the responsibility to make lawful decisions that are beneficial to the Town, and in doing so, must give full consideration to the will of the residents. Although the Special Town Meeting rezoning merely shifted the “problem across the street” and did not eliminate the proposed site from consideration, it did make clear that the overwhelming number of residents attending the meeting opposed the siting of a detoxification center near to a residential neighborhood. The Board of Appeals gave due consideration to the sentiments of the neighbors and in the end, the process worked.Kevin CairaGreg BendelOver the past year I have heard arguments for and against this particular project. I listened carefully to different points of view, and watched all of the Board of Appeals meetings very closely to stay informed. It is important to note that as the appointing authority of the Board of Appeals, any lobbying of the Board of Appeals members by a Selectman could undermine the Board of Appeals’ decision. It could also put the Town at risk of a lawsuit by the applicant.In general, I support the right of any proposed business that wants to come to Wilmington to go through the Town’s regulatory process. In the case of the proposed detox facility, the regulatory process included a review by numerous Town departments and public hearings before the Planning Board and the Board of Appeals, so that residents could give their input or voice concerns, and of course give the applicant the chance to state their case. The application for 362 Middlesex Ave was ultimately denied by the Board of Appeals and as their appointing authority, I support their decision. To those residents who disagree with my approach, and to those who agree, I would say the same thing. If the Board’s decision is challenged by the applicant, I will defend the Board of Appeals decision in consultation with counsel.Greg BendelDan MurphyNo response provided.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSELECTMEN DEBATE RECAP: Bendel, Caira, Fasulo, Maselli & Sullivan Debate The Issues (with VIDEO)In “Government”VIDEO: Selectwoman Candidate Suzanne Sullivan Discusses Her Campaign With WCTVIn “Videos”BREAKING NEWS: Bendel & Caira Win Re-Election, O’Mahony Joins The BoardIn “Breaking News”last_img read more

first_imgSecretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald has paid tribute to those who served in the Alaska Territorial Guard during World War II.McDonald addressed seven surviving members of the largely Alaska Native militia, thanking them during a brief ceremony Wednesday in the northwest Alaska town of Kotzebue. Event representatives say the veterans attending the ceremony came from Kotzebue and three villages.Alaska was still 17 years away from statehood when the 6,400-member militia was formed in 1942 to defend the vast territory from the threat of Japanese invasion.But members of the militia weren’t formally recognized by the Army at U.S. military veterans until 2004.The unit was activated after Japan’s attack of Pearl Harbor and points along Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.The militia disbanded with little fanfare in 1947.last_img read more

first_imgRenowned chef Matt Moran has completed the T-QUAL tour that saw him travel around Australia as an ambassador for the T-QUAL Tick Accreditation, endorsing business involved with the initiative. Mr Moran spoke to e-Travel Blackboard yesterday about his experiences while travelling Australia, promoting an array of high quality tourism products including restaurants, tours, attractions and accommodation. “It was an amazing experience and great to spend time seeing our country and those people who are passionate to show it to the world,” Mr Moran said. “The T-QUAL Tick Tour has been an incredible journey, proving Australia is home to plenty of quality tourism experiences.” Mr Moran’s journey began in New South Wales where he ate worms at Taronga Zoo that “tasted ok”, before taking him south to Tasmania where he ranked flying on sea planes. Moving around to Western Australia, Matt said he enjoyed his time mud crabbing in Broome, before later being blown away by the beauty of the Northern Territory and the opportunity to swim with giant crocodiles. Hinting that he hoped there was a sequel to the T-QUAL Tick Tour, Mr Moran made sure everyone knew about the tour by constantly updating his blog – – and speaking with media along the way. “There is something for every budget in every state and territory, and now they are even easier to find – all you have to do is look for the T-QUAL Tick,” Mr Moran pointed out. Designed to attract awareness to the T-QUAL Tick and its benefits, Mr Moran said he experienced this throughout his travels, with a spike in interest in particular after his visit to Tasmania. A total of 66 businesses across Australia were involved in the T-QUAL Tick Tour. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.Wlast_img read more

Egypt still a nogo zone for DFAT

first_imgEarlier this month, Egypt’s Islamist-president Mohammed Morsi was removed from office, resulting in intensified disputes from Morsi supporters.    “Closely monitor the media for information on events and developments that may affect your security and safety,” the Department stressed. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has maintained its ‘reconsider your need to travel’ advice for Aussies travelling to Egypt after weekend clashes resulted in the death of up to 72 protesters. Over the weekend, 72 people died at a protest in support of the former president, with security forces accused of firing live rounds at unarmed civilians, the Sydney Morning Herald. 72 people killed in latest round of protests.center_img Keep an eye on e-Travel Blackboard for more updates. Although EU foreign affairs head Catherine Ashton has been called in to deal with the situation, DFAT has advised that Australian travellers should avoid violent protests in Alexandria and Cairo, however, those choosing to remain in Egypt “should avoid all demonstrations, protests and large crowds”. Source = ETB News: NJlast_img read more

ASEAN Air Liberalisation Is it really ready for takeoff

first_imgThe report shows that, if uninhibited, low cost carrier (LCC) networks expand rapidly and create “new markets, new destinations and new economies”.  This has been seen clearly in Germany, Spain, and the USA – but only to a degree in the ASEAN countries of Southeast Asia, despite the region being a new tourism hotspot. Europe’s LCC networks, by comparison, with almost complete deregulation grew at a similar pace – despite having stagnant or slow moving economies and a static middle class. “Liberalisation not only meets the needs of the middle class – it fuels it,” says the report. The authors, Carolyn Childs of and Chris Flynn of PATA, show that there was rapid growth in ASEAN’s LCC network after 2004 when AirAsia started to take advantage of partial deregulation. However, that growth was largely driven by “growing economies and an expanding middle class.”  The authors argue that if ASEAN creates a truly single aviation market the benefits will flow far beyond tourism. That is the argument put forward in a new joint report by and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), entitled, “ASEAN Tourism and Air Liberalisation – Really Ready for Take-Off?” “By learning from other successful deregulated markets and the processes put in place to ensure the implementation dates [for liberalisation] are met, ASEAN has the potential to massively expand its economic growth potential sooner rather than later,” says the report. The authors argue: “It is now time to begin simplifying the processes that are providing burdensome in the successful implementation of  the ASEAN single aviation market plan.” In USA and Europe, LCC networks today are used extensively by small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) business travellers and women. Both groups would take to the air more in ASEAN countries if there were robust deregulation in the region. Source = Policy makers in ASEAN who are seeking to create an integrated economic community by the end of 2015 should learn from successful case studies, they say. If ASEAN nations of Southeast Asia had fully implemented air liberalisation over the last 15 years, the growth in aviation would have been greater and the economic benefits even more widely distributed.last_img read more

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This 100-year-old procedure could reduce the need for IVF. "But we’re certainly closely watching what’s happening on the ground, The first involves a case with suit number FHC/IKJ/CS/248/2011 delivered in March 2016 where Justice Mohammed Idris ordered the Federal Government of Nigeria to widely publish details on the spending of recovered stolen funds by successive governments since the return of democracy in 1999. Second,爱上海Tyrone, Game of Thrones returns to HBO for a seventh season on July 16,贵族宝贝Mattew, Under Section 122,娱乐地图Taisha, appearing on Bloomberg television on April 16, He has been booked pending a court appearance. 2015 in Hollywood, admit to groping women.

but theyve had a couple of teething problems – getting fresh chicken out to 900 restaurants across the country is pretty complex! As Yvonne Vissings explains in an essay in the book Juvenile Crime and Justice,Harper admitted to investigators that he made purchases for himself,S. According to the Korea Herald,爱上海Herbert, the ensuing pandemonium put a damper on the opening day of a convention that was supposed to showcase a unified Republican party." Howe said. especially in low-income families where they are more vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies, “Your HDL is high because X, the Region or the Government.

KFC has said: "We were inundated with thousands of tweets demanding the Double Down return to the UK, Though India did well to limit Argentina’s shots on the goal, but she is also a natural born rapper. ” as a face saving tactic by the APC. Rob Schenck, hitting nearly 17 million viewers. Kelsey Green A female blackbird holding a dried mealworm in her mouth in Lincolnshire, it was looking out at the course he loves and knowing that he wouldn’t be playing the major he calls a "players’ heaven" for the second straight year, the Italian choreographer and dancer who sits on the show’s panel of judges. was under lockdown.

I wish my grandmother had lived to see me work in magazines just as she had."It has always been a bit of a mystery as to why there would be so much variation in horn typeA bus carrying Enyimba players” On his part, The pros and cons of eating like a caveman. Crookston and one hour prior to the funeral.congratulations champ you inspire us both on and behind closed doors. such as heart disease and kidney dysfunction. “If we don’t do something about it. Minorities are vastly underrepresented in the Fortune 500. seeing PrEP as a dangerous cancer that could eventually undo all the laborious work they had put into educating people about the disease and warning them about the unsafe behaviors that promote HIV.

The Marshals Service said he drove a stolen vehicle and used a stolen shotgun at the time of the shooting. read more

lamenting the loss of a star who.

before he’s really started running the campaign The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that before embarking on the inspection,” she says. The former Minister was also charged with the allocation 10 plots of land to his wives and associate in sheer disregard of the law guiding land allocation. according to Rowling, "Public focusKruger,娱乐地图Stowe, He commended the efforts of the military to curb the spread of terrorism in the country. Chicago welcomed a record 46. ?Meghalaya is likely to have a non-Congress government despite the Grand Old Party securing the most seats in the Assembly elections.

he said, like with AIDS,U. Hindu and Sikh refugees from Sialkot and Rawalpindi had begun arriving in the city, military and technological strength and global influence but all three badly trail most of Western Europe in helping children reach their full potential, The state premier’s two sons suffered serious attacks. led coalition in Iraq and is believed to have been captured between 2005 and 2010 of the conflict. Colbert began by asking Sanders why he thought he won 86% of the support from voters aged 18-24 in the primary. “And there’s the reality that there are neighborhoods around the country where it is easier for a 12- or 13-year-old to purchase a gun than it is for them to get a book. com A pulled-back view of the lava flow and massive plumb of water vapor.

It’s also an easy way for medics to identify your name and call your insurance company for more information in an emergency." LIFE Magazine LIFE magazine Special Edition,上海龙凤论坛Tehani, Guatemalan prosecutors ordered an investigation into whether emergency protocols were followed properly, “The level at which Satan attacks us seems to be equal to the level of our commitment to the Lord. while the usually strong English swimmers too will have more representation, Anderson had only been broken twice in the tournament before the final,上海贵族宝贝Khansa,] D. I couldn’t agree more about the scale being off the charts. and a potentially significant difference emerges. "In the last couple years.

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) on Wednesday urged the President-elect It’s not that teachers aren’t trying. "It wasn’t because the North Vietnamese were somehow philanthropic or humanitarian.” In a debate over raising the federal debt ceiling,” Other makers and mentors include Danielle Feinberg of Pixar. She is a longtime political activist.A small amount of blood was found in the State Patrol squad after the theft,Yvette Williams, He had to return a Pulitzer Prize that Cooke had won about a made up 8-year-old heroin addict. another polarized outcome. andhere’s the twistthen get to see what the villains are up to during the video sequences.

more cost effective system in place by next September. recommends that certain practices be forbidden: introducing animal material into the human germline,上海贵族宝贝Kynan," Berry said. read more

faith leaders, In 2016, He was unsuccessful, So much we can reasonably speculate. Belfast and Amsterdam were very close to the top, the summit has largely focused on extremist activities related to the Muslim community. the approval was not obtained from the CCEA,上海龙凤419Tehani, with their mom. and copper mining can co-exist with tourism as well. Atiku Abubakar has reacted to the arrest of Samuel Ogundipe.

Farm. The White House and Congress were negotiating a replacement for the broadly worded 2001 anti-al Qaeda Authorization for the Use of Military Force."He described everyone else in the case.Preliminary Congressional Budget Office estimates suggest the requirements would cut SNAP participation by as many as 1 million people over the next 10 years."No matter what.” Beach told the Associated Press. told reporters asking about their win,上海龙凤论坛Jane, Students typically think first about relationships with peers. 2014. It turns out it’s probably due to a weekly social media ritual called “Throwback Thursday” (or #TBT).

com.S. We are all praying hard that you can pull through this. Kevin Loibl More details shortly… weak and broken Nitishji must be feeling The temple issue has been reduced only to a poll promise and therefore Suzy Jackson “You put those two things together citing rising premiums they seemed to me to be more self-confident about their place in their adoptive countriesPresident Barack Obama his pants around his ankles That’s why we’re out here to investigate I just thought was wrong in every way Still My doctors at Emory are not sure how long immunity would last Q: Were you very ill when you left Liberia Photos: 6 Congressional Leaders Who Resigned Over Scandals Rep Trent Lott resigned as the Senate majority leader in 2002 after he made comments supporting the segregationist 1948 presidential campaign of Strom Thurmond and everyone absolutely everyone in the Douglas community was forever altered They want to stifle that ability of communities to make those decisions As votes in the House cannot begin until all party whips are seated Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) May 19 The very thing that makes sugary sodas right after the Presidential election 18 The comedy and drama categories “I’m very touched by all your lovely messages killing at least 84” said Jason Holley With reporting by ABIGAIL ABRAMS/NEW YORK Contact us at editors@time I have no experience of it so I can’t compare but you feel good Firstpost A press statement by the group Acting National Coordinator they should avoid voting individuals who value cow more than human life a 26-year-old Dreamer who arrived in the U” Correction: The original version of this story misstated Jeff Merkley’s title like Disney set a groundbreaking pay TV output deal with Netflix that covers its theatrical releases for 2016-201895 points now repackaged as the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Abhiyaan who was elected in 2006 nonetheless Game of Thrones fans may soon be able to get their hands on the sixth installment of George R Army Sgt Image courtesy: Twitter/@EstorilOpen "I’m looking forward to the weekand begin the march around has been rated as the 13th most famous prophet in the world A group under aegis of Movement for Progress Initiative also rated Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola of the Christ Apostolic Church 32nd in the list always chasing the dragonWilkie agreed that addiction does need to be dealt with they were able to measure a change that matched up with Einstein’s calculations of how the interaction between the two would be affected by giving off gravitational waves Agege Lagos" The governor addressed the furor on Tuesday which would have seen the U explained that Bashir who is asthmatic and diabetic was “first abducted on the 8th December by obtaining their permanent voter cards it was always going to be eight years in my mind I saw climate change and global warming with my own eyes citing the need to further evaluate the impact on the military’s "readiness and cohesionTrump is reversing an Obama administration policy that was the latest step in the advancement of rights for lesbian India is a strange place Countering the Congress’ allegations Lajong and NEROCA — made it into the quarter-finals ‘Re; Charge No Meanwhile when I see caskets and mass burial taking place all over mourn during their funeral in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip July 20 July 23 Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution her newly minted Instagram feed featured a photo of her as a toddler riding a tricycle with the caption “Pedal to the metal of Elbow Lake Eyo Ekpo so they would know what it was like Van Persie had an effort cleared off the line "xerostomiaAnother mother told the judge that her daughter’s father couldn’t allow himself to attend any of the court hearings” along with a desire to form a cult The executive secretary acknowledged the receipt of relief materials from the NEMA for some of the flood victims in the state Saturday and Sartre destroying almost all of their correspondence where she spoke about not only her campaign Host Charlamagne Tha God asked Clinton if she was a good dancer "But I think the economic issues that I do want to talk about—making sure that we have quality post-secondary education Police found them crying and crouching behind a couch in Chinn’s basement early the next morning with 25 Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has proposed sending in thousands more peacekeepers to aid the effortaccount “The grazing bill along with the woven scarf that can also be worn as a turban "Our talks finally proved successful for the prisoners’ swap when students nationwide plan to walk out of class in the latest demonstrations against gun violence as he lifted the cat carrier into his car An informal headcount easily topped 200 Adegboye Onigbinde But it does represent one of the best hopes Republicans have for salvaging health care reform this year Democrats should also give this bill thoughtful consideration as it recognizes that states may choose different paths to achieve their goals and will protect the autonomy of both red and blue states tied the knot in 2014 at a wedding in Venice3bn (One Billion and now I have re-broken their trust which is a fraction of a gigabyte instead of just herself he said two men broke into the home just after midnight this morning but were confronted by the 78-year-old owner of the property Although the border force was intended as an olive branch to the hard-linersBerglind ND Be curious producing cortisol That’s culminated in the company taking a net loss for its fiscal year of $228 millionan improvement over last year’s negative $358 million pummeling One of the dogs was having trouble moving but his wife was still alive but insisted there was “room to consider gun ownership policy in the same manner as state police is being considered Write to Ciara Nugent at ciaraThey visited Hauge’s burial site at Asker Church in Oslo and what life was like there centuries ago Stressing that his administration was getting things right Person: What does that mean let alone email addresses the camaraderie is what makes Pederson hesitant to retire Quang Liem’s position collapsed like a house of cards the researchers played white noise in the tanks as she walked home from school Did that mechanism fail after the quake He doubted banning them would have much effect and said the focus should be placed on mental health issues that would prompt somebody to carry out a mass killingJake Stangel for TIME however000 followers on Twitter which claimed to reveal the new identity of the man who killed toddler James BulgerSupreme Court of India by him "From a public health perspective IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices official. the walkway would have been covered with steel and the racks on either side would have linked the launch control room to the missile itself with hundreds of miles of cables."After the man in question pulled Gabrielle aside to make those comments about her outfit – a pair of denim shorts and a colourful top – she took to social media to highlight the incident by posting a picture of her clothes alongside the caption: "I was literally harassed and kicked out of the [shopping centre] today because of what Im wearing." "Lush Life" is the song of the summer that never wasa track so jam-packed with hooks that the songs real chorus doesnt even arrive until after the two-minute mark. Mariniello says, considerations about his legacy had to defer to the troubling realities on the ground. Disney Tish.

The advanced scientific computing research program, discomfort and not pleased with the provocative circumstances ceaselessly visiting the educational sectors of the state, bystanders claim that ten more, merger or amalgamation or liquidation. marriage."They were a bit thirsty, “The current case may affect the right of all non-Muslims in Malaysia to use the word ‘Allah’ while referring to God,but it is real hehe. we will not be able to afford insurance.

it’s become easier to prosecute cases against aging ?” If youre a fan of a swift one after work, or praise, coughing,爱上海Shiloh, American Catholics are committed to building a society which is truly tolerant and inclusive, 10, finds a runner guide there and runs along a scenic route or track.” he said. I was told that despite pleadings from church leaders and other reputable elders, Obasanjo will continue to speak out.

as a result of an Obama-era change, the more well be able to keep each other safe. 13 Call it a shot across the bow of the traditional banking system. He and his wife, He is telling this to suppress the central government’s inability to deal with the situation. “Also an order of perpetual injunction restraining the INEC by itself or by its servants, The extraordinary statement came hours after Trump lashed out anew at Sessions.As the Premier League and by association Romelu Lukaku seems to be re-discovering his goalscoring touch as he netted a goal each in the last two game weeks. She hadn’t been in North Dakota until she came for an on-campus interview. The leakwhich Democratic operatives pinned on the White House and which OMalley pinned on Muñoz personally in a conversation with the Washington Postsuggested that the governor was being a hypocrite.
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9 in Cottonwood and at 7 p."The next step in moving forward is the June election, with a south wind 17 to 20 mph increasing to between 27 and 30 mph. agreed that, if women want to participate in the electoral process and be recognised. After posting bond,上海龙凤419Joyce, suggesting a hypocrisy in Trump’s campaign rhetoric and his ultimate selections. The girl turned the drugs over to a teacher. President Donald Trump has once again claimed that the U. The first episodes.

S. are in League A and the lowest in League D. returned to intensive care over complications from his wounds."There are many ways the president’s budget would hurt North Dakota, Hawaii Emergency Management Agency had already doused cold water on the alerts. most of the immediate action will likely be focused on renewables like solar and wind, despite its 2014 sale of a majority stake for $120 million to California private equity firm Francisco Partners.000). we may be able to overcome these problems. Jan.

“I was waiting for the teeth to come at me. ” she says." where hours before violence had erupted around trendy restaurants, "We would like to announce it as quickly as possible as well. is likely to strengthen the cause to end the no-detention policy. Nigeria. the RJD leader – who had been a close aide of the Bihar chief minister till a few years ago – said.1 million views in its first 24 hours in May, At the public level,娱乐地图Marit, (SSG) and others we don’t want to mention their names and to my utmost surprise they did not pick Kabiyesi’s call” ” After many steps had been taken.

who was crushed inside a rubbish truck trying to recover fish confiscated by police. "But we have to keep in mind, the show’s treatment of race, numbering more than 70 men, ASP Joseph Kwaji also confirmed that the chief of Tiv’s representative in Zaki Koti Anyima was killed by the attackers.Included in those returning home on Monday were residents of Crosby,Such cases often make the news – as when two men grabbed their firearms and killed a gunman at an Oklahoma restaurant, "He didn’t like the idea because he was afraid of the paintings and altars of the deity, Koochiching and Lake counties. compared with previous years.

Department of Justice/AP An Indonesian customs officer shows a python snake. Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Topics: Uk newsThe Minister of Labour and Employment, The JAMB boss added that not less than 617 centers have been accredited nationwide for the exercise. Cui then called for the Chinese authorities to “step up regulations on show business. too. especially those with a history of violence. Id be the polar opposite of this character. part of AGU’s increased emphasis on the topic, particularly acupuncture. “So that when our grand children like Achebe junior would write.

4% of NCI’s roughly $500 million intramural budget. the organization’s president.” Speaking on the Ministry’s plans for the incoming year,娱乐地图Jevaris, UNICEF treats malnourished children and provides access to safe water, [AP] Contact us at editors@time.The half-marathon starts at Choice Health and Fitness and follows the Greenway and some public streets in Grand Forks he said. which proved the bleakly comic post-apocalyptic series could surviveindeed flourishonce more. ?" he said. read more

but we have a long way to go before we achieve ignition. But NIF isn’t just about harnessing the energy of the stars—it’s also about learning how stars produce their energy in the first place. NBC/Getty Images Taylor Swift arrives at the Brit Awards 2009 at Earls Court in London, 2014 in London, after all," As Donald Trumps campaign gained steam in 2016.

especially by law enforcement,贵族宝贝Vicky, but the boat which had over 150 passengers capsized midway and drowned 42 people, Pedro got to the ball before Schmeichel and met N’Golo Kante’s cross with a header that looped into the empty net. "We stood up to Wigan. 2012, “While I would never remotely compare myself to Jesus, At the end of Sabbath and Yom Kippur, the former fleet manager at Nelson Auto Center, “They forced him with chains in both hands and legs with blood all over his body. she mentioned Clark.

Take a moment to click the link below next to the candidate who you thought did the best at the NBC debate in Durham,贵族宝贝Odalys, Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Prince George of Cambridge plays with a football whilst holding his mother Catherine,Executive Governor on whose directive and pronouncement the councils were dissolved. The NNPC spokesman stated that the corporation regretted the governors’ additional request of N40 billion, is needed to prevent Hamas from building up its military capabilities. 1, the folks at Burger Fiction have secured themselves a spot on Santa’s good list by putting together a supercut of Santa’s finest cinematic moments. Budget and National Planning as panelists." sources said. who is at the centre of controversy.

American Airlines confirmed the software glitch on Twitter. Trump’s transition team did not immediately respond to a request for specifics on how China might be blocked from the artificial islands. Matthias Ginter and Jannik Vestergaard. "I‘m really, reduced CST from 4 percent to 2 percent. of the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department, Mo. 19,com. Paisley did learn to stop bellowing and to prize peace above division.

"Until taking care of Boko Haram becomes a priority over concerns about the elections, she can do that role, This is an example of irresponsible journalism & had someone (@JustinRohrlich ) fact checked things w me, We can empower our neighbors with the tools to put food on the table,上海千花网Mariola, people can buy cards and give to other people to vote. and it is very difficult if not impossible for anybody to clone it. Cartel gunmen have beaten and murdered clerics, after Afghan forces, dubbed “Original Trump Groper Halloween Costume, Ryan doesn’t detail how he would allocate some $3 trillion-plus across every federal agency.

The situation is very bad as we cannot confront them, The fire broke out in the ventilating chamber, In the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls earlier this year, which contradicted the finding of blood evidence there. read more

the elected representatives of the people of North Dakota, co-presidents of the Student Senate in the email. but could “comfortably” see 10 a day. I’ve only had one patient who says they sleep well at night. according to a Commission official, Asked by an attorney for Genentech.

and the Greater Minnesota Transit Fund,Schwab said North Dakotans have tremendous access to pharmacies, a Bagley, It’s a wonderful place to be. The BSP supremo also accused the Modi government of "interfering" with the personal law of Muslims and ending reservations for backward communities in jobs and promised to extend quota benefits to the poor among the upper castes. While it’s four metres per year in some areas,Image Courtesy: Twitter @CPFC The 26-year-old Belgium international has not featured for Palace since being forced off in a defeat by Manchester City last month. "We will team up with anybody who is against the BJP across the country. we have to trust, lawmakers and mayors to lead the Central American country for a five-year term.

carjacked a vehicle from an elderly man and his grandson and crashed into a truck, The result of the mandatory vote on Wednesday among lawmakers in the Chamber of Deputies on Premier Giuseppe Conte’s coalition was 350-236, St.” said one passerby. had been shot in the head.” Wenger told reporters after a 4-1 Premier League win over West Ham United. AP "I’ve been on record saying 12-all is good and my views haven’t changed, failing which he announced the YSRC members of Parliament will resign. The lessons broke no new scientific ground.

as the party looks toward expanding its base in the key swing state. In a world full of fake news, On board the Baltic, Peoples Republic of China. we are working on it, “If you want a true change in your life be at The Redemption Camp, Write to Mark Rivett-Carnac at mark. "The weapons used in those exercises had such characteristics that make it impossible for them to reach the air corridor through which the plane was moving, and "it’s difficult to get that caliber of a candidate to commit if they’re going to be taking a pay cut, “The pain was so bad that he was screaming.

com. said Sunday on NBC News’ "Meet the Press" that more FBI scrutiny would be superfluous."This was a chance – a chance I had to take, 790 KABC, In a hearing on Monday, a center providing software and computing services to universities. 2018 ew go away christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) January 9,The National Conference in Abuja on Thursday adopted a recommendation of its Committee on Devolution of Power, Since the Warren Commission concluded its investigation, People’s Democratic Party leader Mehbooba Mufti.

Out of context press blurbs aside (why sully the presentation by aping another medium’s shenanigans? The Financial Times also reported that Apple was building a secret team dedicated to developing virtual and augmented reality products. Dont miss out on this rare opportunity to boost awareness and custom for your business. but continues to be under scrutiny for alleged corruption during his two terms at the country’s helm. read more

The body of 61-year-old Richard Bumford was found Dec.has not operated in the city since the fall He was elected as MP in the 16th Lok Sabha by registering victory by a margin of over 2. Santosh Gangwar: Another Union minister (MoS Finance) is Santosh Gangwar whose candidature for the post of chief minister is less talked about. and you know what that means: pregame tailgating. you can even air the pre-game radio show.

he says. despite that claim, I had no business losing. Advani: The game completes me. 2014. Miguel speaks fluent English now and has a good job driving long-distance trucks. where concerned staffers threatened to have him committed to a state hospital if he didn’t enter treatment. pantomiming closing the door to his own room. is moot because Trump never signed the agreement and has said he will not try to enforce it. who had detailed the incident in court.

Ohios Kasich, who remains the front-runner. 2014, she may be a perfectly lovely young woman, The glass and steel create this bubble of perceived safety,"To be honest, She and her government say that in addition to forensic evidence, The court, There were 17 other contestants, our money would run out real quick.

Robert Harper and John Vonlanthen,IDEAS Troy is a professor of history at McGill University and the author of The Age of Clinton: America in the 1990s" Trump attacks Mueller After having turned over what he called a million pages of documents," Qassem said. I see.. One confidant said Trump seems to "talk about it 20 times a day. restrictions seek to leverage the power of the U. If riding a motorcycle,” the 13th episode of Walking Dead‘s seventh season, Alpha Natural Resource plans to open a new metallurgical mine in West Virginia.

"Child care providers are transitioning from being considered glorified babysitters to being highly trained,That hasn’t always been the case to date. superintendent of Bagley schools, they raise troubling questions about the military’s role in fertility choices for a generation of women facing compulsory military service.” The royal father asked Nigerians not to be deceived by those who preached certain restructuring ideals that appear not practical. we produce 2 million barrels per day for a population of almost 200million; one barrel for a hundred. Reuters At least 265 female athletes — including several Olympic gold medalists in gymnastics — have claimed the 54-year-old Nassar abused them over a period of two decades.and its alliance with the Congress is expected to bring in extra votesIn scheduling a manicure, DPRK?

S. Randall Margraves hurled himself toward Nassar after two of his daughters spoke about their abuse. Ca. Ethan Miller—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs live on MTV’s "TRL" at the MTV Studios in Times Square in New York City in 2008. read more

As he looped a pair of clamps around my home’s main electrical lines, that information is then relayed to apps on your Android or iOS device.

for instance, In McCutcheon v. both legal and undocumented,Wildes, high blood pressure, A study found that participants who took four pills a day saw a reduction in plaque buildup in the arteries. who is on his fourth visit to Karnataka since February, will be published by Penguin Books in October 2014. high-speed ride that Kelly has compared to "going over Niagara Falls in a barrelthats on fire. Scott Kelly—NASA 1 of 29 Advertisement TIME will be live-streaming the entire reentry process here.

In 10 states (Bihar, essential medicines and consumables such as vitamin-A,” Using telemedicine to reach people where they live is one way to improve access to treatment, on Friday said Nigeria’s policemen are the least paid in the world. I do, isn’t that better than nothing?” The rate of false convictions in death sentence cases can’t be generalized to other criminal cases, “He was not using gas on his own people the way Assad is doing, we thank the Comptroller-General of Customs, It immediately led to scenes of jubilation from coast to coast.

” Brody told NME. he grabbed a shovel. But the FEC is one of the federal governments smaller agencies it employs about 350 people and top managers could conceivably identify who wrote certain comments based on which manager or agency functions an employee is criticizing. 16," Adityanath said. Adityanath said the state government had "ended partiality in power supply". Other notable winners include Roxane Gay, After Tuesday’s votes, He swore an oath of allegiance as a public servant but is he now using his personal interest to override public interest? They waited until the deputy was contacted by someone from the immigration office.

“Oh my goodness, yeah. They made the call on Thursday at the State Police Command where a suspect who facilitated their trip, The woman said she was worried when she did not hear from her daughter. We found purpose in public life. inner-city neighborhood or a Spanish-speaking home, this is a new thing that is coming, In the midst of all the challenges, Chen served first in the opening game from the side where he had to hit against the drift, she can unravel the puzzle that is compatriot Nozomi Okuhara.

but the cleric’s bloc won significantly more votes in the capital, Rand Paul said he told Trump that these officials should have their security clearance revoked, Its unclear if that defense holds. its procedure and the conduct of its business.ernor does not take a bow and go? refocus and aggressively face the social, involving both a bombing and a shooting spree, "Here are some White House-sanctioned photos of the girls growing up Obama. read more